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The 5 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50 - Summer 2022 Reviews

Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50

Many people prefer the compact, portable design of earbuds, but there are few things more frustrating than pulling a tangled mess out of your pockets when you're running out the door. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds solve this issue but can be expensive. Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank to get something decent. There are plenty of solid options under $50, even for those who care about sound quality or like having lots of customization options.

We’ve tested over 275 earbuds and in-ear headphones, and below are our recommendations for the best wireless earbuds under $50. Also, check out our picks for the best wireless earbuds, the best earbuds under $50, and the best sounding wireless earbuds.

  1. Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50

    The best wireless earbuds under $50 that we've tested are the Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless. These earbuds stand out for their long total battery life of nearly 100 hours. They last for roughly seven hours off a single charge, but their case holds about 12.5 additional charges, so you can always top them up during a long trip. They're also sturdy, stable, and rated IPX5 for water resistance, so you can use them at the gym. They lack ANC and aren't the best for blocking out noises like rumbling bus engines, but they have good passive noise isolation and can help cut down on noise like background chatter at work.

    They have a well-balanced, bass-rich sound profile that adds extra thump, punch, and boom to your audio, making them well-suited for genres like EDM and hip-hop. However, they don't have app support and lack sound customization features. If you want options for tweaking your headphones' sound profile, you may prefer the JLab Audio GO Air POP True Wireless, which are significantly cheaper and offer a few EQ presets. However, their design doesn't block out as much ambient sound, and they have a much shorter total battery life, since their case only holds three extra charges.

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  2. Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds Under $50

    The TOZO NC7 Truly Wireless are the best noise cancelling wireless earbuds under $50 that we've tested. These headphones have an active noise cancelling (ANC) system that does a great job of isolating you from background noise. They can block out the low rumble of plane engines when you're traveling and cut out distracting chatter at work.

    While they lack sound customization features, they have an excited sound profile that adds extra thump and rumble while keeping instruments and vocals bright, so it's versatile enough for a variety of genres. They last for roughly eight hours of continuous use, which is nice for longer trips, and their carrying case supplies an extra two charges. Unfortunately, their mic struggles to separate your voice from ambient sound, so it may be hard to hear you if you take a call in a noisy setting.

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  3. Most Customizable Wireless Earbuds Under $50

    The most customizable wireless earbuds under $50 that we've tested are the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Truly Wireless. These in-ears are compatible with the Anker Soundcore app, which allows you to remap controls and adjust their sound using an 8-band graphic EQ and presets. The app also offers Anker's HearID feature, which creates a personalized EQ based on your ears.

    Out of the box, they have an excited sound profile that delivers extra bass while vocals and lead instruments are bright. They provide about six hours of continuous playback time, and their case holds just three additional charges. Unfortunately, they lack a power-saving feature to help conserve battery life when you're not using them.

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  4. Best Wireless Earbuds For Neutral Sound Under $50

    The Sony WI-C310 Wireless are the best wireless earbuds for neutral sound for under $50 that we've tested. While they aren't as well-built as other options on this list, they have a very neutral sound profile with a bit of extra punch and warmth in the bass range. They're decently comfortable, with a flexible neck cable that lets you wear them around your neck when you're not listening to audio.

    There's an inline remote for calls, music, and volume control. They last for about 17 hours off a single charge, so they can easily get you through a 9-5 workday and commute without recharging. While they don't have ANC and don't isolate against noises like rumbling engines, they're good at blocking out ambient sounds like background chatter.

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  5. Best Wireless Earbuds For Sports Under $50

    If you're looking for affordable earbuds for sports, look at the SoundPeats TrueFree 2 Wireless. These earbuds come with a selection of differently-sized stability fins, and once you get a good fit, they should easily stay in place during intense workouts. They're rated IPX7 for resistance against being immersed in water, so you shouldn't need to worry about a bit of rain during a run outside.

    Their bass-rich sound profile adds extra thump and boom to your audio to keep you pumped up. However, some may find their sound overly boomy, and they don't have an app or any sound customization features. They also last for less than four hours off a single charge, which is a bit limiting, but on the plus side, their case holds four extra charges, and they have a standby mode to help save power.

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Notable Mentions

  • Skullcandy Dime True Wireless : The Skullcandy Dime True Wireless are well-built in-ears with a stable fit and slightly bass-rich sound profile. However, their continuous battery life of under four hours is disappointing. See our review
  • JLab Audio JBuds Air Truly Wireless : The JLab Audio JBuds Air are well-built earbuds with a slightly excited, bass-heavy sound profile but have mediocre controls and short battery life. See our review
  • TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless: The TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless are well-built and have a great active noise cancelling (ANC) system. However, their continuous battery life of over four hours won't be enough to get you through a long shift at the office without pausing to recharge them. See our review
  • TOZO T6 Truly Wireless: The TOZO T6 are fairly well-rounded, truly wireless earbuds with great noise isolation, but they have a sub-par battery performance. See our review
  • EarFun Free Truly Wireless: The EarFun Free are decent, truly wireless earbuds with a fairly well-balanced, though slightly bass-heavy, sound profile. However, they don't isolate much noise. See our review
  • Anker SoundCore Life P2 Truly Wireless: The Anker SoundCore Life P2 are versatile, well-built in-ears. However, they don't have sound customization features and have disappointing controls. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. May 30, 2022: Added the SoundPeats TrueFree 2 Wireless as the 'Best Wireless Earbuds For Sports Under $50'.

  2. Mar 31, 2022: Verified that picks represent the best recommendations in their categories and that the products are in stock.

  3. Feb 02, 2022: Verified that picks represent the best recommendations in their categories and that the products are in stock.

  4. Dec 02, 2021: Replaced the JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless with the WI-C310 Wireless. Also replaced the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless with the TOZO NC7 Truly Wireless and the Skullcandy Dime True Wireless with the JLab GO Air POP True Wireless. Added the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Truly Wireless as 'Most Customizable Wireless Earbuds Under $50'.

  5. Oct 05, 2021: We've checked our picks for product availability and accuracy. There hasn't been a change in our recommendations.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best Bluetooth earbuds under $50 for most people to buy. We factor in the price (cheaper headphones win over pricier ones if the difference isn't worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no headphones that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you would like to choose for yourself, here is the list of all our reviews for wireless earbuds under $50. Be careful not to get caught up in the details. There are no perfect headphones. Personal taste, preference, and listening habits will matter more in your selection.

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