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The 4 Best Logitech Headsets of 2022 Reviews

Best Logitech Headphones

We've tested 17 pairs of Logitech headphones. They make a fairly wide range of gaming headsets, though even their more premium models are budget-friendly. They're known for making comfortable headsets that offer good microphone performance, customization options, and well-balanced sound profiles. Unfortunately, most Logitech headsets are bulky with very gamer-centric designs that may not be the best choice for day-to-day use.


Best Logitech Headphones

  1. Best Logitech Headset

    The best Logitech wireless headset that we've tested is the Logitech G PRO X WIRELESS LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset. These comfortable over-ears have low wireless latency, ensuring that your audio and visuals stay in sync. They have over 23 hours of continuous playback time to make it through long gaming marathons without a recharge.

    Their well-balanced sound ensures that dialogue and instruments sound clear and bright out of the box, but you can adjust them to your liking using their software's graphic EQ and presets. If you tend to play with others, their boom mic does a great job recording your voice, ensuring you sound clear, even in moderately noisy environments. Some users have reported that the hinges on their units broke over time, which is a little disappointing given their price point.

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  2. Best Wired Logitech Headset

    The Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset is the best Logitech gaming headset with a wired connection that we've tested. These very comfortable headphones use a 1/8" TRRS connection, offering full audio and mic compatibility. You can also connect them to PCs and PlayStation consoles using a wired USB connection. Their detachable boom mic offers a good recording quality, making them well-suited for shot-calling in multi-player games.

    Out of the box, their warm sound profile adds boom to your mixes, which can help emphasize sound effects in gameplay. Their mid-range is fairly flat and well-balanced, so dialogue and instruments are clear and present. While their bass and treble delivery can vary depending on fit, seal, and positioning, their companion software luckily offers a graphic EQ and presets so that you can adjust their sound to suit your tastes.

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  3. Most Versatile Logitech Headset

    The best Logitech headphones for versatility that we've tested is the Logitech G433 Gaming Headset. These wired over-ears have a more casual look than most other Logitech headphones. You can remove their boom mic for a less gamer-centric look, and they come with a detachable audio cable that has an in-line microphone so that you can take calls on the go. They also have a comfortable design that's well-padded and lightweight.

    Their fairly well-balanced sound profile is also suitable for most kinds of audio genres. If you prefer a different sound, they're compatible with Logitech's G HUB software, which offers a graphic EQ plus presets to help you customize them. Keep in mind that they're designed with gaming in mind, so they don't block out much ambient ambient noise. They also leak audio at high volumes, which can annoy others around you.

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  4. Best Budget Logitech Headset

    The Logitech G432 Gaming Headset is the best budget-friendly Logitech headset that we've tested. Although these wallet-friendly headphones have very limited controls, they're fairly customizable thanks to their compatibility with Logitech's G Hub software. You can adjust their punchy default sound to suit your tastes using their software's graphic EQ and presets as well as control the mic's sidetone levels and volume.

    Their boom mic offers a good overall performance out of the box, so your teammates should have no problems hearing you clearly. They also have a comfortable fit that should keep you from feeling fatigued over time. However, their affordable price point is reflected in their build quality as they feel plasticky and not very sturdy.

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Compared to other brands

  • Comfortable. Every Logitech headset that we've tested is quite comfortable, with good padding and large, spacious ear cups. Even their cheapest headsets have the same good comfort as their more expensive options.
  • Customizable. Every pair of Logitech headphones we've tested are fully compatible with the great Logitech G HUB software; it's available for both Windows and macOS. Even their cheapest headsets have access to a graphic EQ and presets, which is great.
  • Good microphone performance. Logitech headsets generally have very good microphone performance, especially on their wired models.
  • Bulky, gamer-centric designs. Most Logitech headsets tend to have fairly large and bulky designs that may not be ideal for day-to-day use.
  • No Xbox Wireless compatibility. Unfortunately, Logitech doesn't make Xbox variants of their wireless headsets, so you can only use them wirelessly with a PC or PlayStation console. If you want to use them on an Xbox console, you have to use them wired.

Overall, Logitech makes very good comfortable gaming headsets that are customizable and generally have well-performing microphones. They make a good mix of wired or wireless offerings, and they range from budget to more premium headphones. They generally offer better overall value than some premium options from companies like SteelSeries or Astro. If you don't mind their bulkier look, Logitech headsets generally represent good value and have good price-to-performance ratios.

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Logitech makes good gaming headsets overall that tend to be comfortable, customizable, and have good microphone performance. While they have a fairly wide range from cheaper to more premium models, their headphones are affordable compared to premium options from brands like SteelSeries or Astro. Unfortunately, their wireless headsets only work with PlayStation consoles or PC, and you'll need to wire them into your controller if you want to use them with an Xbox console.

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