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The Best Apple Headphones of 2022 Reviews

Best Apple Headphones

We've currently tested five pairs of headphones from Apple. While they're most well-known for their laptops, smartphones, and tablets, they also make sleek headphones with a minimalist design. Their headphones are geared toward people who already use Apple products and fit into their ecosystem seamlessly. Some find their design a bit boring, and they have limited functionality on Android, but they effectively deliver on the simple yet premium user experience that Apple is known for.


Best Apple Headphones

  1. Best Noise Cancelling Apple Headphones

    The Apple AirPods Max Wireless are the best Apple headphones for noise cancelling that we've tested. These sleek and premium over-ears have an outstanding active noise cancelling (ANC) feature, which can cut down lots of bass-range noise like bus or plane engines, ambient chatter, and higher-pitched sounds like the hum of an AC unit. They also have a sleek aluminum design that feels well-built. Their neutral sound profile offers a touch of extra thump and rumble that fans of EDM and hip-hop should especially enjoy. They also have a continuous battery life of over 21 hours, and Apple advertises that a five-minute quick charge can give you up to 1.5 hours of additional playtime, though we don't currently test this feature.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to turn them off, and when you put them in their carrying case, they enter a low power mode. The carrying case is mediocre, as it's only a sleeve that covers the two ear cups. It's by design, meaning you can use the headband as a carrying handle. While they use premium materials like aluminum and silicone, the mesh screen surrounding the headband seems fragile and prone to damage, especially if you're using the headband as a handle. If you're looking for sleek Apple headphones that deliver a powerful noise cancellation performance, they're a suitable choice.

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  2. Best Apple Earbuds

    The Apple AirPods Pro are the best Apple earbuds we've tested. These well-built, premium-looking in-ears have a comfortable and stable fit that makes them ideal for long listening sessions. Their default sound profile is neutral and well-balanced, though slightly bright, so they're suitable for listening to different types of audio content. They don't leak a lot of noise, either, so you can crank up the volume without annoying those around you. If you're listening in a crowded environment, they have an impressive noise isolation performance. They can easily block out bus and plane engines from your commute or background chatter typically found in an office setting.

    Unfortunately, these headphones have an integrated Bluetooth microphone with poor recording quality, so your voice may sound a bit thin and muffled to whoever's on the other end of the line. Also, with a roughly five-hour continuous battery life, you may have to recharge these headphones during your day. Fortunately, their portable charging case offers around five additional charges. Ultimately, these headphones are among the best true wireless headphones we've tested.

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  3. Most Comfortable Apple Headphones

    The Apple AirPods (2nd generation) Truly Wireless are the best Apple headphones for comfort that we've tested. These in-ear headphones lack some features compared to the newer Apple AirPods (3rd generation) Truly Wireless, but they have a smaller, sleeker earbud design. They're less likely to put pressure on your ears and are much more comfortable for most listeners, although both pairs are one-size-fits-all, so it depends on the shape of your ears. They're also well-built and have a very accurate mid-range response that makes them well-suited for content like podcasts or classical music. They're equipped with an h1 chip for easier pairing with other Apple products and have low latency with iOS devices, so you shouldn't notice audio lag when you're watching a video on your iPhone.

    Unfortunately, due to their open-back design, they don't isolate you from ambient sound. You may prefer this if you want to hear what's going on around you at work or when you're exercising outdoors. However, it makes them less than ideal for commuting. Compared to the 3rd generation, they lack a virtual surround sound feature and have a shorter, 4.1-hour continuous battery life. Ηowever, they recharge quickly and come with a small, sturdy case that holds about five extra charges.

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Compared to other brands

  • Seamless integration with Apple devices. Apple's wireless headphones all feature their W1/H1 chip, which allows them to pair seamlessly with your iPhone, iPad, and even your Mac. You can also purchase their wired earbuds with a Lightning cable instead of a regular audio cable for compatibility with newer iPhones that don't have an audio jack.
  • Compact yet comfortable earbud and in-ear options. All their models are ultra-compact, super portable earbuds or in-ear headphones. The EarPods and the standard AirPods have a lightweight earbud design that makes them barely noticeable once they're in your ears, and the in-ear AirPods Pro are surprisingly comfortable.
  • Open-back and closed-back models available. Apple is one of the few brands to have both open and closed-back earphone options. While the open-back EarPods and AirPods aren't great if you're looking to block out noise while traveling or listening to bass-heavy music, many people prefer the extra awareness they help provide.
  • Few customization options. Apple prides itself on delivering a simple, intuitive user experience, but this comes at the expense of customizability. Many high-end headphones have many customizable features, like EQ options, room effects, or even different Bluetooth codecs available in their mobile app. However, Apple's wireless headphones only provide basic features when paired with your phone, like ANC on/off and button mapping.
  • Mediocre controls. Since Apple's headphones are designed with their other products in mind, their controls generally aren't fully compatible with products from other brands. Some important functions, like volume control, are missing from their truly wireless models - you're expected to use Siri instead, which isn't always very convenient.
  • Limited lineup. Apple has only released a few headphones, and in the past, they've focused primarily on in-ear and earbud designs. While they've added a pair of over-ear headphones to their lineup, they still don't offer as many options as their competitors.

Overall, Apple makes compact, portable earbuds and in-ear headphones suitable for casual, daily use. They're comfortable and easy to use with other Apple products. With the addition of the over-ear Apple AirPods Max Wireless, they've also set themselves apart from their competitors by using premium build materials. Unfortunately, the company's commitment to simplicity results in mediocre controls and a lack of customization options. Their lineup is small, and most of their products look more or less the same. They have both open and closed-back models, which is rare for a brand with such a small lineup.

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Apple are known for their commitment to simplicity - things should "just work" without complex features or unnecessary user intervention. They don't have many models in their lineup yet, but the headphones they've released fit the company's vision and perform well overall. Their headphones have sleek, minimalist designs and tend to sound pretty decent. They can also be pricey, especially the more feature-packed models, but their wired earphones are pretty cheap.

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