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The 4 Best BISSELL Vacuums of 2024 Reviews

Updated Mar 19, 2024 at 01:54 pm
Best BISSELL Vacuums

BISSELL is an American manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and floor care appliances. They offer a diverse selection of vacuum cleaners, ranging from compact handheld cordless vacuums to bulky corded uprights and everything in between. Most of their offerings are somewhat budget-friendly and use bagless designs, meaning that recurring costs tend to be pretty low. That said, quite a few of their more compact offerings struggle with clearing bulky debris, while their bigger corded uprights generally feel somewhat cheap.


Best BISSELL Vacuums

  1. Best BISSELL Vacuum

    The BISSELL PowerForce Helix is the best vacuum from BISSELL that we've tested. Unusually for a budget-friendly vacuum, its floorhead has five levels of height adjustment, allowing you to quickly adapt to a wide mix of floor types in your home. It does an excellent job of clearing away debris on carpet and performs impressively well on bare floors too. It can easily handle hair on various surfaces, ranging from bare floors to carpets, making it the best BISSELL vacuum for pet hair we've tested.

    That said, untangling hair from its brushroll can be a bit of a hassle: you can only remove the roller after removing the brush guard, which is held in place with a handful of easily-stripped plastic screws. Its bagless design and washable pre-motor filter keep the cost of ownership low, while its spacious dirt compartment won't need to be emptied very often. It's fairly lightweight for an upright vacuum, so you can carry it up and down stairs without too much of a problem. You can also spot-clean small areas by using its wand and attaching either its soft-bristle dusting brush or its crevice tool.

    However, this vacuum isn't very maneuverable because of its bulky design and fixed-angle head. Unsurprisingly given its cheap price, the build quality is mediocre, with its floorhead wheels, brushroll plate, and dustbin feeling especially fragile. It also lacks a brushroll on/off switch, so it can get stuck on obstructions like rug tassels if the head height isn't set high enough and force you to turn the vacuum off to free. If that's a feature you want, consider the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo, which is much easier to maneuver on thick carpeting and feels better built. However, it's a lot more expensive and has quite a few maintenance requirements.

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  2. Best Cheap BISSELL Vacuum

    If you're on a tighter budget, check out the BISSELL Featherweight Stick. This corded upright doesn't offer anywhere near the deep-cleaning performance of the larger, heavier BISSELL PowerForce Helix. However, not only is the Featherweight cheaper than the latter, but its extremely compact, lightweight design makes it much better suited for short clean-ups. It's also remarkably easy to maintain, with the few parts requiring regular maintenance being easy to access. While it struggles with clearing away heavy or bulky debris, like whole chunks of cereal or other debris that size, it has no trouble dealing with pet hair and lighter household debris.

    Unfortunately, like many other corded BISSELL vacuums, it has a very short power cord, so you'll have to swap outlets when cleaning larger rooms. Its range of attachments is very limited; it only comes with a crevice tool that can be attached to the end of its body. Unsurprisingly, given its low purchase price, it also feels very cheaply built, with a body made mainly from hollow-feeling plastic. If you don't need a stick vacuum like the Featherweight and only need an inexpensive handheld for spot-cleaning messes, the BISSELL AeroSlim is a highly compact option that will fit almost anywhere.

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  3. Best BISSELL Canister Vacuum

    If you prefer using a canister vacuum instead of an upright model to clean your home, check out the BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister. Its straight-suction floorhead doesn't offer the same level of surface agitation as the BISSELL PowerForce Helix's powered floorhead, so it isn't really suitable for cleaning thick carpeting. That said, it's much smaller and far more maneuverable in cluttered environments. Its lightweight wand and body and easy-to-use design also make it a great fit for elderly users. Since its filter and dirtbag are easy to access and replace, user maintenance is also simple. It does struggle somewhat when clearing away heavy debris, but it doesn't have too much trouble with pet hair or lighter material.

    Unfortunately, its power cord is very short. As a result, you'll probably have to swap outlets when cleaning larger rooms. On the upside, the cord rewinds with the press of a button, a convenience feature that's rare but very welcome for an entry-level vacuum. If you don't want to buy new dirtbags periodically, the BISSELL Zing Bagless Canister is a bagless equivalent that delivers similar overall performance and incurs minimal recurring costs. However, the lack of dirtbags results in inferior air filtration performance and a less hygienic means of debris disposal since emptying its dustbin can release a cloud of dust and debris.

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  4. Best Cordless BISSELL Vacuum

    If you want to go cordless, the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max is among the best BISSELL vacuum cleaners we've tested. This hybrid vacuum/mop isn't nearly as maneuverable or portable as a canister model like the BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister. It also doesn't deliver the deep-cleaning performance of an upright like the BISSELL PowerForce Helix, especially on carpets, since CrossWave's fluffy brushroll provides minimal surface agitation on carpets. However, it's a fantastic option if you want something that can tackle dry and wet messes as well as stains on bare floors, thanks to its detergent-dispersal function, which allows it to saturate and scrub away dried-on messes on hard floors. Its cordless design allows you to clean areas far from any power outlets, and its battery life of about 40 minutes will be sufficient for cleaning a fair amount of space. If you'd prefer using a corded model instead, the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro delivers similar performance, though it does have a rather short power cable, so you'll need to swap outlets when cleaning faraway areas.

    Unfortunately, this vacuum does have more parts that need regular cleaning. There's also no way of adjusting the speed of the brushroll or stopping its rotation, so you must be careful when cleaning around loose obstructions like rug tassels, which can get stuck in its floorhead and jam its floorhead.

