Samsung J5000 LED TV Calibration Settings

The Samsung J5000 LED TV is really easy to calibrate because the number of settings is very limited. Here are the picture settings we used for our review of that TV. You can use this for everything, even gaming because the input lag doesn't change between modes.

Samsung J5000 Calibration Settings 1

If you find our settings too dark for your taste, increase 'Backlight' to the maximum.

Samsung J5000 Calibration Settings 2

Our calibration standard is often more red/yellow than what people are used to. So if you find the picture too warm, change 'Color Tone' to something you prefer.

You might want to turn on 'Digital Clean View' when watching low quality content like DVDs or SD channels. It will help a little bit to reduce the picture noise on the screen.

Samsung J5000 Calibration Settings 4

If you don't want the luminosity of the screen to change depending on your room lighting, turn off the ECO settings.

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Questions & Answers

How do I get more red in the color on my tv?
Unfortunately, colors can't be adjusted individually on the J5000. The Movie picture mode would give you an overall more reddish look. To saturate some more the colors, you can increase the 'Color' value in the picture menu. Avoid using 'Tint' since this will shift the other colors too.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.