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The 3 Best Astro Headsets of 2023 Reviews

Best Astro Headphones

We've tested seven Astro headsets. While this brand doesn't make many different products, they ensure their products are well-built, comfortable, and sound well-balanced. These headphones are gaming-oriented and are very popular in the console world. When choosing your headset, be careful to pick the right variant for your preferred platform, as most of their products are available for Xbox One, PS4, or PC. Unfortunately, as they have a good reputation as a household name, their products can be very expensive for some. Their pads also don't block out much ambient noise, so they're better suited for a quiet gaming environment.


Best Astro Headphones

  1. Best Wireless Astro Headset

    The best Astro headset we've tested with a wireless design is the Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019. These comfortable headphones come with a wireless dock that provides a very low latency connection and doubles as a charging station. Their boom mic has an impressive overall performance, so your voice sounds clear and natural, even if you're gaming in a noisy place. Out of the box, their sound profile is well-balanced, with a bit of extra boom in the bass range that can help bring out sound effects in action-packed games. They also work with the Astro Command Center software, which offers a graphic EQ for sound customization and a few other features, like different noise gate settings for the mic.

    Unfortunately, they don't support Βluetooth, which is a little disappointing if you want to stream music from your phone and hear your game audio at the same time. Also, like most gaming headsets, they don't isolate you from ambient sound, meaning you may be distracted by traffic outside your window or people chatting nearby. They also leak quite a bit of sound, which isn't ideal if you game in a shared space. Otherwise, they're a solid choice if you're looking for a wireless gaming headset.

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  2. Best Wired Astro Headset

    If you don't want to worry about battery life, the Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2019 is the best Astro headset with a wired design that we've tested. These comfortable headphones are similar to the Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019, but they have an open-back design, and you can only use them with a wired connection. They have a well-balanced sound profile, with a bit of extra boom that will emphasize sound effects in action games, and a great, spacious soundstage to help immerse you in your audio. The MixAmp offers helpful controls, like the ability to select different EQ presets and adjust the levels of audio that you hear. Their detachable boom mic has great recording quality, so you won't have any issues being understood by your teammates.

    Because of their open-back design, they leak lots of audio and don't block any background noise, meaning they're better suited for use in a quiet environment. They're bulky, like many over-ear gaming headphones, but you can use them without the MixAmp if you wish, making them a little more portable. Overall, if you game at home and don't want to worry about battery life, they're a great option.

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  3. Best Budget Astro Headset

    The Astro A10 is the best Astro headset in the budget range that we've tested. These headphones are wired, so you can connect to most consoles via analog and don't need to worry about latency. Their boom mic has a great overall performance, so your voice sounds clear and understandable when you're gaming with friends, even with some noise in the background. Even though they aren't as well-built as the more expensive headsets listed here, they feel sturdy and have a flexible design as well as a detachable cable that you can replace if damaged.

    Their sound profile adds some extra body and boom to mixes, which can help make action-packed games seem more immersive. However, it's somewhat uneven otherwise, so instruments and vocals are missing some presence and detail. Unfortunately, they aren't compatible with the Astro Command Center software and lack sound customization features. They're also not as comfortable as some other Astro headsets. The newest generation of these headphones, the Astro A10 Gen 2, have a looser, more comfortable fit. Their sound profile is more neutral, but they cost more and have a worse mic performance.

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Compared to other brands

  • Well-built designs. Astro usually makes solid and durable products, especially their high-end headsets. Even their budget options have a good build quality with sturdy materials.
  • Comfortable. The padding on most Astro headphones is very comfortable and fairly breathable. They use fabric-like suede, which feels nice on the skin and is comfortable to wear during very long gaming sessions.
  • Great microphone performance. Astro headphones have very good microphone performance, and people you play with won't have any trouble understanding you. Their recording quality is great, and your voice sounds full-bodied and clear.
  • Expensive. Due to their high notoriety in the gaming industry, their headphones are pricey; you can find better-performing products at a lower price, especially when looking at cheaper Astro headsets. On the upside, you still get a good product if you go with Astro.
  • Bulky, gamer-centric designs. Since Astro makes gaming over-ear headsets with boom microphones, they aren't the most versatile as they aren't for day-to-day use. They can be hard to bring on the go with you during your commute, for example.

Overall, Astro headsets are sturdy and reliable. They perform well, and most people will be more than satisfied with their microphone quality. The cups are also very comfortable, and you won't feel discomfort when playing games for a few hours. However, their products might be a bit more expensive than the competition due to their great reputation.

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Astro is a gaming-oriented company that makes a lot of quality products, and their headsets are no exception. They have a good reputation across the community thanks to their comfortable design and great-sounding microphone, and they sound well-balanced. Their higher-end products are often noticeably better than their entry-level headsets, which are often too expensive compared to competing brands. Nevertheless, Astro makes great gaming headphones, and you'll find something that suits your needs if you're dead set on that specific brand.

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