The Best Superlux Headphones of 2019

We have currently reviewed 3 Superlux headphones. They're a fairly niche brand that specializes in budget headphones with well-balanced sound quality, especially for their price range.


Compared to other brands

  • Good sound quality. We have only tested a few Superlux headphones, but so far they're the best sounding budget option within their price range. They have surprisingly well-balanced sound quality, as well as open and semi-open designs with a good soundstage that is not typically available at their price.
  • Budget price range. The few Superlux headphones we've tested sound like headphones worth twice to three times their price range. Most Superlux headphones are below $50 or $100, which makes them a great entry-level option for critical listeners on a budget.
  • No active features. Although Superlux makes some in-ear and on-ear models, they lack a little in diversity. They have no noise canceling or wireless headphones for everyday casual use and tend to focus more on sound quality-oriented wired models or intercom headsets. On the upside, you can use some of their wired headsets for gaming.
  • Poor build quality. The budget price range of the Superlux is most noticeable in their build quality. They're typically very plasticky and cheaply made. They're also not as durable as other affordable headphone brands such as Bluedio or Soundpeats.

Overall, Superlux makes affordable and great sounding headphones. They have a surprisingly well-balanced sound compared to other headphones within their price range. Unfortunately, they're not typically versatile for all environments. They have open and semi-open designs that leak a lot and don't block any noise. They also have no noise cancelling or wireless models for more convenient casual use. On the upside, they're great entry-level critical listening headphones and sound as good, if not better than some models worth twice or three times their price.

Best Superlux Headphones

  1. Best Superlux Headphones For Critical Listening

    Usage Ratings - Version 1.2
    Mixed Usage
    Critical Listening
    Type : Over-ear
    Enclosure : Semi-Open
    Wireless : No
    Noise-Cancelling : No
    Mic : No
    Transducer : Dynamic

    The best Superlux headphones that we've tested so far are the Superlux HD 681 EVO. Like the original Superlux HD 681, they deliver great sound quality for their price range. They're also a bit more comfortable than the Superlux HD 668B. The EVO have a semi-open design, but their ear cups create a bit more bass and are slightly more isolating. It also makes them look a little more premium than the others. Unfortunately, they're just as cheaply built. They're very plasticky and won't be the most durable headphones, but their sound quality is well worth the investment.

    See our review


Superlux makes affordable critical listening headphones with a surprising amount of audio fidelity for their price. Their headphones mostly fall into the critical listening category, so they won't have any versatile, noise cancelling, wireless headsets that you can use in all environments and on busy commutes. They're also not the most durable headphones since they have budget price tags. On the upside, they're some of the best sounding headphones within their price range and can even compete with headphones from more well-known brands like Sennheiser or AKG.

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