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Samsung H6350 Calibration Settings

First off, we set the input type to PC to reduce the input lag to a minimum. This disables most of the processing options, which is why they appear grayed out in the rest of the pictures.

Samsung H6350 Calibration Settings 5

Like most Samsung TVs, the brightness and contrast are good by default. We reduced the backlight setting though, to hit our 100 cd/m2 target for white levels. If you have a few lights in your room, you might want to adjust it higher. A sharpness of 50 means no filter is applied (no blurriness and no edge enhancement).

Samsung H6350 Calibration Settings 1

Most options are disabled in PC mode, leaving the picture more natural and less processed.

Samsung H6350 Calibration Settings 2

This is the result of our two point grayscale calibration. This varies per panel.

Samsung H6350 Calibration Settings 3

Warm1 was the closest to our 6500K target white color. For our motion interpolation picture, we had to set the input type back to normal to be able to control the Auto Motion Plus settings. Film mode is the name of the 24p settings.

Samsung H6350 Calibration Settings 4



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