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Soundbars Launch


Testing Soundbars

A lot of people have asked for it, and after months of work, we are finally testing soundbars.

25 Models Tested

We tested 25 models so far. We will continue to test more models regularly. If we haven't reviewed a model that you are interested in, be sure to vote for the next soundbar we will buy and test.

Test Methodology

As always, our test methodology is a work in progress and we depend on your feedback to improve it. Our test bench v1.0 is rather simplistic and contains flaws. Before improving it more, we want to gather your suggestions on which aspect is the most important for you, to make sure our effort is aligned with what you care about. You can either leave a comment on any page or send us an email to Our tests for TVs, monitors, and headphones wouldn't be as good as what they are now without your help.

Paywall and Insider Access

In our goal to stay unbiased and buying our own units to test, we are experimenting with a new source of revenue with a form of a paywall.

Of course, this isn't for everyone, so we made sure to implement it in a way that most people could still make their buying decision easily. In its current form, there is no text behind the paywall, only measurements after viewing 5 reviews.

You can also easily by-pass it by either using the incognito mode of your browser or clearing your cookies.

We don't know if the test will be successful, or if in the future we will need also to apply the paywall to our TV/monitor/headphones reviews. We will need to adjust things based on your feedback, so make sure let us know if you have suggestions/feedback/ideas by leaving a comment or sending us an email to

Future Product Categories

We are looking into expanding our testing to more product categories in the future. Let us know what you want us to test next!


To support our growth in our mission on helping people find the best product for their needs, we are hiring in our offices in Montreal. See our career page if you are interested in joining our team.