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The 3 Best BISSELL Vacuums of 2022 Reviews

Best BISSELL Vacuums

BISSELL is an American manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and floor care appliances. They offer a diverse selection of vacuum cleaners, ranging from compact handheld cordless vacuums to bulky corded uprights and everything in between. Most of their offerings are somewhat budget-friendly and use bagless designs, meaning that recurring costs tend to be pretty low. That said, quite a few of their more compact offerings struggle with clearing bulky debris, while their bigger corded uprights generally feel somewhat cheap.


Best BISSELL Vacuums

  1. Best Cordless BISSELL Vacuum

    The BISSELL Adapt Ion Pet is the best BISSELL cordless vacuum we've tested. This cordless upright vacuum can easily handle pet hair on everything from flat, even surfaces like hardwood or linoleum to high-pile carpet. Its lightweight plastic construction makes it amazingly easy to maneuver, even in cluttered areas. You can easily reconfigure it into a handheld vacuum to help clear debris in hard-to-reach areas, and it comes with dedicated upholstery and crevice tools. However, there's no pet grooming tool or turbo brush. Thanks to its bagless design and washable filters, you shouldn't need to worry about recurring costs adding up over time.

    Unfortunately, this vacuum's overall battery performance is poor, as you can only expect a maximum of roughly 20 minutes of runtime, so you need to work fast when cleaning bigger areas. It also takes nearly five hours to recharge, leading to extended interruptions between cleaning sessions. It also struggles with sucking up bulky debris, which tends to get stuck at the entry to its dustbin, and has a hard time dealing with fine debris on carpets. If you only need a cordless vacuum for spot-cleaning, the BISSELL AeroSlim is a solid option, though its dustbin is tiny even by the standards of other handheld vacuums.

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  2. Best BISSELL Vacuum For Bare Floors

    The best BISSELL vacuum cleaner for bare floors that we've tested is the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro. This corded hybrid vacuum mop does a great job of dealing with pet hair as well as small and bulky debris on bare, even surfaces like hardwood or tile, with no significant loss in suction performance as its relatively spacious dustbin fills up. Its detergent-dispersal function makes it a good fit for clearing away stains, though it still can't provide the same level of surface agitation as a dedicated hand mop. It's also impressively effective when it comes to sucking up liquid spills. It also has a reasonably long power cord, allowing you to clean larger rooms without swapping outlets, and is lighter than most traditional uprights. Build quality is also superior compared to many other BISSELL vacuums like the BISSELL Adapt Ion Pet.

    Unfortunately, this vacuum does have more parts that need regular cleaning compared to alternatives like the BISSELL Featherweight Stick 2033, though it's worth noting that the Featherweight offers inferior overall performance on most surface types. There's also no way of adjusting the speed of the brushroll or stopping its rotation, so you need to be careful when cleaning around loose obstructions like rug tassels, which can get stuck in its floorhead.

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  3. Best BISSELL Vacuum For Carpets

    If you have a lot of carpeting to clean in your home, the BISSELL PowerForce Helix is among the best BISSELL vacuums we've tested. This budget-friendly upright vacuum has a five-level surface adjustment feature that enables you to change its brushroll height on the fly, which is helpful if you have a wide mix of floor types in your home. It delivers excellent overall performance on low-pile carpet and does a great job of sucking up debris like pet hair, sand, and baking soda on high-pile carpet. Its bagless design and washable pre-motor filter keep recurring costs low, while its spacious dirt compartment shouldn't need emptying very often. It's also lightweight, allowing you to carry it up and down stairs without too much of a problem. You can also spot-clean small areas by using its wand and attaching either its soft-bristle dusting brush or its crevice tool.

    However, this vacuum isn't very maneuverable as a result of its bulky design and lack of a rotating head, which forces you to take wide turns to maneuver it. Build quality is mediocre, with its floorhead wheels, brushroll plate, and dustbin feeling especially fragile. Unlike the notably pricier BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus, there's also no brushroll on/off switch, so it can get stuck on obstructions like rug tassels if the head height isn't set high enough.

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Compared to other brands

  • Budget-friendly pricing. For the most part, BISSELL vacuums are usually quite affordable, with a wide variety of offerings that suit different needs for buyers on a budget.
  • Low recurring costs. Most BISSELL vacuums use a bagless design that keeps recurring costs down, and a few of their products have washable filters that don't need replacing over time.
  • Outstanding pet hair cleaning performance. BISSELL vacuums don't struggle too much with sucking up pet hair on most surfaces, and they make several models meant to deal with shed fur, which is great if you're the owner of a heavily shedding pet.
  • Plasticky build quality. BISSELL vacuums use a lot of plastic in their construction, which keeps their weight and price tag low, but this makes them feel cheap and flimsy.
  • Mediocre bare floor performance. Quite a few BISSELL vacuums we've tested struggle with debris on bare floors and especially have trouble tackling bulky material like cereal.
  • Limited selection of tools and accessories. BISSELL vacuums generally don't come with a wide mix of specialized tools or brushes, somewhat limiting their overall versatility when dealing with messes on upholstery or shelves.

BISSELL vacuums usually fall into a budget-friendly price range, though you may be sacrificing some measure of cleaning performance, build quality, or quality of life features in exchange for that affordability. They tend to perform worse on all surface types than Shark vacuums and struggle more with clearing large debris than most Eureka vacuums, though they tend to be similarly affordable.

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BISSELL builds a wide variety of vacuums to suit different needs, ranging from cordless handheld vacuums for spot-cleaning countertops and furniture to bulky corded upright vacuums that you can use to clean large carpeted areas. The best BISSELL vacuums tend to be affordably priced and use bagless designs that keep recurring costs down. Unfortunately, they aren't usually the best choice for all-out cleaning performance and can feel cheaply made.

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