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Samsung JS7000 SUHD LED TV Calibration Settings

These are the settings from our calibration of the Samsung JS7000 SUHD TV, which we also used for our review. These will create an accurate picture for movies, sports, and TV shows. For gaming, you should turn on 'Game Mode' under 'System' - 'General' to reduce the input lag.

Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 1

Selecting 'Movie' as the picture mode does 95% of the job.

Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 2

If you want the soap opera effect, turn on 'Auto Motion Plus'. 'Digital Clean View' is useful for compressed media, like DVDs.

Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 3

We calibrated for the Rec.709 color standard, which is why we use the 'Custom' colorspace. Leave it to 'Auto' if you don't plan on copying our colorspace results. 'Native' increases the color gamut, but it produces over-saturated colors on most videos.

Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 4 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 5 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 6 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 7 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 8 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 9 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 10 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 11 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 12 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 13 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 14 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 15 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 16 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 17 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 18 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 19 Samsung JS7000 Calibration Settings 20
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Questions & Answers

Hi. I'm trying to figure out the 10 point calibration. I'm unsure if I'm supposed to do all of them, or choose a percentage.
You have to do them all because they are all active at the same time.
I was ready to return this TV until I found this site on calibration values. After inputing the values the picture is amazing. Thank you for your valuable information.
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.
These settings changed this from blah to awesome, but still reds a little too red many times, any suggestion to tone down the red and keep rest?
Just lower the 'Red' setting under Color Space -> Custom -> Red.
I recently purchased the JS7000 55" series and returned it due to flashlighting on dark scenes. The new one also has it. Does anyone else have this? Is it the settings?
Yes, we had the same issue with our TV. That's a typical issue with IPS TVs like the 55" JS7000, so there's not much you can do. It's unlikely you could exchange for a unit that is significantly better.
Hi. We just purchased the Samsung JS7000. We are following your calibration settings and are unsure about the last setting, the 10 point setting. You are showing 10 different settings for the 10 point. Which one is most accurate, or is it preference? We would like your opinion on which one you think looks best?
Each represents a different white balance value, from 10% to 100%. You need to enter them all to get correctly calibrated picture. Note that the settings we listed are only guaranteed to work with our TV, and might not look right on yours.
Does the change of Color Tone affect the colors after the calibration? I prefer a cooler look. Thanks!
It does. We don't recommend using our white balance settings anyway, so use whichever color tone you like and leave the white balance set to default.
What do you do with UHD color? Do you only use it when you watch 4K or HDR video?
UHD will let you get chroma 4:4:4 for sharper text while using the TV as a PC monitor. You won't see a difference for 4k or HDR video.
I'm in Movie mode and I have made all of the calibrations. I increased sharpness to 68 because I like a vivid picture. I must say my TV looks great. But what I am not finding is the settings for 2 point and 10 point.
It is under 'Picture' - 'Advance Settings' and 'White Balance'.
While using a PS4, what would be the best calibration? Should i use UHD, gaming settings, or the calibration you recommend? The PS4 now supports HDR so was looking on getting the best out of it, Mahalo mi buddah
Unfortunately we don't have the JS7000 anymore, but for HDR gaming you want to enable 'Game Mode' and set the 'Backlight' to max. Also disable all picture options such as 'Digital Clean View' and 'MPEG Noise Filter'. Adjust the color temperature to your preference.
I am using these settings and love the color! However, I prefer a brighter image. Could you recommend which settings to adjust?
Simply increase 'Backlight' as much as you like. It won't mess up the colors.
How was the Brightness setting of 45 determined? Though it does weaken the black level further, I found that it took a Brightness setting of 55 or above to avoid severely crushed blacks.
Does the TV's HDMI range match that of the source device? Set both to 'Limited' or 'Full.' If the TV is set to 'Limited' and that of the source is 'Full,' you would get crushed blacks.
As for our choosing a setting of '45,' it was the correct setting for the test pattern we use to adjust the brightness on TVs, which you can download here.
Would these settings still provide a better picture on a 60", since the panels are different?
They should work fine. They're not very different from the settings we recommend for the JU7100 and the JS8500, so we expect good results.
