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Non-Bluetooth Wireless Scores and Tests

What it is: Non-Bluetooth wireless support for wireless headphones. Whether the headphones come with a non-Bluetooth wireless protocol (usually proprietary).
When it matters: Non-Bluetooth proprietary wireless protocols tend to provide better audio and microphone quality, as well as lower latency. This makes them suitable for wireless gaming.
Score components:
Score distribution

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Test results

Our Tests

Non-Bluetooth Line of Sight Range

What it is: The range that the headphones can reach before dropping any audio when in direct line of sight using their non-Bluetooth wireless protocol.
When it matters: If you can't or prefer not to carry your wireless source on you while listening to your audio in a large and open environment.
Good value: >170ft
Noticeable difference: 10ft
Score distribution

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Non-Bluetooth Latency

What it is: The amount of delay introduced by the headphones. This could cause the audio and video to become out of sync. This test is performed with the wireless transmitter and represents an average of 3 different runs. The results are specific to our test setup since the PC or platform (website, software) you are watching content on could also impact latency.
When it matters: When watching videos or playing video games wirelessly, high latency can cause sync issues between the images you see and the audio you hear.
Good value: <75 ms
Noticeable difference: 30 ms
Score distribution

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