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LG LB5900 Calibration Settings

We used the Expert1 picture mode for our calibration of the LG LB5900 LED TV. The brightness setting was off by a few points. If you want to change the luminosity of the screen, set the Backlight setting to your preference.

LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 1 LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 2

In Picture Option, we disabled everything. You will, however, want both noise reduction features if you plan on watching low-quality content like cable.

LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 3

In Expert Controls, we also turned off Dynamic Contrast because it is a software only feature that automatically modifies and accentuates contrast of the picture, resulting in crushing blacks details. Edge Enhancer is a good option to enable for cable TV shows.

LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 4

We calibrated the grayscale using two points. It was a bit far by default, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 5 LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 6



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