Stereo Dynamics

What it is: How loud the soundbar gets and whether its sound quality degrades at loud volumes.
When it matters: If you tend to listen at loud volumes or if your environment is large, crowded, or noisy, it's important to have a soundbar that can get loud.
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ST SPL @ Max Volume

What it is: The SPL (sound pressure level) produced by the soundbar with its volume set to maximum.
When it matters: When you want a soundbar for a large, crowded, or noisy environment, so it needs to get loud, but you don't necessarily care about how much the frequency response is degraded in the process.
Good value: >92 dB SPL
Noticeable difference: 1dB SPL
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ST DRC @ Max Volume

What it is: The amount of difference between the soundbar's frequency response at 80dB SPL and at Max Volume. Too much compression will result in pumping and compression artifacts in the sound.
When it matters: If you enjoy loud music or if your environment is large and crowded, you may need to set your soundbar to its maximum volume. Too much dynamic range compression at this setting will introduce pumping and compression artifacts which will mostly be noticeable on music and sound effects, but not as much on dialog.
Good value: <2 dB
Noticeable difference: 0.5 dB
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