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LG UF7700 LED TV Calibration Settings

Here are the configuration settings that we used for our calibration of the LG UF7700 LED TV.

LG UF7700 Calibration Settings 1

'Expert1' picture mode has good defaults, overall. Also, set 'Aspect Ratio' to 'Just Scan' to prevent any overscan.

LG UF7700 Calibration Settings 2

If you find our picture settings too dark, increase 'Backlight' as much as you want. It doesn't affect the colors. LG UF7700 Calibration Settings 3

For DVDs, cable, and streaming, turn on 'Noise Reduction'. It helps remove the noise a little bit. If you want the soap opera effect, turn on TruMotion.

LG UF7700 Calibration Settings 4

As usual, we disable all processing settings that alter the original picture.

LG UF7700 Calibration Settings 5

A color temperature of 'Warm2' was the closest to D6500k. If you find it too yellow, change it to something colder.

LG UF7700 Calibration Settings 6
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Questions & Answers

Review for LG 49uf6700 and calibration?
We don't plan to review this TV unfortunately but we take note of your request. Thank you.
Perhaps I'm being dense but I can't tell if you're recommending the settings in the last screen for point, red, green, blue or the second to last screen?
Both screens are supposed to be active at the same time. One is for the high points, the other is for the low ones. Just keep in mind that we don't recommend copying those settings anyway, as they may not work properly on TVs other than the one we reviewed.
So the 70" doesn't have an IPS panel? Would that make this TV better or worse in certain review areas?
It will score higher in contrast and black uniformity, but worse for viewing angle.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.