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Samsung H5500 LED TV Calibration Settings

If you plan on playing video games, turn on game mode to reduce the input lag on the Samsung H5500. For other usage, leave it off and follow the rest of this guide.

Samsung H5500 Calibration Settings 1

We used Movie mode because it is the mode closest to the original picture. You can adjust the 'Backlight' based on your personal preference. Do not touch the brightness setting.

Samsung H5500 Calibration Settings 2

If you are watching cable, you will want to turn on 'MPEG Noise Filter', as well 'Digital Clean View'. This is not necessary for high quality movies.

Samsung H5500 Calibration Settings 3

In 'Advanced Settings', we strongly suggest turning off 'Dynamic Contrast'. It doesn't change the native contrast ratio of the panel; it is a software only filter.

Samsung H5500 Calibration Settings 4

This is our white balance calibration. You do not need to copy this, because it varies per unit.

Samsung H5500 Calibration Settings 5




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