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Help us decide which monitor we will buy next. Vote for a monitor from the list below or suggest a new one. Votes expire after 3 months and only votes of active users are counted. You can only vote for one monitor at a time (5 for insiders), so make it count!

We buy and test the model with the most votes every 40 days. In addition, we also buy models further down the list if we expect them to be popular in the future.

We encourage you to share this page to get your favorite product tested. However, we reserve the right to reject products if we suspect that vote manipulation has occurred.

Vote manipulation was detected and the following products have been temporarily rejected as a result:
HP X24c

On October 13th, the monitor Eve Spectrum ES07D03 won the poll (1930 votes), beating the Samsung C24RG50 (939 votes). We have systems in place to monitor for any suspicious voting patterns, so we were already monitoring the situation. Some of you also reached out to us through email, reddit, and even on discord to point it out, which we greatly appreciate. We've concluded our investigation, and found that vote manipulation has occurred on both monitors. Some people had created multiple fake accounts to boost the results of these monitors. Paid insider accounts were even created by what looks like someone at Eve to vote on the Eve Spectrum ES07D03.

Our goal with these polls is to buy and test products that the community is interested in. We are ok with encouraging other people to vote (telling friends, discord, reddit, etc). However, vote manipulation is against the intention of our polls.

Therefore, we decided to:

  • Reject both monitors for vote manipulation
  • The winner is the 3rd most voted product: Samsung Odyssey G3 S24AG30
  • Cancel and refund all insider accounts created and used to vote on either the Eve ES07D3 or the Samsung C24RG50 in the last 72 hours
  • Update the text on our poll pages to explicitly add the sentence: "We encourage you to share this page to get your favorite product tested. However, we reserve the right to reject products if we suspect that vote manipulation has occurred."
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Suggest a monitor, if it gets to the top we will review it! However, we cannot review every single model released in the world.

Suggestions not matching the following will be rejected:

  1. USA Models
  2. One variant per model (one size for TVs or one color for headphones)
  3. Models currently in production and not soon to be discontinued
  4. Mainstream models, no exotic releases (monitors exceeding $2,500 USD)

If the model is not sold at Best Buy or Amazon, send us an email at and we will add it to the list if it matches all our criteria mentioned above.