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PC Compatibility Scores and Tests

What it is: Whether you can use headphones for audio and/or microphone with a PC using analog, USB, or Non-BT wireless.
When it matters: This is important for PC users who would like to know what kind of connection they can use with their headphones. Analog provides the least latency, then USB. Wireless tends to have the highest latency but provides the most range.

Want to use your headphones with your PC? Then you'll want to know which connections they support and their overall compatibility. Many headphones have more than one way to connect them to your computer, which gives you options if you prefer wireless freedom versus low latency via wired. That said, some connections may only support audio, while others support both audio and mic passthrough. This test focuses on three kinds of compatibility: analog, wired USB, and non-Bluetooth wireless. If you're looking for Bluetooth compatibility, you'll want to check out our Bluetooth test instead.

Test results

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What it is: PC compatibility with a regular 1/8" TRS or TRRS audio cable.
When it matters: When you want to use a wired headphone with your PC.

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Wired USB

What it is: Compatibility with a PC over USB.
When it matters: To be able to use the audio and microphone of the headphones with a PC using their USB connection.

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Non-BT Wireless

What it is: Non-Bluetooth wireless compatibility with a PC.
When it matters: To connect your headphones wirelessly with your PC without using Bluetooth.

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