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The 7 Best Vacuums For Pet Hair - Spring 2024 Reviews

Updated Mar 21, 2024 at 12:44 pm
Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

If you're a pet owner, there's no doubt you've had to deal with the hassle of shedding from your pets. We all love our furry friends, but there's no denying pet hair is a nuisance. It has a nasty tendency to get everywhere, so a vacuum that can clear this type of debris across a wide range of surfaces is crucial. Good maneuverability and portability are plus points, as they let you clean pet hair from underneath and around couches, tables, and other types of furniture.

We've tested over 140 vacuum cleaners, and below are our recommendations for the best vacuums for pet hair. These recommendations are based not only on their pet hair cleaning performance on different types of surfaces but also on their design and price. For more buying recommendations, look at our list of the best robot vacuums for pet hair, the best handheld vacuums for pet hair, the best apartment vacuums, and the best vacuums for high-pile carpet.

  1. Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

    The Dyson V15 Detect is the best vacuum for pet hair we've tested. This high-end cordless stick vacuum has no problem dealing with pet hair on a wide variety of surface types, whether you're using the multi-surface floorhead or the soft-roller floorhead with an integrated laser light to help you see fine debris. Its built-in dirt sensor also gives you a rough estimate of the amount of fine particles being sucked into the dustbin, and its whole machine filtration system, which features an onboard HEPA filter, is effective at sealing in fine particles. That being said, like any bagless vacuum, you need to be careful when emptying it, as it can release a cloud of dust and debris.

    The Dyson's surface detection system lets it automatically increase its suction power on carpeted floors. It's also fairly comfortable to operate, with a fairly lightweight, reasonably well-balanced design that places all major controls within easy reach. While this vacuum can run for more than 70 minutes in its most energy-efficient configuration, which is great for a cordless stick vacuum, it drops to a little over 10 minutes when used in its 'Boost' setting, so you'll need to work fast when dealing with stubborn debris.

    Worried about running out of charge midway through a cleaning session? Check out the Samsung Bespoke Jet, which has a storage rack that can charge its two included batteries simultaneously, so you can swap in a fully-charged pack when you run out, effectively doubling its runtime. The freestanding charging rack also works as a self-emptying base station, as it can suck debris from the Samsung vacuum's dustbin into an internal dirtbag, so you don't have to worry about creating a cloud of dust and debris when emptying it. Its twin-roller floorhead makes it less maneuverable than the Dyson, and it lacks the former's automatic power adjustment system.

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  2. Best Upper Mid-Range Vacuum For Pet Hair

    If you want to save a little bit of money on a vacuum for cleaning pet hair, the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate is a good choice. Compared to the pricier Dyson V15 Detect, it has a less powerful 140 AW suction motor and a smaller dirt compartment. It also lacks Dyson's particle sensor and automatic power adjustment capability. It's also less expensive and is made of slightly thicker-feeling plastic. Most importantly, it's just as effective at tackling pet hair on various surfaces.

    The flagship Ultimate variant of this vacuum is extremely well-equipped. It comes with a wide variety of accessories, including a secondary soft-roller floorhead for use on bare floors, an extra battery that can provide up to an additional hour of runtime, and a uniquely designed Power Punch tool, which uses a vibrating interior component to shake loose dust, hair, or pet dander from fabric surfaces so that the vacuum can suck it up.

    The LG is also fully compatible with LG's Power Mop nozzle, a uniquely designed mopping floorhead that you can scrub away any dirt or mud your pet might track in on hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors. If you want a similarly priced cordless stick vacuum with an automatic power adjustment feature, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim is an excellent choice that also does a fantastic job of handling pet hair. However, it has an extremely small dustbin and only comes bundled with a single battery. Unlike the LG, Dyson doesn't offer a comparable mopping floorhead for the V12.

