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Test Bench 1.0


See the previous 0.8 changelog.

Product Coverage

Added two new vacuum types to the silo: Wet/Dry vacuums (shop vacuums), and All-In-One/Mop vacuums.



  • Added a Wet Compatible comparison to encompass mop vacuums and wet/dry vacuums.

User Maintenance

  • Added a head cleaning video.

Recurring Cost

  • Tuned the subjective scoring guiding formula to lower the overall impact of the number of parts needing replacement.


  • Added Minimum and Maximum Wand Length.
  • Added Total Range, which is computed by adding the other range test values based on vacuum type.

Alternative Configuration

  • Added vacuum air blower capability (Blower Mode: Yes/No).

Bare Floor, Low-Pile, And High-Pile Carpets

  • Added a dedicated graph for each debris type.

Pet Hair On Bare Floor (New Box)

  • Added pickup performance graphs.
  • Moved pickup performance of pet hair from bare floor, low-pile carpet, and high-pile carpet to here.

Pet Hair On Bare Floor (New Box)

  • Added pet hair on sofa pickup test.

Air Quality (New Box)

  • Added quality of system seal video.

Stains (New Box)

  • Added a dried stain removal test.

Water (New Box)

  • Added a large water puddle pickup test

Cracks (New Box)

  • Added cracks performance over various crack types.

 Noise (New Box)

  • Added a noise video over various surfaces to give users a feel for the audio profile.
  • Added a bare floor noise level measurement.
  • Added a low-pile carpet noise level measurement.

Suction (New Box)

  • Added the maximum suction reading while in a realistic configuration for the given vacuum.
  • Added the normal suction reading while in the most common configuration for the given vacuum.
  • Added hose diameter measurement.

Automation (Category)

  • Renamed Vacuums 0.8 tests and redistributed them into two boxes (Physical and Companion App) based on how you can use them/access them.

Companion App Automation (New Box)

  • Added three screenshots from the app.
  • Added iOS/Android availability.
  • Added app subjective scoring.

Usage Ratings

  • New Workshop Usage.
  • Updated all usages to include new tests.

77 Vacuums Updated So Far

We are retesting popular models first. So far, the test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.

32 Vacuums Planned To Be Updated

We are also planning to retest the following products over the course of the next few weeks: