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Samsung J5200 LED TV Calibration Settings

These are the picture settings that we used in our calibration of the Samsung J5200 for our review. These should work for watching movies, TV shows, and sports. For gaming though, turn on 'Game Mode' under 'System' - 'General', and then copy the rest of our settings.

Samsung J5200 Calibration Settings 1

The 'Movie' picture mode does most of the job at calibration this television. Only a few more tweaks are needed. Play with 'Backlight' to change the luminosity of the screen.

Samsung J5200 Calibration Settings 4

If you find our settings too pink/yellow, change 'Color Tone' to something that you prefer.

Samsung J5200 Calibration Settings 2

Leave 'Dynamic Contrast' disabled.

Samsung J5200 Calibration Settings 3

The white balance settings above vary per unit. Try our values on ours, but if you don't like the result, simply reset them to 0.



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