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The Best Samsung Headphones of 2020

Best Samsung Headphones

We've currently reviewed 7 Samsung headphones. They're a huge brand that also makes stylish and feature-packed headphones for casual everyday use. While they used to have a larger lineup with more to choose from, the best Samsung headphones are now their truly wireless earbuds.


Best Samsung Headphones

  1. Best Samsung Earbuds

    Mixed Usage
    Neutral Sound
    Wireless Gaming
    Wired Gaming
    Phone Calls
    Type In-ear
    Enclosure Closed-Back
    Wireless Truly Wireless
    Noise Cancelling No
    Mic Yes
    Transducer Dynamic

    The best Samsung earbuds we've tested so far are the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. They're the upgraded version of the highly popular Samsung Galaxy Buds Truly Wireless, and they provide solid value for the price. They're comfortable, stylish, super portable, and perform quite well overall. They have a remarkably well-balanced, neutral sound profile that lends itself well to a very wide range of music genres. Some people find them a bit bass-light, but you can use the EQ presets in their companion app to add a bit of bass if needed. They last over 13 hours on a single charge, which is very good, especially for truly wireless earbuds, and their case supports Wireless Qi charging.

    While their build quality is good, it isn't quite on par with similarly-designed models from other brands. Their touch-sensitive controls also aren't the easiest to use and don't let you change the volume by default. If you're an Android user and would rather save a couple of bucks, you'll want to consider the older generation Samsung Galaxy Buds. Their battery doesn't last quite as long, but at over 7 hours of playback on a charge, it's still pretty decent. They're otherwise very similar to the Buds+; however, their companion app doesn't work on iOS, so you can't customize their controls or sound profile on an iPhone.

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Compared to other brands

  • Lots of active features. Samsung makes headphones with lots of active features like Bluetooth support, active noise cancelling, power-saving modes, and customization options that can be accessed via different companion apps.
  • Decently well-balanced, customizable sound. Samsung's headphones reproduce audio fairly accurately and you can usually customize their sound profile a bit with one of their companion apps.
  • Stylish designs. Samsung has a lot of sleek-looking headphones that are comfortable to wear. Their designs often include features like touch-sensitive control schemes to reduce the number of visible buttons, and they have bright colors that pop.
  • Plasticky build quality. Although headphones from Samsung look good, they tend to have slightly flimsy build quality. They feel less durable than similarly-designed headphones in their price range.
  • Poor variety. Samsung doesn't have a lot of variety in their models. They often release Pro or Plus versions of their original lineup with more features, but they don't have a lot of headphone types for different listeners.
  • Limited OS compatibility. While all their headphones should work with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, their companion apps aren't all universal. Some only work on Android, while others only provide benefit with Samsung devices.

Samsung makes sleek-looking headphones that tend to sound quite well-balanced. For the price, their headphones have lots of active features for added versatility. However, since acquiring Harman in 2017, most of their audio products are now branded by AKG. While they still make truly wireless earbuds under the Samsung name, there are fewer models to choose from.


Samsung is a big brand that makes stylish, versatile audio products. While there isn't much to choose from when looking for the best Samsung earbuds, their truly wireless models perform quite well overall. They're not only stylish, but they sound well-balanced and have good battery performance. Unfortunately, they're not built as sturdily as similar models from other brands, and their companion app could offer even more customization options.

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