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Our Camera Photo Tests
Image Quality

What it is: The image quality analysis in JPEG. The JPEG format is processed by the camera to include color correction, lens deformation, sharpness, and noise correction. The noise evaluation is from the test chart and the picture is for you to judge the noise level.
Score distribution

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Test results

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Dynamic Range at ISO 100

What it is: The ratio between the highest and the lowest level of light intensity at ISO 100. The lowest level of light is limited by noise. The dynamic range is calculated using the ISO 15739 standard. This is done by analyzing the JPEG format.
When it matters: For images with dark shades and highlights, like landscapes with a shadow behind a rock, a bright sky, and white clouds.
Score distribution

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Color Accuracy (dE2000)

What it is: The difference between the color on the test chart and the one taken by the camera. This is done by analyzing the JPEG format. The result is the mean dE2000 value
When it matters: When true color is important to you.

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JPEG SNR 18% At a Set ISO

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JPEG Sharpness At a Set ISO

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