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The Best Marshall Headphones of 2019

Marshall is a brand mostly known for their great guitar amps, but they also make modern and fashion-forward headphones. We've currently reviewed 2 headphones from this brand.

Test results


Compared to other brands

  • Above-Average Sound Quality. The Marshall headphones are a blend of style and good audio. They deliver an above-average audio reproduction, a good amount of bass, and a decently balanced mid-range for instruments and vocals. They won't be the ideal critical listening headphones, but they should satisfy most casual listeners.
  • Stylish Designs. The Marshall headphones have the same aesthetic style as their amps. This gives them a relatively unique, stylish and rugged look compared to other headphone brands.  
  • Mediocre build quality. The Major II that we've tested looks rugged and well-built at a distance, but in hand, feels quite plasticky and not sturdy. On the upside, the plastic design keeps them lightweight but this means they won't be as durable as headphones within the same price range from other brands.
  • No Noise Canceling Models. The Marshall headphones are slightly lacking in active features. They have some wireless models, but they're not as feature-packed as some of the other headphones available on the market for the same price range. This makes them a slightly less versatile brand for every day casual use. They also tend to lack in other more casual models too like sports headphones.

Overall, Marshall does not have the largest selection of headphones, but they do have a model for each type of headphone. They offer a couple of over-ears, and on-ears with wireless variations, as well as two in-ear models. We've only reviewed 2 headphones from Marshall but since they're an audio-focused brand, most of their headphones should deliver in the sound quality department. Unfortunately, they're a bit pricey for what they have to offer, often lacking in features like active noise canceling and great app support for customization options.

Best Marshall Headphones

Marshall has a relatively narrow selection of headphones so they have a simple naming convention for their lineup. 

  • Monitor = The over-ear lineup of headphones with a wireless and a steel variation.
  • Major = The on-ear lineup of headphones also with a wireless and a steel variation.
  • Mode = The in-ear line up with an EQ variation that allows switching between different audio profiles on the go.

Best Marshall Headphones for mixed usage

Usage Ratings - Version 1.2

Test Benches:

  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2017
  • 0.9: Winter 2016
Mixed Usage
What it is: This is the combination of the different use cases to evaluate how versatile the headphones are. Therefore an everyday headphone should be well-rounded enough to adapt to most situations and environments without significant losses in sound quality, design ergonomics or isolation.
Score components:
Critical Listening
What it is: The level of audio fidelity a headphone can reproduce. Therefore a balanced and true representation of bass, mids, treble, soundstage and imaging, as well as a comfortable listening experience, is essential for critical listening.
Score components:
What it is: How well the headphones handle the loud environments involved in commuting or traveling. Therefore your listening experience should be comfortable, hassle-free and as isolated from noise as possible.
Score components:
What it is: How well-adapted the headphones are, to use while doing sports or strenuous exercise. Therefore the headphones should not be too cumbersome and deliver a stable and comfortable listening experience.
Score components:
What it is: How well the headphones can deliver a comfortable and isolated listening experience in an office-like environment. They should not leak much and should block the noise of a busy office.
Score components:
Score components:
Score components:
Type : On-ear
Enclosure : Closed-Back
Wireless : Yes
Noise-Cancelling : Yes
Mic : Yes
Transducer : Dynamic

The best Marshall headphones we've reviewed so far are the Mid ANC. They have the iconic design of the Marshall brand, they're lightweight, and they have a good sound with a well-balanced audio reproduction that packs a good amount of bass. They're wireless, have a long battery life and an efficient control scheme. However, their ANC is a bit weak compared to other noise canceling models. If you're looking for a stylish and good sounding on-ear, then the Marshall Mid ANC is a good choice.

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The Marshall brand is most known for their amps, but they cleverly incorporate those aesthetics into their headphones. This gives their headphone models a unique and rugged look that stands out without being too flashy. They also tend to focus on good audio reproduction, and although we haven't yet reviewed many Marshall headphones, the ones we have delivered an above-average sound quality that's good enough for most listeners. Unfortunately, their lack of selection means you may not find a model for your specific use case. 

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