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The Best Bluedio Headphones of 2019

Bluedio Headphones Lineup

We've tested 4 Bluedio headphones. They're a mid-range brand that makes unique and feature-packed headphones at an affordable cost.


Compared to other brands

  • Affordable headphones. Bluedio headphones are affordable for several features they offer. They have cheap over-ear wireless headphones. They even have headphones that support different room effect apt-X and micro SD cards for onboard storage. This makes them one of the only brands to offer these kinds of features, especially at their price range.
  • Unique designs. Most of the headphones from Bluedio have a unique design with multiple bold color schemes and form factors that are rarely seen from brands.
  • Plasticky build quality. That said, some of the higher-priced Bluedio headphones have a better build quality in terms of the materials used.
  • Poor headphone variety. Bluedio offers a unique design, but doesn't have many headphones in their catalog as some of the bigger brands in audio.
  • Sub-par sound. We have yet to test the full lineup of Bluedio's headphones, but for now, the ones we've tested have had a poorly balanced sound that favors an overwhelming bass rather than an accurate audio reproduction.

Overall, Bluedio makes some of the cheapest yet most feature-packed headphones available on the market. They have up-to-date Bluetooth versions and profiles that even support the aptX codec. They also have very affordable wireless headphones, and their pricier models feel well-built. However, they don't have the biggest catalog of headphones, their budget models feel cheap and plasticky, and their sound quality has been subpar at best.

Best Bluedio Headphones

  1. Best Bluedio Headphones For Mixed Usage

    Usage Ratings - Version 1.2
    Mixed Usage
    Critical Listening
    Type : Over-ear
    Enclosure : Closed-Back
    Wireless : Yes
    Noise-Cancelling : Yes
    Mic : Yes
    Transducer : Dynamic

    The best Bluedio headphones that we've tested so far are the Bluedio T4 Turbine Wireless. They have a surprisingly good sound quality compared to the other headphones in the Bluedio's lineup. They're incredibly well-built and durable for their price range, and they block noise fairly well thanks to their decent noise cancellation. Unfortunately, they have the highest latency we've measured, so they should strictly be used for listening to music. They will be too out of sync when watching videos unless you use them wired, which is not ideal.

    See our review


Bluedio is a growing mid-range brand with unique and affordable headphones. They have some pricier models for different uses, but their main attraction is cheap wireless headphones that offer unique features like multiple drivers or onboard storage. This makes them unique in their price range. However, they don't have the best sound, and some of their designs aren't practical, comfortable, or stylish enough to use as your daily headphones.

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