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Best Skullcandy Headphones - 2019

Best Skullcandy headphones

We have currently reviewed 8 Skullcandy headphones. They're a fashion-forward brand that has a decent variety of headphone types for casual listening, sports, and gaming.


Compared to other brands

  • Colorful Designs. Skullcandy has some of the most colorful headphones on the market. They typically have various color schemes for each model including some 2 or 3 toned color variants and camo/military color schemes. If you're looking for fashion-forward headphones to match your outfit, then Skullcandy will most likely have what you need.
  • Good Headphone Variety. Although we have yet to test Skullcandy's full lineup, they offer a good variety of models for different use cases. They lack a lineup for more critical listeners, but the variety is quite good, especially considering their price range.
  • Plasticky Build Quality. Most of the headphones from Skullcandy are pretty affordable. However, this may be due to their somewhat plasticky build quality. It's better than some of the super cheap brands but compared to some other affordable models, the Skullcandy headphones do not feel very durable.
  • Mediocre Sound Quality. They have a lot of models for casual listening but nothing that targets critical listeners. They also tend to focus a lot on delivering a bass-heavy sound so if you want a more neutral sound, Skullcandy may not be the brand for you.

Overall, Skullcandy delivers a decent variety of fashion-forward headphones that come in a lot of unique colors to match your taste style and preferences. They have sports headphones and gaming headphones at an affordable price. Unfortunately, they don't have the best build quality, and their sound is not the most balanced, favoring a bass-heavy audio reproduction over a neutral one.

Best Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy has a specific name for each model that they release. They offer a wide variety of headphones from on-ears to gaming headset including some around the neck design. However, since they don't have a name for their entire lineup, below are just a few examples of their headphones.

  • Crusher =  An over-ear and bass-centric lineup that focuses on letting the listener alter the bass level. They also have a wireless variation.
  • Hesh = A compact and hybrid on/over-ear that also has wireless variations.
  • Grind = One of the on-ear models with a decent build quality and a wireless design.
  • Ink'd = An around the neck in-ear that would be suitable for sports and casual listening.

Best Skullcandy Headphones for mixed usage

Usage Ratings - Version 1.2

Test Benches:

  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2017
  • 0.9: Winter 2016
Mixed Usage
What it is: This is the combination of the different use cases to evaluate how versatile the headphones are. Therefore an everyday headphone should be well-rounded enough to adapt to most situations and environments without significant losses in sound quality, design ergonomics or isolation.
Score components:
Critical Listening
What it is: The level of audio fidelity a headphone can reproduce. Therefore a balanced and true representation of bass, mids, treble, soundstage and imaging, as well as a comfortable listening experience, is essential for critical listening.
Score components:
What it is: How well the headphones handle the loud environments involved in commuting or traveling. Therefore your listening experience should be comfortable, hassle-free and as isolated from noise as possible.
Score components:
What it is: How well-adapted the headphones are, to use while doing sports or strenuous exercise. Therefore the headphones should not be too cumbersome and deliver a stable and comfortable listening experience.
Score components:
What it is: How well the headphones can deliver a comfortable and isolated listening experience in an office-like environment. They should not leak much and should block the noise of a busy office.
Score components:
Score components:
Score components:
Type : On-ear
Enclosure : Closed-Back
Wireless : Yes
Noise-Cancelling : No
Mic : Yes
Transducer : Dynamic

The Grind are the best Skullcandy headphones for mixed-usage that we've reviewed so far. They're a lot more comfortable than the Hesh 2.0, they sound better and have a more durable design. They're not as compact as some of the other on-ears we've tested but their sturdy build quality as few moving parts and should last longer than most. They're also relatively affordable, although, they're not as cheap as the Hesh 2.0. 

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Skullcandy makes fashion-forward headphones. They have a pretty big selection of headphones for casual listening, sports, and gaming but they do not have a dedicated lineup for more critical listeners. Unfortunately, they're not the ideal brand for the most neutral and well-balanced sound as they favor a bass-heavy sound profile. They're also not as sturdy or as durable as some other headphones in their price range, but on the upside, their models are relatively cheap and affordable.

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