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Battery Life Of Headphones

What it is: The power source of your headphones. All headphones with active features have a battery that will deplete over time.
When it matters: When you want to continue using the active features of your headphones. Some models lose features or switch off completely when the battery is drained, which limits what you can do with them until the next charge.
Score distribution

Our battery test measures how long your active headphones will last on a single charge. If your headphones play audio wirelessly, cancel ambient noise or enhance your listening experience with active features, then they have a battery that will drain over time.

The importance of battery life is dependent on your listening habits and headphone choice. If you're often on the move and do not have a lot of opportunities to charge your active headphones, then a long-lasting battery may be more suitable. Likewise, if you use your headphones sparingly or rarely find yourself in need of additional noise cancellation, then a short battery life may not be much of an issue. However, the ideal active headphones should deliver the full set of their active features, without requiring multiple charges throughout the day.

We test headphone batteries based on battery life, charge time and battery saving features like auto-off timers. We also test if the headphones are able to stream audio while charging or passively when the active features are turned off.

Test results

When it matters

Active features such as noise canceling, wireless audio streaming, and bass enhancing toggles or sliders, will dictate how long the headphones' battery will last. A poor battery life performance may ruin your listening experience as most active headphones, especially, wireless ones will stop working once the battery is dead. Therefore battery life will matter more for listeners who need active features, to reduce the ambient noise of loud environments or prefer a wireless connection to their audio devices. 

Our tests

We judge the performance of a headphones' battery by measuring the charge time, battery life and additional battery saving features like an auto-off timer. This test is done in a closed, soundproof box, to get the most accurate results. We also check if the headphones can continue playing audio when charging.

Battery Type

What it is: The type of battery that the headphones use. Usually AAA or embedded, Li-ion rechargeable batteries.
When it matters: When your headphones run out of power. Rechargeable batteries usually charge via the headphones Micro-USB port, while AAA batteries have to be replaced or charged with an external device.

Most active headphones use two types of batteries. AAA batteries, that are easily replaceable, or embedded, rechargeable Li-ion/Li-Polymer batteries, mostly found in newer headphone models. AAA batteries also have rechargeable variations but require an external battery charger, unlike embedded ones, which charge via the headphones' Micro-USB port.

To get the most consistent results, we use new AAA 1.5V, MN2400 Duracell batteries for each headphone test. However, the battery type is not scored, because battery life is more dependent on the headphones' design and its longevity is taken into account with the battery life test.

Continuous Battery Life

What it is: The amount of continuous battery life provided by the headphones. For truly wireless headphones this excludes the additional charges provided by their case. The battery life score is almost capped at 24 hours and headphones with a longer life don't get a big boost in score. For Bluetooth headphones, this test is performed with a USB 5.0 Bluetooth transmitter that supports aptX, aptX HD & aptX LL.
When it matters: For active headphones that connect wirelessly and have noise cancellation or other audio-enhancing features, that cease to work once the battery is dead.
Good value: >10hrs
Noticeable difference: 0.5hrs
Score distribution
Time-lapse video recording
Battery Life Test
Time-lapse video recording
Multi-track audio recordingBattery Life Test
Multi-track audio recording

Battery life is measured by recording a time-lapse video, of the active headphones' LEDs. The LEDs usually change color or turn off when the battery is low or drained. To further verify our results, we also have a multi-track audio recorder (the Zoom H6 shown above) taping a looped track, that's played by the different headphones, at 90 dB SPL. This adds a load to the headphones and simulates a life-like, typical user experience. 

Additional Charges

What it is: The number of full charges that the case of the headphones provides. This value is reported by the manufacturer and not validated by us, so real-life performance may vary.
When it matters: For truly wireless headphones that have a short continuous battery life, it's useful to be able to charge them with their case on the go. However, the ideal headphones provide a long continuous battery life, therefore a short continuous battery life with a high number of additional charges may not be desirable.

[Coming Soon]

Total Battery Life

What it is: The total amount of battery life provided by the headphones, including any possible additional charges provided by their case. This value is calculated based on the number of additional charges reported by the manufacturer, therefore real-life performance may vary. The battery life score is almost capped at 24 hours and headphones with a longer life don't get a big boost in score. For Bluetooth headphones, this test is performed with a USB 5.0 Bluetooth transmitter that supports aptX, aptX HD & aptX LL.
When it matters: For active headphones that connect wirelessly and have noise cancellation or other audio-enhancing features that cease to work once the battery is dead.
Good value: >10hrs
Noticeable difference: 0.5hrs
Score distribution

[Coming Soon]

Charge Time

What it is: The amount of time your active headphones have to be connected to a power source to charge from 0 to 100%. However, charging time will vary depending on your power source.
When it matters: To be able to use the active features of your headphones, especially wireless ones that completely switch off and need to be recharged when the battery is dead.
Good value: 2h or less
Noticeable difference: 0.25h
Score distribution
Time-Lapse video recordingCharge-time test
Time-Lapse video recording

The charge time is measured with a similar set up as that of the battery life test. However, we do not add a load to the headphones when charging. This measurement using only a time-lapse recording of the active headphones LEDs.

Charge time is done strictly with headphones that have an embedded, rechargeable battery and not with those that use AAA. Also, charge time will vary depending on your power source, for example charging with a PC will take a bit longer than charging directly from a wall outlet using the provided power adapter.

Power Saving Feature

What it is: A feature that turns off the headphones, after a set time, when they're not in use.
When it matters: To prolong battery life when the headphones aren't being used, or if you forget to manually turn off your headphones.
Bose QuietComfort 35 Android
Bose Connect
Bose QuietComfort 35
Parrot Zik 3.0 Android
Parrot Zik

Some active headphones have a built-in auto-off timer or one that can be enabled via their provided apps. For this test, we connect the headphones to an audio source then, stop streaming audio to see if the headphones will automatically turn off after a set time. This feature allows headphones to reduce battery consumption when they're not being used, so it's given a more substantial weight of the overall battery score. 

Audio while charging

What it is: Some active headphones remain usable while charging. They continue to stream audio and don't disable other active features.
When it matters: This makes sure that your headphones' battery isn't being drained when you're relatively close to a power source. However, this means wireless headphones will need a wired connection to the power source during the charging process.

Some headphones allow you to continue streaming audio while charging. For this test, we plug the active headphones to a power source and check if the audio continues playing or not. However, audio while charging is only possible in certain situations, like being at your desk at the office or on a plane/train. Therefore it's not given much weight in the overall score for the battery test.

Passive Playback

What it is: Active headphones that still work when all their active features are turned off or out of power.
When it matters: If you run out of power and don't have spare AA/AAA batteries or access to a power source to recharge your headphones.

All the active features of a headphone stop working when the battery is completely drained. However, some active headphones can also work passively so that you can continue to listen to your audio even when they're out of power. Depending on the headphones battery life you won't always have the possibility to charge them when the batteries die. Therefore headphones that have passive playback will be scored slightly better than those that don't.


Our battery test measures the time it takes for active headphones, to be completely drained from a single charge. Usually, when the battery runs out, you lose some or all the active features that the headphones provide. Wireless headphones, especially, turn off when the battery is dead, leaving you stranded without audio until you can connect them to a power source. Therefore, we test the charge time and battery life, as well as battery-saving features like an auto-off timer for all our active headphones. We also check if you can use them while they're charging or passively when the batteries are completely drained. Depending on your listening habits and headphone choice, long-lasting battery life may be crucial if you don't often get the chance to recharge throughout the day.

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