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The Best Wired Mouse - Spring 2023 Mice Reviews

Best Wired Mouse

Wireless connection technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Now, most office mice have gone wireless, and more gaming mice are cutting the cable every day. This article includes a mix of both straightforward office mice and more gaming-focused models. If you're looking for the best wired gaming mouse, they're increasingly designed to be versatile enough for everyday browsing and work tasks, and we've kept this in mind when choosing our picks. When shopping for a wired model, you'll want to make sure you find one that's comfortable for your hand size and how you prefer to hold your mouse. It's also a good idea to pay close attention to the quality of the cable, as it will have a big impact on the overall experience of using your wired mouse.

We've tested over 285 mice, of which over 150 are wired. Below are our top picks. If you're looking for more comfort-oriented recommendations, check out our picks for the best ergonomic mice, or if you're looking for a wireless design, take a look at our choices for the best wireless mice and the best wireless mice for gaming.

  1. Best Wired Mouse

    The best wired mouse we've tested is the Razer Basilisk V3, a versatile pick that combines comfort, high-end gaming performance, and productivity features. It has an ergonomic right-handed shape, comfortable enough for long gaming sessions or full work days. It also has plenty of programmable buttons that you can change along with other settings using the customization software. The scroll wheel has a precise notched scrolling mode and a faster free-scrolling mode you can activate by flicking the wheel quickly. This free-scrolling mode is a helpful feature for quickly scanning websites or long documents and is a feature more commonly found on premium work mice.

    It has exceptionally low click latency, and its sensor performs as well or better than most mice in this price range. Its left- and right-click buttons also use optical switches, which are typically more reliable and long-lasting than standard mechanical switches. With all these features, this mouse is fairly heavy compared to most gaming options, so it isn't ideal if you only play fast-paced titles like FPS games which require quick movements.

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  2. Best Mid-Range Wired Mouse

    If you're looking for a no-nonsense mid-range mouse that feels well-built and can handle workloads and even casual gaming, we recommend the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse. This mouse is a modern update inspired by Microsoft's classic IntelliMouse 3.0 from 1996. Its design emphasizes comfort and features an ergonomic right-handed shape and textured rubber sides for added grip. It's fairly large, which makes it well-suited for medium, large, and even extra-large-sized hands, though it isn't a good fit for small hands using any grip type.

    The braided cable is decently flexible, and its feet glide well on mousepads and desks. There are two well-placed side buttons on the left, and while the scroll wheel lacks the tilt inputs and free-scrolling features found on our first pick, the Razer Basilisk V3, it feels precise and has well-defined steps. Unfortunately, both the scroll wheel and click buttons are loud, especially compared to higher-end work mice, which increasingly feature muted clicks. The sensor on this mouse has also had a serious upgrade over the original, and it provides a respectable performance for casual gaming in most genres. That said, while its click latency is good, it's still higher than most of its click latency most dedicated gaming options, so we don't recommend this mouse for playing FPS or other competitive, fast-paced games.

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  3. Best Budget Wired Mouse

    If you're on a budget, we recommend checking out the Logitech G502 HERO. This versatile model is extremely similar to our top pick, the Razer Basilisk V3. It shares a nearly identical shape and delivers almost equal gaming performance. The scroll wheel also has tilt functions and notched or free-scrolling modes, and there are two additional buttons on the outside edge of the left-click button, which the Razer lacks.

    That said, it does have some shortcomings. Its cable isn't very flexible, its feet don't glide nearly as smoothly, and the left- and right-click buttons use mechanical switches, which don't typically last as long as the optical switches used by the Razer. This mouse is also much heavier than the other recommendations on this list. You may appreciate the added heft, but using this mouse all day for work may tire out your hand and wrist muscles, and we don't recommend this mouse for reaction-based games because it's hard to move quickly and accurately. Despite these shortcomings, this is a great option that offers many of the core advantages of our top pick but at a reduced price.

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  4. Best Cheap Wired Mouse

    If you're looking for something cheaper and simpler, we recommend the Logitech M100. It's very inexpensive but doesn't feel flimsy; however, the plastic doesn't feel very high-quality. There are two primary click buttons and a simple scroll wheel. Unfortunately, it has a stiff rubber cable and tiny mouse feet that don't glide as smoothly as other picks on this list. This mouse isn't cut out for gaming in any genre, but its sensor performance is more than adequate for the everyday browsing and productivity tasks it's designed for.

    Besides that, it's fairly small. Its shape is well-suited for using a palm grip if you have small or medium-sized hands. A fingertip grip works great for larger hands, but it may not be very comfortable if you want to use this mouse for a full eight-hour work shift. When shopping for this mouse, you might also see the similar-looking Logitech B100, which is the same as the M100 but comes in black instead of gray and has different packaging aimed at a business clientele. If you want to purchase a large number of mice and want something even cheaper, check out the AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse. While the build quality is worse than the Logitech, and its sensor doesn't perform as well, its lower price tag can be helpful if you're buying in bulk to equip an entire office.

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Notable Mentions

  • Razer Viper Mini: The Razer Viper Mini is a standout alternative to the Logitech G502 HERO if you're interested in a much lighter option that's better suited for FPS and other fast-paced games. It has a symmetrical shape, making it suitable for right or left-handed users. However, it's more expensive, and its small size isn't as suitable for larger hands. See our review
  • Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC: The Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC is a gaming mouse with a symmetrical shape that's available in a range of colors to match your setup. It's a great alternative to the Logitech M100 if you're looking for an option with significantly better gaming performance, better build quality, and RGB lighting. However, it is more expensive than the M100. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. Apr 14, 2023: We've gone through this article and confirmed the pricing and availability of all our picks. We've also made some minor adjustments to the text for clarity, but we haven't made any changes to our lineup of recommendations as all our picks remain the best option for each category.

  2. Feb 13, 2023: We've removed the Viper Mini as our recommendation for the 'Best Budget Wired Mouse' as it's recently gone up in price. We've placed the Viper Mini in our Notable Mentions section instead. Our new recommendation at a budget price point is the Logitech G502 HERO.

  3. Dec 15, 2022: We've audited our recommendations and haven't made any changes to our picks. However, we've added a special mention of the Logitech G502 HERO in our 'Best Wired Mouse' category.

  4. Oct 17, 2022: We've reviewed this article and added a small mention of the AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse in the 'Best Cheap Wired Mouse' category. Otherwise, we've decided not to make any changes to our current recommendations as each pick remains the best choice for their respective categories.

  5. Aug 02, 2022: We've overhauled the category names and our picks for this article to better represent the current market and to provide more insight for readers.

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If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our reviews of mice. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no mouse is perfect for every use, most mice are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.