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  3. Best Mid-Range Vacuum For Pet Hair

    The best vacuum for cat hair in the mid-range price bracket we've tested is the Tineco PURE ONE S11. This cordless stick vacuum can tackle pet hair on bare floors and low- and high-pile carpets at a much lower price than the LG CordZero A9 or Dyson V15 Detect. Its multi-surface floorhead is a little tangle-prone compared to the LG or Dyson's heads, but thankfully, removing the brushroll and clearing out any stuck-on hair is a breeze. Unlike the pricier LG, this vacuum also has an automatic power adjustment system, which automatically increases suction power when passing over an area with a significant concentration of debris.

    Unfortunately, its max battery life of about 40 minutes isn't all that impressive, and if you have to clean larger areas, it'd be a good idea to purchase a second battery pack. The build quality is nothing special either; while it's far from the most fragile-feeling cordless stick vacuum on the market, there are a few obvious weak points compared to pricier models like the LG A9. Its floorhead doesn't articulate all that smoothly, and its thin plastic dustbin could easily shatter if you drop it from an even moderate height.

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  4. Best Lower Mid-Range Vacuum For Pet Hair

    Check out the Wyze Cordless Vacuum if you're looking for a vacuum for pet hair at a lower mid-range price point. Unlike the Tineco PURE ONE S11, it has no automatic power adjustment system and comes bundled with fewer attachments. That said, it still offers a lot of bang for the buck. It does incredibly well when dealing with pet hair, as it easily clears away long and short strands on bare floors as well as low- and high-pile carpets. Its floorhead has no built-in anti-tangle vanes, but its brushroll is fully removable, and you can cut or pull away any hair that gets caught in its bristles pretty easily. Its onboard HEPA filter is a rare feature for something at this price point and helps seal in some fine allergens like pet dander.

    Unfortunately, its bundled attachment set is pretty limited; its crevice tool doesn't do a great job of dealing with hair on fabric, and its crevice tool is too small to be of any real use when cleaning larger areas. Thankfully, you can buy a mini turbo brush tool from the manufacturer's website. Unfortunately, the build quality isn't all that impressive, with its mainly plastic body feeling a little delicate in places. You'll also need to be careful when emptying its dustbin; the gasket around the dustbin door that seals in fine dust can easily fall out of place when emptying the dirt compartment.

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  5. Best Budget Vacuum For Pet Hair

    If you're shopping at the more affordable end of the market, the Eureka Mighty Mite is one of the best vacuums for dog hair we've tested. As a bagged and corded canister vacuum, it doesn't have much in common with something like the Wyze Cordless Vacuum. However, it's just as effective as the pricier models on this list for clearing away pet hair on hard surfaces like wood or vinyl floors. It has a pure suction floorhead with no brushroll, so you don't have to worry about pet hair getting tangled within a mechanism, though that also means that it isn't quite as effective for dealing with pet hair on carpeted floors.

    The vacuum doesn't come with a turbo brush, but its combination stiff-bristle brush/upholstery tool is still effective when removing pet hair on fabric surfaces. Unfortunately, it's worth noting that it might not be the best option if you're concerned about minimizing the airborne allergens in your home; some newer versions of the Mighty Mite lack the requisite mounting clips that would allow you to mount an aftermarket HEPA filter to improve its air filtration performance. It also has a very short power cord, forcing you to swap outlets when cleaning faraway areas.

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  6. Best Upright Vacuum For Pet Hair

    If you prefer the all-in-one design of an upright vacuum, the Dyson Ball Animal 3 is among the best vacuums for dog hair we've tested. This bagless upright is far more of a hassle to set up and use than a cordless stick model like the Dyson V15 Detect, but it's worth a look if you prioritize debris-pickup performance above all else. It easily clears away pet hair on a range of floor types, and its floorhead offers three levels of surface adjustment and a set of built-in vanes that do a great job of preventing hair from getting tangled in the mechanism. The Extra variant of this vacuum comes with a dedicated pet grooming tool to clear away any loose fur from long-haired pets and a miniature turbo brush attachment to clear away hair on fabric surfaces.