I just wanted to say thank you for the suggestions and guidance. While I routinely "tweak" new TVs, I have never gone into "advanced" because, to me, it is a very large and very dark cave. I also thank(ed) the person who referenced this site in their review, where I found it.
Your feedback is really appreciated! We are glad to have been of some help.
I am trying to adjust the 10 point but it is saying that that function is not available. Do I need to be somewhere specific to adjust it?
You need to be in the 'Movie' picture mode to enable the 10 point settings.
How do you even get to the 2 point menu?
In movie mode, it is under 'Advanced Settings' - 'White Balance'.
With all the setting changes, will RESET put all the settings back to the original out of the box settings as a baseline? Just purchased the 60" JS7000 and assume there is no difference in the recommended settings you have provided that may be unique. Thanks for the work you have put into this site.
Yes, reset should put all the default values.
I cannot find the 2 point and 10 point. Above says "It is under 'Picture' - 'Advance Settings' and 'Color Space'", but I don't see it. Is there more details I'm missing?
Sorry, this is an error. The good path is 'Picture' - 'Advance Settings' and 'White Balance'. We have corrected the previous answer. Thank you for pointing that out.
I just bought this TV at a great price on deal from Best Buy, and after inputting your calibration settings the picture is stunning. I'm having a little bit of trouble with the sound. The speech is low, but then when an action scene comes on, it scares the hell out of me, because it comes on so loud, wondering if it's a defect with the TV or there's an option I can change. But thanks for the color fixtures. It really defines the TV and makes the 4K picture come to life.
Try out the different sound modes in the sound settings and see if there's an option that you prefer. One of those might strike a better balance for you. You might also want to try 'Auto Volume' to level out the sound, or adjusting the 'Dialog Clarity' setting.
Just curious. With average use, what's the lifespan I can expect to get from my Samsung JS7000 LED TV and still have good picture quality? Thanks.
Most likely a minimum of five years, and probably even longer. For the most part, people end up wanting to upgrade to a new TV before their old LED model has expired.
Do you think the JS7000 is better at 60Hz native, full array LED, or the JS8500 with 120Hz native and Edge-lit LED?
The kind of backlight will matter more if used with some extra TV features like local dimming. Since the JS7000 doesn't have local dimming, its full array backlight isn't much of an advantage over the JS8500. Between the two TVs, the JS8500 have a better picture quality. 120Hz will allow judder-free 24p and the use of the soap opera effect. Definitely a factor to consider but still only a fraction of the overall picture quality.
Is the JS7000 a good TV overall?
It depends. The 55" we reviewed is one of the best TVs you can get that has a wide viewing angle, but this comes with weaker contrast. The other sizes have stronger contrast, but narrower viewing angles - they're likely similar to the JU6500, but with the ability to display more colors.
If you're looking at the 50" or the 60", you might as well get the JU6500 instead. We don't think the wider range of colors is worth it for most people.
The movie mode is terrible with all the settings you recommend. I prefer much better the natural mode.
The look we calibrate for isn't right for everyone's taste, and switching to natural is a good way to get something different. Thanks for the feedback!
I tried your calibration settings and the TV seems to be very dull. I think I prefer the dynamic settings vs. your version. Am I doing something wrong?
Not at all. We calibrate for a natural picture, but that's not right for everyone. We recommend trying our settings for a few days to see if you adjust, but if you don't, there's nothing wrong with switching to the dynamic settings.
I've used your calibration setting and think the picture looks great. However, when viewing movies or TV shows with night or dark scenes, the blacks are too deep. It makes it hard to see anything but a black screen. Is there a way to adjust this in order for there to more clarity or to have the blacks be less deep?
First, try increasing the backlight setting. Next, did you copy our color/white balance settings? If so, set those back to defaults and see if that helps.
Lastly, if neither of those steps works, try adjusting the 'Gamma' setting so that the picture looks more to your liking.
I'm very confused on the 10 Point. After entering the values on the first screen, how do I get to the next 10 Point screen?
Just select 'Interval' from that screen and you will be able to increment the number.
I had a question about the JS7000 Samsung. Just bought it and I am happy with it. Its Achilles Heel is contrast and black uniformity for sure when the screen is loading during a video game or just dark in a movie. What do you suggest as far as mitigating that as much as possible when in a dark room? Keep the backlight around 5 or so? Anything else? Thanks!
There is no real fix, but yes, lowering the backlight as much as possible will help a little bit, but at the cost of a darker picture.
Thank you for the help. Why do you not recommend using the white balance?
Because the values needed to achieve the same results varies between TVs even for the same model & size. They are unique to each TV. You can always try the settings but it won't necessarily give you a better picture. In any case, you can always reset the values later.
Was wondering if you had any suggestions when using sports mode? Thanks!
We don't recommend using sports mode, as it makes the picture less accurate overall. Our recommended settings will work better for sports.
How do I get back to factory settings?
