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To try to better understand how long a TV should last, we're running 100 TVs through an accelerated longevity test for the next two years. We've just posted our 1-year video update with our latest findings on temporary image retention, burn-in, and more!

Test Bench 1.0


The following changes were made between July 2015 and March 2017. They are kept for reference; however, the test bench was not versioned at this time and changes were made irregularly throughout this period. For more information, see here.

See next 1.1 changelog



  • Added test for temperature of TV
  • Added score for 'Build Quality' of TV

Picture Quality

  • Added 'Real Scene Peak Brightness' test
  • Added different window sizes and sustained brightness to 'Peak Brightness' test
  • Added test for HDR peak brightness
  • Added test for 'Contrast with local dimming' and 'Black uniformity with local dimming'
  • Added 5% gray uniformity test to showcase vignetting and dark scene uniformity issues
  • Changed 'Viewing Angle' test to measure color shift, brightness change and black level change at an angle
  • Changed 'Color Gamut' test to show intermediate saturation points for tone mapping
  • Added test for 'Color Volume'
  • Added test for 'Image Retention'


  • Added test for backlight flicker and black frame insertion


  • Added 4k and HDR tests to 'Input Lag'


  • Changed 'Frequency Response' and 'Total Harmonic Distortion' to be performed at 70dB, 80dB, and Max dB SPL

Smart Features

  • Added test for Ads in smart TVs

Usage ratings

  • Complete overhaul of the scoring system. The score now also includes local dimming, judder, PC gaming components, and sound. The spread is also increased; now >7.5 is great and >6.0 is average.


  • For the 0.9 test bench: the gray uniformity, bright room, and overall scores have been adjusted. They're now somewhat comparable to the 1.0 test bench reviews.
  • The test results are now completely separated from the ratings, and you can create your own. See full details here.