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LG LB5900 LED TV Calibration Settings

We used the Expert1 picture mode for our calibration of the LG LB5900 LED TV. The brightness setting was off by a few points. If you want to change the luminosity of the screen, set the Backlight setting to your preference.

LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 1 LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 2

In Picture Option, we disabled everything. You will, however, want both noise reduction features if you plan on watching low-quality content like cable.

LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 3

In Expert Controls, we also turned off Dynamic Contrast because it is a software only feature that automatically modifies and accentuates contrast of the picture, resulting in crushing blacks details. Edge Enhancer is a good option to enable for cable TV shows.

LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 4

We calibrated the grayscale using two points. It was a bit far by default, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 5 LG LB5900 Calibration Settings 6
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Questions & Answers

Is this TV 60Hz or 120Hz? All the literature says 120, but your site lists it as 60, and it looks like mine is only displaying at 60Hz.
Our unit was definitely 60Hz, because it had no TruMotion feature in the menus.
The last two images on the calibration page for the lb5900 are identical. Was the last image supposed to show the remaining settings under color management?
Thanks for letting us know, it has been fixed. The last picture is the low grayscale calibration. We don't calibrate the color gamut this year.
Are you 100 percent sure that all models have an IPS panel? I have the 60" version and would like to confirm.
It is easy to confirm for yourself. Look closely at the pixels. If they are shaped like arrows (>>>>>), it is IPS. Rectangles are VA. Check out the pictures that we took of the pixels of various models to give you an idea of what to look for.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.