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Compared To Other Brands

  • Budget-friendly pricing.
    For the most part, BISSELL vacuums are usually quite affordable, with a wide variety of offerings that suit different needs for buyers on a budget.
  • Low recurring costs.
    Most BISSELL vacuums use a bagless design that keeps recurring costs down, and a few of their products have washable filters that don't need replacing over time.
  • Outstanding pet hair cleaning performance.
    BISSELL vacuums don't struggle too much with sucking up pet hair on most surfaces, and they make several models meant to deal with shed fur, which is great if you're the owner of a heavily shedding pet.
  • Plasticky build quality.
    BISSELL vacuums use a lot of plastic in their construction, keeping their weight and price tag low but making them feel cheap and flimsy.
  • Mediocre bare floor performance.
    Quite a few BISSELL vacuums we've tested struggle with debris on bare floors and especially have trouble tackling bulky material like cereal.
  • Limited selection of tools and accessories.
    BISSELL vacuums generally don't have a wide mix of specialized tools or brushes, limiting their overall versatility when dealing with messes on upholstery or shelves.

BISSELL vs Dyson

Dyson vacuums tend to occupy a much higher price point than BISSELL's offerings, which is reflected in generally superior performance and better build quality. That said, BISSELL's selection of corded models is far more extensive than what Dyson offers. You can see our recommendations for the best Dyson vacuums here.

BISSELL vs Shark

Shark vacuums are generally better built than BISSELL's comparable offerings and deliver better overall performance. However, some BISSELL models are a little easier to maintain—many new Shark models use non-removable brushrolls that can be a hassle to clean properly. If you'd like our recommendations for the best Shark vacuums, click here.

BISSELL vs Eureka

Eureka and BISSELL vacuums occupy a similar budget-friendly niche, and offerings from each brand tend to have strengths. BISSELLs usually have a wider array of convenience features when comparing like-for-like models, while Eurekas offer superior debris pickup performance.

BISSELL vacuums usually fall into a budget-friendly price range. However, you may be sacrificing some measure of cleaning performance, build quality, or quality-of-life features in exchange for that affordability. Though they're similarly affordable, they tend to perform worse on all surface types than Shark vacuums and struggle more with clearing large debris than most Eureka vacuums.


BISSELL has a diverse lineup of vacuums, and their naming convention can sometimes be confusing. In broad strokes, you can outline their model lineup as follows.

Upright Models

  •  AeroSwift: Entry-level upright vacuum series.
  • CleanView: Bagless low to mid-range upright vacuum series. Available in a wide selection of trims with differing feature sets, some offering 'Lift-Off' capability, self-winding power cords, or pivoting floorheads.
  • CleanView Bagged: Bagged low to mid-range vacuum series.
  • Pet Hair Eraser: Mid-range upright vacuum with a lighter, more maneuverable design than other BISSELL Uprights.
  • PowerGroom: Mid-range upright with a high-powered 8 amp motor.
  • PowerGlide: Upper mid-range upright vacuum with a high-powered 9.5 amp motor.
  • SurfaceSense: Flagship upright vacuum lineup with a surface detection system and automatic power adjustment capability.
  • CrossWave: Hybrid mop/vacuum lineup with detergent-dispersal function.

 Cordless/Corded Stick Models

  • Featherweight: Entry-level corded stick model.
  • Featherweight Turbo: Upgraded variant of the standard Featherweight with a powered floorhead for improved surface agitation.
  • PowerClean: Entry-level cordless vacuum lineup.
  • PowerSwift: Upgraded version of PowerClean model with superior battery performance.
  • PowerGlide: Mid-range corded stick vacuum lineup.
  • AirRam: High-powered cordless stick vacuum with a high-capacity dustbin.
  • PowerEdge: Upper mid-range cordless stick vacuum with a specially designed floorhead for cleaning along baseboards and corners.
  • ICONPET: Flagship cordless stick model lineup.

Canister Models

  • Zing II Bagged: Entry-level bagged canister vacuum lineup.
  • Zing II Bagless: Entry-level bagless canister vacuum lineup.
  • OptiClean: Mid-range bagless canister vacuum with upgraded Multi-Cyclonic motor unit.
  • PowerClean Wet and Dry: A workshop-oriented vacuum that can clear liquid messes.
  • MultiClean Wet and Dry: Upgraded version of PowerClean vacuum with a longer hose and more tools.
  • Garage Pro: Flagship wet/dry-compatible shop vac with a more advanced filtration system and larger attachment set than the MultiClean or PowerClean models, not to mention a longer hose.
  • Hard Floor Expert: Mid-range canister vacuum with a specialized turbine tool for sealed wooden floors.
  • PowerClean: Upper mid-range bagless canister vacuum with a 9.2 amp motor.
  • SmartClean: Flagship bagless canister vacuum with a powerful 11.6 amp motor.

Common Trims/Features

  • Swivel: Refers to a vacuum with a pivoting floorhead for improved maneuverability.
  • Rewind: Designation for a vacuum with automatic power cord retraction.
  • Lift-Off: Designation for an upright vacuum that lets you separate its canister body from its floorhead, making it easier to clean tight spots with its wand.
  • Turbo: Refers to a vacuum with a powered floorhead for improved surface agitation, most useful on carpeted floors.
  • XRT: Designation given to cordless models with a higher-capacity battery.
  • Slim: Lightweight version of existing vacuum.

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BISSELL builds a wide variety of vacuums to suit different needs, ranging from cordless handheld vacuums for spot-cleaning countertops and furniture to bulky corded upright vacuums that you can use to clean large carpeted areas. BISSELL vacuums tend to be affordable and use bagless designs that keep recurring costs down. Unfortunately, they aren't usually the best choice for all-out cleaning performance and can feel cheaply made.

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