Test bench 1.0

The following changes were made between July 2015, and March 2017. They are kept for reference, however the test bench was not versioned at this time and changes were made irregularly throughout this period. For more information, see here.



  • Added test for temperature of TV
  • Added score for 'Build Quality' of TV

Picture Quality

  • Added 'Real Scene Peak Brightness' test
  • Added different window sizes and sustained brightness to 'Peak Brightness' test
  • Added test for HDR peak brightness
  • Added test for 'Contrast with local dimming' and 'Black uniformity with local dimming'
  • Added 5% gray uniformity test to showcase vignetting and dark scene uniformity issues
  • Changed 'Viewing Angle' test to measure color shift, brightness change and black level change at an angle
  • Changed 'Color Gamut' test to show intermediate saturation points for tone mapping
  • Added test for 'Color Volume'
  • Added test for 'Image Retention'


  • Added test for backlight flicker and black frame insertion


  • Added 4k and HDR tests to 'Input Lag'


  • Changed 'Frequency Response' and 'Total Harmonic Distortion' to be performed at 70dB, 80dB and Max dB SPL

Smart Features

  • Added test for Ads in smart TVs

Usage ratings

  • Complete overhaul of the scoring system. The score now also includes local dimming, judder, PC gaming components and sound. The spread is also increased; now >7.5 is great and >6.0 is average.


  • For the 0.9 test bench: the gray uniformity, bright room and overall scores have been adjusted. They are now somewhat comparable to the 1.0 test bench reviews.
  • The test results are now completely separated from the ratings, and you can create your own. See full details here.


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