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Help us decide which TV we will buy next. Vote for a TV from the list below or suggest a new one. Votes expire after 3 months. You can only vote for one TV at a time (5 for contributors), so make it count!

We periodically buy and test the one on top of the list. In addition, we also buy models further down the list if we expect them to be popular in the future.

We've now tested all the main 2018 models. We've cleaned the list of suggestions to give us time to improve our test methodology in preparation for the new 2019 models.
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Suggest a TV, if it gets to the top we will review it! However, we cannot review every single model released in the world.

Suggestions not matching the following will be rejected:

  1. USA Models
  2. One variant per model (one size for TVs or one color for headphones)
  3. Models currently in production and not soon to be discontinued.
  4. Sold through major retailers like Amazon or Best Buy.
  5. Mainstream models, no exotic or limited releases.



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