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The 3 Best SteelSeries Mice of 2022 Mouse Reviews

Best SteelSeries Mice

SteelSeries is a Danish company specializing in gaming peripherals and is one of the most recognizable names in the world of esports and professional gaming. Their mice typically stand out for their great build quality, good comfort, and exceptional performance. They're highly customizable and have superb companion software for Windows and macOS. We've tested 21 SteelSeries mice, and below are our recommendations for getting the right SteelSeries mouse for your needs.


Best SteelSeries Mice

  1. Best Wireless SteelSeries Mouse

    The best SteelSeries gaming mouse we've tested that uses a wireless connection is the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless 2022, an updated version of the popular SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless, which first launched in 2020. This new model looks nearly identical and has the same symmetrical shape, but it has much larger and higher-quality mouse feet. At 68g, this mouse is very lightweight and is the exact weight of several other popular ultra-lightweight options on the market. Impressively, it also feels sturdier compared to the original, despite maintaining the same weight. Its CPI range is very wide, and you can adjust the set CPI by increments of 100. It also has a very low minimum lift-off distance, so you don't have to worry about the sensor registering unwanted movements when you reposition your mouse. It also has robust software that lets you remap all the buttons, set macros, customize sensor settings, and adjust the RGB lighting zones.

    Unfortunately, its sensor is quite inconsistent, and it undershoots the set sensitivity more during faster cursor movements. Also, the rear side button travels deeply into the body when you press it, which feels less responsive than buttons with shorter travel that reset more quickly. Despite those minor shortcomings, this update makes some welcome changes to an already well-established favorite, and it's an easy recommendation for anyone interested in a standout wireless gaming option. If you're more interested in a wireless gaming mouse with a right-handed shape, check out the SteelSeries Prime Wireless, one of three mice in SteelSeries's newest Prime lineup, which also includes the SteelSeries Prime+ and the SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless

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  2. Best Versatile SteelSeries Mouse

    If you need your mouse to handle different situations, including gaming, productivity tasks, and day-to-day browsing, the best SteelSeries mouse for your needs is the SteelSeries Rival 5. It's somewhat lightweight, especially compared to some heavier, multi-genre options in its class. It has a comfortable, right-handed shape, feels very sturdy, and is well suited for all grip types. However, it isn't a good fit if you have smaller hands. It has five buttons on its left side, including a toggle switch with up and down inputs and a sniper button that allows you to shift to a different CPI sensitivity setting. This button can be helpful when you're trying to line up precise shots in FPS games or when trying to make pixel-perfect changes in editing software. You can also use the SteelSeries GG software to remap this or any other button to suit your needs. The software allows you to set macros, change RGB lighting settings, and dial in the sensor settings to your preferences.

    Unfortunately, while you can save settings to onboard memory, there's only room for one profile, and it only saves certain settings. Also, while its cable feels high quality, it's somewhat stiff compared to similar mice on the market. This is a great wired gaming mouse that's versatile and performant enough for Battle Royales, MMOs, MOBAs, and FPS games, but also the best SteelSeries mouse adaptable enough for productivity tasks and everyday use.

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  3. Best Budget SteelSeries Mouse

    The best budget-oriented model in the SteelSeries catalog that we've tested is the SteelSeries Rival 3. It feels very sturdy and impressively built for the price while also being very comfortable and lightweight. It's suitable for nearly all hand sizes using a claw or fingertip grip, but it's slightly too small if you have larger hands and prefer using a palm grip. It has excellent performance with almost no CPI variation, low click latency, and a low minimum lift-off distance. Also, the customization software allows you to reprogram buttons, customize the RGB lighting, and adjust sensor settings. The software is also fully compatible with both Windows and macOS. If you prefer a wireless mouse, the SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless is a nearly identical wireless version of this mouse with some slight performance differences.

    It has a total of six buttons, including two buttons on the left side. Unfortunately, these side buttons start flush with the body and raise slightly in the middle, making them slightly more difficult to press than the side buttons on similar gaming mice, depending on how far forward you rest your thumb using your preferred grip type. All the buttons are programmable, and there's onboard memory to save your settings if you want to switch to another computer without the software installed. Overall, this is a great entry-level option that's sure to satisfy that gaming itch, and it's the best SteelSeries gaming mouse we've tested if you're on a budget.

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Compared to other brands

  • Great and consistent build quality. The build quality of SteelSeries mice is usually great, even in the budget range.
  • Exceptional performance. All SteelSeries mice use optical sensors and have a wide CPI range and high polling rate.
  • Comfortable to use. SteelSeries mice are usually well-designed to provide a comfortable grip.
  • Superb software support/platform compatibility. The SteelSeries GG software has tons of customization options and is available on Windows and macOS.
  • Higher CPI variation. While there are exceptions, the CPI variation on most SteelSeries mice tends to be higher, so their sensors are less consistent.

SteelSeries produces some of the best gaming mice on the market for casual and competitive gamers. They're typically very well-built and comfortable to use. Although they all have wide CPI ranges and high polling rates, they tend to have higher CPI errors than other major brands, which means that the mouse doesn't always perform at the CPI sensitivity setting that you set it at. They also have some of the best software support and platform compatibility, allowing you to access all customization options no matter which operating system you use.

Recent Updates

  1. Apr 08, 2022: We've confirmed all recommendations remain relevant and available for purchase and refreshed the text for accuracy and clarity. We've also removed the Notable Mentions section to bring this article in line with our other Brand Recommendation pages.

  2. Dec 10, 2021: We've swapped the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless as our best pick for the Best Wireless SteelSeries Mouse in favor of the newly updated model, the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless (2022.) We've also added the SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless to our Notable Mentions list.

  3. Aug 12, 2021: We removed the SteelSeries Rival 500, as it's no longer available. We've also removed the 'Best SteelSeries Mouse For MMO' category and replaced it with a 'Best Versatile SteelSeries Mouse' category, with the SteelSeries Rival 5 as our pick.

  4. Apr 15, 2021: Replaced the SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless with the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless because it has better sensor performance.


SteelSeries makes many gaming mice for different kinds of gamers, but they generally have great build quality and exceptional performance, with models available at a range of price points. Unfortunately, they haven't yet branched out into mice specifically designed for work and productivity tasks, and they don't have as many wireless options as other companies like Logitech and Razer.

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