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The 5 Best 2-Slice Toasters - Winter 2024 Reviews

Best 2 Slice Toasters

If you're the only toast eater in your home or have a small kitchen, a simple 2-slice toaster could be just what you need. However, if you've ever struggled with a toaster that consistently burns the top of your bread—or your fingers when you extract the toast—you know that finding a good toaster isn't necessarily straightforward. The best 2-slice toasters can produce a spectrum of toasts between warmed up and charred, batch after batch. You'll want to ensure your toaster can fit what you like to toast and won't take forever to pop up your breakfast.

We've tested 20 toasters, and below are our recommendations for the best 2-slice toasters. If you need more toasting capacity for busy mornings, check out our recommendations for the best 4-slice toasters. For an overview of the best overall, look at our list of the best toasters.

  1. Best 2-Slice Toaster

    The best 2-slice toaster we've tested is the Breville the 'A Bit More' 2 Slice. If you're only interested in basic toasting performance, skip this toaster and go for a cheaper option below. However, if you want a more premium look and extra features, it outperforms other options in the same price range. Its slots are long and wide, so it's suitable for various bread types, from regular sandwich bread to thickly sliced sourdough or a chunky bagel. The 'Lift and Look' feature lets you lift the slots mid-cycle to check your toast's progress. LED lights on the side of the toaster act as a cycle countdown indicator, so you can tell when your toast is about to pop up.

    You can use the seven presets to make anything from lightly toasted to charred sandwich bread. The highest setting is enough to brown items that take longer to toast, like denser rye bread, in one cycle. It also toasts consistently, so you don't have to adjust the dial to a lower setting after the first batch. It also does a fantastic job of toasting the surface of the bread evenly. Both slots perform the same way, but you might notice that the inner face gets toasted more than the outer face.

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  2. Best Budget Two-Slice Toaster

    If you're looking for an inexpensive, barebones toaster, the Black+Decker 2-Slice Toaster T24569B is the best budget 2-slice toaster we've tested. This toaster doesn't have cycle countdown indicators or extra features like Breville's 'Lift and Look' but offers a fantastic toasting performance. You can get golden brown toast from white sandwich bread with one of the presets, and the highest setting is enough to toast denser bread or thicker slices in one cycle. Both slots perform the same way, and this model toasts the surface of the bread evenly. It toasts consistently batch after batch.

    Its plastic body gives it a less premium feel than the Breville the 'A Bit More' 2 Slice, but it also means it's much lighter, which is nice if you plan to store your toaster out in a cupboard or on a shelf when you're not using it. Although it doesn't have many extra features, you get settings for bagels and for thawing/toasting frozen items like waffles. Its slots are wide enough for thickly sliced bread, like the Breville's, but they're a little shorter.

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  3. Best 2-Slice Toaster For Small Items

    If you usually toast smaller items, you want your toaster's slots to lift high enough that you don't burn yourself on the top of the toaster when you retrieve the toast. If you want more room to grab smaller slices of bread, English muffins, or frozen waffles, check out the Oster 2-Slice Toaster with Quick-Check Lever. The price of this simple toaster falls between the Breville the 'A Bit More' 2 Slice and the Black+Decker 2-Slice Toaster T24569B, and its slots are a little over half an inch shallower when raised than the previous picks' slots, making it easier to grab smaller items. Like the Breville, its 'Quick-Check' feature lets you lift the slots to check on your toast without interrupting the cycle.

    The downside is that it doesn't have the same fantastic toasting range as the previous picks. Even the highest setting doesn't char white sandwich bread, so you'll have to run another toasting cycle to properly brown denser or thicker breads that take longer to toast. The manufacturer says the 'bagel' setting extends the toasting time rather than turning down the elements on one side to avoid over-browning the bottom of your bagel. It toasts bread evenly, with each slot performing similarly batch after batch.

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  4. Best Touchscreen 2-Slice Toaster

    If you're interested in a modern touchscreen model, the best option we've tested is the Sur La Table Touchscreen 2-Slice Toaster. This toaster has been in and out of stock lately at online retailers but is also available via the manufacturer's website. Toasters with a touchscreen don't necessarily outperform regular models, and you'll pay a premium for one with a screen instead of dials and buttons. However, this one isn't extremely expensive, so it's a good option if you prefer the sleek look of a screen or want to try out the latest toaster technology. Its screen lets you select from various modes, including bagels, pastries, English muffins, and waffles. You can then separately choose the shade setting. It displays a digital timer for the toasting cycle, so you know when your toast will be ready. There's also a mode that only heats the slot on the right when you're making one piece of toast.

    However, unlike our top picks, even its maximum setting may not be enough to brown denser multi-grain bread or thicker slices of sourdough, so you may have to run more than one cycle. Unlike most toasters with physical dials, the screen design doesn't let you select half settings, so you can't set it to between settings 3 and 4, for example. It also toasts the outer face of the bread more than the inner face. The slots are shallow when you lift them, similar to the Oster 2-Slice Toaster with Quick-Check Lever's, but they aren't as deep when they're pushed down, and if your bread is bigger than white sandwich bread, it can stick out the top of the toaster.

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Notable Mentions

  • Smeg 2-Slice Toaster: The Smeg 2-Slice Toaster is a premium option that comes in many colors and has a 50s-style design. It performs similarly to the Breville the 'A Bit More' 2 Slice overall, although it doesn't perform as consistently batch after batch. It's very expensive for a toaster, but if you like the look, it offers a fantastic performance to match. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. Feb 12, 2024: We've made minor updates to the text and noted that the Sur La Table Touchscreen 2-Slice Toaster has been out of stock lately with some retailers but is available via the manufacturer's website.

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