Go under Menu - Support - Self diagnosis - Reset.
My 60" JS7000 is being delivered soon and I was wondering, since the calibration was done using the Reg. 709 standard do you have a calibration for the Reg. 2020 and if so is the multiple presets on the TV to easily toggle between the two when watching 4K HDR and Reg 709 content? Thanks a lot for this great information!
Unfortunately no, we only calibrate to the Reg. 709 because tvs do not cover enough to calibrate for 2020. The colors will always be far from the target, with that said either change 'Color Space' to 'Auto' or 'Native' in the picture settings. Also make sure the the 'HDMI UHD Color' is turned on.
I have purchased this TV on Nov 2015 Thanksgiving offer @ $999. This is a good TV after changing the settings as mentioned in this post. Thank you for posting the settings. I am facing the issue in 5.1 sound output in my home theater. If i watch the surround videos in youtube through ARC HDMI cable I am receiving sound only in the front speakers and if I switch to bluetooth i am receiving sounds in all speakers. Is there any setting that needs to be tweaked for receiving the sounds in all speakers if I connect to ARC HDMI cable? Please post your thoughts.
YouTube only supports stereo sound. Your bluetooth speakers are converting the 2 channel sound up to 5.1, but this is not true surround sound. If you would like this for your home theater then look for an option such as 'Dolby Pro Logic II'. Other apps such as Netflix support true 5.1 sound (look for a TV show/movie with the 5.1 label).
We got the Samsung JS7000 SUHD during Black Friday after seeing how amazing it looked at Best Buy. I used the calibration settings plus tried a majority of the 10 point suggesting but I feel as if the quality barely improved, we also have the newest Direct Tv box set that supposedly gives us 4K content. Any suggestions on how I can get my picture quality to be nearly as good as we saw back at the store?
All our 2 point and 10 point values must be entered at the same time to work. If you have done that and the picture quality isn't any better, make sure to reset the values to default. In stores, TVs are displayed on a more vivid look with motion interpolation (Auto Motion Plus) turned on most of the time. To get closer to this look, use a colder picture mode like standard and activate 'Auto Motion Plus'. You will immediately see the difference from our calibrated settings that gives a more yellowish picture. Your Direct TV Box will enable you to stream or rent 4k content but won't allow you to watch regular broadcast in 4k. 720p or 1080i is the maximum you can get for regular cable TV.
Hi, I bought a JS700DF from Costco and followed your calibration for Movies. When I switch my picture mode to Dynamic and watch the Golf Channel the grass looks neon green. Any suggestions, please? John
If you only want to correct green on the 'Dynamic' picture mode, go under 'Picture' - 'Color Space' and select 'Custom'. Then select the green color and lower the 'Green' slide a little. You could also just move the 'Color' slider from the picture menu and that will desaturate all colors at the same time. For sports, some like the default 'Standard' picture mode too if you want to try that.
Have you ever tried to do a more vivid calibration? I appreciate the time and knowledge you bring to your decisions but I think our viewing tastes are a bit different. I like bright, vivid and lifelike. And video games.
The idea of a calibration is to remove extra processing and make the reproduced picture as close a match to what the source intends as possible; everything is based off of a target reference picture. For that reason, we can't really calibrate any other way, because there would be no way to know when you are 'finished.'
For the look you want, you should just make adjustments to the settings until you get something you like. Using a 'Vivid' picture mode and increasing 'Sharpness' and 'Color' would be good first steps.
Hello, I am trying to see if it is worth upgrading my 48" Sony W600B (purchased at 500$) to Samsung 55" JS7000 (available now on sale for 670$). If my primary requirement is Movies /TV shows with lower resolution (720p/1080p) content, do you think it is worth upgrading in terms of the extra money and quality? Best, Ram
If you strictly watch 720p/1080p content then it wouldn't be but if you plan on watching 4k in the the future then yes it would be worth it.
Today from BestBuy I purchased the JS7000. The motion refresh rate is 120. Would this change your recommended calibration settings or even your review to bring this tv more in-line with JS7100? Thanks
The Samsung Motion Refresh Rate is a marketing term, which for the 4k TVs corresponds to a real refresh rate of 60Hz. You can see a comparison of the rates here. The TV reviewed also has a refresh rate of 60Hz, and so you can use the same calibration settings.
Under picture options, you recommend setting Film Mode to off. However, my tv is set to Auto2 and when I click on it to change it, I'm notified with "this function isn't available". Any suggestions?
Film mode is only able to be changed when an input source has certain resolutions and frame rates, such as 480i or 1080i. If you have an input connected and turned on, and it does not allow you to change the option then you do not need to.
My HDMI Black Level is enabled. What setting should it be on? And what does it do?

Usually it is best to leave it at 'Auto', but you can test it for yourself. If you change it, it is easy to see which setting is wrong. If the setting is wrong, the blacks are going to look more gray than a really deep black.

To know more on this specific subject, look for 'FULL/LIMITED RGB' under the 'Other common settings' from this page.

We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.