    It's also allergen-sealed and has an onboard HEPA filter to limit the spread of fine allergens like pet dander as you clean, though shaking out its dustbin can still release a cloud of dust and debris. You'll want to consider a bagged vacuum like the Kenmore Intuition Bagged if you have serious allergies. You can drop the Kenmore's dirtbag into the trash with the press of a single latch, so you don't have to worry about making a mess when emptying it. However, the Kenmore also has a far more tangle-prone floorhead that doesn't do as well with pet hair on bare floors as the Dyson.

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  7. Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair

    If you prefer the more maneuverable design of a canister vacuum over an upright vacuum, the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is a great option. It might be a lot pricier than the Dyson Ball Animal 3, but that's reflected in its construction, with a sturdy body made of high-grade plastic and a wand made from stainless steel. It's also substantially simpler to maintain, with easily replaceable dirtbags and filters. The Cat & Dog PowerLine variant of the C3 also comes with an activated charcoal filter to trap odors as you clean, not to mention Miele's SEB 228 powerhead, which can easily handle pet hair on everything from low-pile rugs to plush carpeting. It also has a separate straight-suction parquet floorhead to tackle pet hair on bare floors.

    If you're looking for a bagged vacuum with lower recurring costs, the SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium is a good option with larger dirtbags and longer-lasting filters. It's also heavier and bulkier, making it less easy to maneuver in cluttered rooms. Conversely, if you're shopping for something more affordable, the Cat & Dog variant of the Miele Classic C1 is a good option with similar features. However, it feels less sturdy than the C3 and has no onboard tool storage compartment.

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Notable Mentions

  • Samsung Jet 90 Complete: The Samsung Jet 90 Complete is a cordless stick vacuum that's among the best vacuums for pet hair and hardwood floors we've tested, as it does a fantastic job of handling pet hair on a wide variety of surfaces. However, it lacks the Dyson V15 Detect's automatic power adjustment feature and dirt sensor. See our review
  • Dyson Gen5detect/Gen5detect Absolute: The Dyson Gen5detect/Gen5detect Absolute effectively replaces the Dyson V15 Detect as the brand's flagship model. Like its predecessor, it's great for dealing with pet hair, but aside from a few alterations to its control scheme and attachment set, it's very similar in design and does little to justify its much higher price. See our review
  • Dyson V15s Detect Submarineโ€‹: The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine is a lightly reprogrammed version of the standard Dyson V15 Detect that's designed to work with a purpose-designed mopping floorhead that can wet and scrub away dried-on stains, which is handy for dealing with any mud or dirt your pet might track in. That said, it is rather expensive, and ultimately, its mopping floorhead isn't worth the price premium over the standard model. See our review
  • Shark Stratos Cordless: The Shark Stratos Cordless is an upper mid-range cordless stick vacuum that's among the best vacuums for pet hair and hardwood floors we've tested. However, unlike the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate, its primary brushroll isn't removable. Despite its billing as being self-cleaning, it can still collect pet hair, making it a hassle to clean. It also doesn't come bundled with a miniature turbo brush tool. See our review
  • Shark Cordless Pro [IZ562H, UZ565H]: The Shark Cordless Pro is a mid-range cordless stick vacuum that's pretty effective in handling pet hair and has a self-cleaning brushroll, but it comes with fewer attachments than the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate. See our review
  • BISSELL CleanView/CleanView Swivel Pet Rewind: The BISSELL CleanView Swivel is a budget-friendly bagless upright that does a fantastic job cleaning pet hair on several surfaces. However, it's bulky and doesn't have a HEPA filter, unlike the Dyson Ball Animal 3. See our review
  • Miele Triflex HX2 Pro/Cat & Dog: The Miele Triflex HX2 is a premium cordless vacuum that does a great job of handling pet hair, but it has a smaller dirt compartment than the Dyson V15 Detect that needs to be emptied often. See our review

Recent Updates

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  2. Feb 20, 2024: Removed Shark Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away from the Notable Mentions due to current availability. Added Dyson V15s Detect Submarine to the Notable Mentions.

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