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The 3 Best GoPro Cameras of 2023 Reviews

Best GoPro Cameras

GoPro is practically synonymous with action cameras, and the company has continued to expand its offerings year after year, whether you're looking for a traditional action camera or a 360-degree camera like the GoPro Max. You can typically rely on GoPro cameras to have excellent build quality, high-resolution video recording, and plenty of frame rate options, making GoPros a sure bet if you want a high-quality action camera.

We've tested four of GoPro's flagship action cameras, and below you'll find our picks for the best GoPros at different price points. While GoPros aren't the cheapest action cameras you can get, older models stay available long after their initial releases, giving users with different budgets and needs more options to choose from without necessarily buying a camera secondhand.


Best GoPro Cameras

  1. Best GoPro Camera

    Although it's now been replaced by the superior GoPro HERO11 Black, the GoPro HERO10 Black is still the best GoPro we've tested, and it's one of the best action cams around. This iteration improves upon the GoPro HERO9 Black with a new and improved processor that gives it smoother overall performance and better low-light capability. It also offers a big improvement in frame rates, with 5.3k video up to 60 fps and 4k up to 120 fps for the first time, making it extremely versatile for capturing everything from smooth, fast action to slow-motion in a variety of resolutions.

    On top of that, you get GoPro's reliably fantastic 'HyperSmooth' stabilization, along with horizon leveling and a front-facing display that makes this a good option for vlogging. Plus, it's ruggedly built and waterproof down to 33 feet (10 meters), making it well-suited to all kinds of outdoor activities. Overall, the HERO10 is a fantastic action camera that'll give you your money's worth.

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  2. Best Mid-Range GoPro Camera

    If you want to save money, the GoPro HERO9 Black is still an excellent choice. This predecessor to the GoPro HERO10 Black offers many of the same features, including a front-facing screen for Live View monitoring and 5k video capability. It's nearly identical in design and build quality, with a sturdy, waterproof build that's good for submersion down to 33 feet. Its video stabilization feature also works incredibly well to get buttery smooth footage.

    The biggest difference between the HERO9 and the HERO10 is that the HERO9 uses an older processor, which doesn't perform quite as well in low light. It also has fewer frame rate options, though 5k up to 30 fps and 4k up to 60 fps is nothing to sneeze at, and you still get 240 fps when shooting in 1080p, giving you a lot of flexibility for high-speed recording. All in all, if you can live without the additional frame rate options and better low-light performance of the HERO10, this camera offers most of the same features at a lower price point, making it one of the best GoPro cameras you can get for the price.

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  3. Best Budget GoPro Camera

    If you're on an even tighter budget, consider going back a generation and getting the GoPro HERO8 Black. Though it's an older model, it's still a very capable action camera. It's highly portable, even a tad smaller and lighter than both the GoPro HERO9 Black and the GoPro HERO10 Black. It also has the same sturdy build quality you'd expect and the same level of waterproofing for underwater recording.

    That said, unlike newer models, the HERO8 doesn't have a front-facing Live View screen. While a front screen is handy for vlogging, it may not be necessary if you plan on using the camera for action video. Also, while it doesn't shoot 5k video like the two GoPros mentioned above, it can still record 4k video up to 60 fps and 1080p up to 240 fps, and its stabilization feature does a fantastic job smoothing out camera shake, albeit with a larger crop than newer GoPro models. Overall, if you don't need 5k video capability or a front-facing Live View screen, this is still a great GoPro that's a little easier on the wallet.

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Compared to other brands

  • Well-built, waterproof design. GoPro cameras typically feel well-built and are designed to withstand the elements. Most GoPros since the HERO4 Session have been rated waterproof to a depth of 33 feet (10 meters).
  • High-speed recording capability. GoPro cameras support high frame rates at high resolutions for high-speed recording. The latest GoPro cameras can even record at up to 60 fps in 5.3k and up to 120 fps in 4k, allowing you to create slow-motion and super slow-motion videos in the highest quality.
  • Lack of accessories in the box. Most GoPro cameras come with just the basics in the box, meaning you'll have to buy mounting accessories or mods separately.

GoPro vs DJI

DJI is one of GoPro's biggest competitors, offering alternative action cameras that are right up there with GoPro for build quality. That said, GoPro cameras tend to deliver higher-quality video and more frame rate and resolution options.

GoPro vs AKASO

AKASO is one of many GoPro knockoff brands, offering basic action cameras at cheaper price points. That said, GoPros are much better built than AKASO cameras and typically have significantly better video quality with higher resolution and frame rate options. So, while an AKASO camera can do if you're on a very tight budget, GoPros are more expensive for good reason.

GoPro cameras deliver when it comes to features and performance, but brand recognition also comes with a premium price to match. While there are alternatives that can save you some money or come with more accessories right off the bat, GoPro cameras stand out due to their typically higher-quality video, exceptional build quality, and impressive video stabilization.


GoPro offers a few different product lines and variants to suit different needs.

Action Cameras

  • HERO Black: The flagship lineup of action cameras. The option that likely comes to mind when you think 'GoPro'.
  • HERO Black Bones: A stripped-down, bare-bones (hence the name) version of the regular HERO Black, designed specifically to be mounted on an FPV drone. The first 'Bones' model was the GoPro HERO10 Black Bones in 2022.
  • HERO Session (discontinued): These were smaller and lighter versions of regular HERO models. The first model in the Session series was the HERO4 Session, released in 2015, which was followed by the second and last model, the HERO5 Session, in 2016. 
  • HERO Mini: With the release of the GoPro HERO11 Black, GoPro also released a new compact model to fill the gap left by the HERO5 Session. The GoPro HERO11 Mini, released in 2022, is the first model to be released in the 'Mini' lineup.

360 Cameras

  • Fusion: GoPro's first 360-degree camera, released in 2017. It worked by stitching together videos captured from two cameras, requiring two SD cards, and videos had to be stitched together in post through the camera's companion software.
  • MAX: The GoPro MAX is the follow-up to the Fusion and was launched in 2019. Unlike the Fusion, the MAX stitches together 360-degree videos in-camera and only requires a single SD card. It can also record regular, non-360 videos.

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GoPro originated the action camera, and the brand reliably delivers features like impressive video stabilization and fantastic build quality. While there's still room for improvement in video quality, especially in low light, you can't go wrong with a GoPro if you're looking for a high-quality action camera.

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