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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Intro
  3. Design
    1. Design
    2. Stand
    3. Borders
    4. Thickness
  4. Picture Quality
    1. Contrast
    2. Black Uniformity
    3. Gray Uniformity
    4. Viewing Angle
    5. Average Room
    6. Bright Room
    7. 3D
    8. Pixels
  5. Motion
    1. Motion Blur
    2. Motion Interpolation
  6. Inputs
    1. Input Lag
    2. Side Inputs
    3. Rear Inputs
  7. Smart Features
    1. Smart TV
    2. Remote
  8. Conclusion
  9. Q&A
Reviewed on Nov 06, 2014

Samsung H5500

Usage Ratings - Version 0.9
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Test Benches: test

  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2015
  • 0.9: Winter 2014
  • 0.8: Winter 2013
Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
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This tv has been discontinued.
It was replaced by the Samsung J5500

The Samsung H5500 LED TV has a great design and good picture quality. However, it has significant motion blur, which isn't ideal for gaming.

Test Results
Picture Quality 7.1
Motion 6.5
Inputs 8.8
Smart Features 8.5
  • Good overall picture quality. The contrast ratio is good and the screen doesn't reflect a lot of light.
  • Great design. The borders are thin.

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Samsung H5500 Design

The H5500 has a beautiful design. The borders are very thin.

Samsung H5500 Stand

The stand does not swivel.

Samsung H5500 Borders

0.47" (1.2 cm)

Samsung H5500 Thickness

1.85" (4.7 cm)


Picture Quality

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Score components:
4k : No
9.0 Contrast
Samsung H5500 Contrast
Black : 0.026 cd/m2
White : 102.6 cd/m2
Contrast : 3946 : 1

The blacks are good in a dark room, very similar to most Samsung LED TVs.

9.0 Black Uniformity
Samsung H5500 Black Uniformity

The uniformity of black scenes is great. Our set had no clouding or flashlighting issue.

6.0 Gray Uniformity
Samsung H5500 Gray Uniformity

The gray uniformity could be better. There is no significant dirty screen effect, but the corners are darker than the center of the screen.

6.3 Viewing Angle
Viewing Angle : 23 °

The colors lose saturation at soon as you are off axis. Most people won't be bothered by this, but if you are always watching the TV at an angle, do not get this TV.

8.5 Average Room
Samsung H5500 Average Room
Reflection : 1.8 %
Surface Type : Semi-gloss

This TV does not reflect a lot of lights. A few lights turned on is not an issue.

7.3 Bright Room
Samsung H5500 Bright Room
Max white : 227.8 cd/m2

However, it doesn't get very bright. It is enough for one window, but you will need blinds if you have more than this.

0 3D
3D : No


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Score components:
6.5 Motion Blur
Samsung H5500 Motion Blur

Unfortunately, the Samsung H5500's biggest flaw is the motion blur. The length of the trail is significant on fast moving objects. This is only a problem for video games, not for movies or TV shows.

Motion Interpolation
Motion Interpolation : N/A


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Score components:
8.8 Input Lag
Samsung H5500 Input Lag
Input Lag : 32.5 ms

In game mode, the input lag of the H5500 is average-low. Out of game mode, the input lag is 49ms.

Side Inputs
Samsung H5500 Side Inputs

1 RF In

Rear Inputs
Samsung H5500 Rear Inputs

1 Component In
1 Composite In
1 Digital Audio Optical Out
1 Analog Audio Out
1 Ethernet


Smart Features

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Score components:
  • 100% Smart TV
8.5 Smart TV
Samsung H5500 Smart TV

Samsung has a great smart TV platform with a lot of apps. Check out our full review of Samsung's 2014 Smart TV platform.

Samsung H5500 Remote

It only comes with a basic remote, which is not the most helpful when browsing the web.


7.1Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
The picture quality on the Samsung H5500 is great for movies and TV shows. It also has a beautiful design and good smart features. However, if you plan on gaming, get the Samsung H6350 because it has less motion blur.
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Questions & Answers

Any idea if Samsung UN48H5500 is compatible with Samsung Smart TV Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard?
No, it doesn't have bluetooth.
Hi, I went with the H5500 LED and the picture looks amazing to me. I'm coming from a 2009 Samsung 32 in model. I got a TS01 panel at Best Buy the other day. The thing is I was wondering how to turn off Auto Motion Plus as this TV much like the F5500 only shows a LED Clear Motion on/off option and no Blur Reduction or Judder Reduction slide bars to slide to zero. Does this TV not have motion interpolation? Also isn't adding in these frames responsible for a lot of input lag. (I don't seem to have any input lag right now which is great for me... I'm in standard mode not even game or PC mode. Then again I was using standard mode on my 32 in previous Samsung and never noticed any lag either.)
It is a 60Hz TV so it doesn't have that feature, it is always off.
I'm starting to notice the CE dimming on this set when I play certain games. (Xbox1 and RYSE) I know you can counter this by messing with the brightness and white balance. I just don't know what to do with either of those. If my current brightness is at 55 and my r-g-b white balance are all at 0 then what should I do? I raised the brightness to 65 and the CE dimming seems to have gone away but now which way do I push the white balance sliding bar... its currently at 0 but can slide into negative numbers or increased to positive numbers. Which was should I go and by how much? Thanks. Should I mess with the gain? Some people say I should do that?
You need to reduce the Offset, not the gain. It is a 1 degree function (Output = Input * Gain + Offset). Increasing the brightness ups the low limit of the Output, so to compensate for this, you need a negative Offset.
I bought UN48H5500 TV mostly for gaming with my PS4. The level of a blur in games like FIFA 2014 is unacceptable especially during a long passes. Maybe for a 48 inch TV this is normal, before I had 32 inch. You said that Motion Interpolation is not suitable for games but the level of the blur is too high. I really don't know how the game looks like when the Motion Interpolation is on because this TV doesn't have this function. Could you tell me what is your experience with "MI" in games? Does the Input Lag is really so bad so the game stopped being playable? But does the level of the blur is so high when this option is ON ?
The input lag is very high when on, especially on Samsung TVs (between 90 and 120ms). Some people are willing to have this compromise for a reduced blur and increased fluidity, but if you play fast games, it is unacceptable. The lowest amount of motion blur while still maintaining a low input lag can be found on some Sony TVs (W800B and above), with its Impulse mode. It isn't without some drawbacks though (check out the Q&A section of our review of the Sony W950B for pictures of all the different motion modes, including motion interpolation).
Between the Samsung H5500 (60Hz) and the H6400 (120Hz), there are no differences of ghosting, right? In other words, the different refresh rate in the same condition and with a console gaming (ex. old-gen PS2 or a next-gen PS4, 30-60fps), this technical detail makes no difference?
The 40" H5500 that we tested defintely had more motion blur than our 55" H6400.
How do you pair a Samsung un32h5500 to a Samsung keyboard?
The UN32H5500 doesn't have bluetooth. Only a USB keyboard will work.
I wonder if there are any Samsung 32 inch model to have a glossy screen?
Not this year, the 32 inches are all semi-gloss.
I am deciding between the Samsung UN40H5500 and the Samsung UN40H6350 and would love some help making my decision. I will primarily be using the TV to watch sports and play my Xbox. One thing to note is that I cannot stand the Soap Opera Effect, and if I'm not mistaken, it can be turned off on the UN40H6350 and does not exist on the UN40H5500 due to the lower 60hz refresh rate. I'd imagine that the 120hz refresh rate of the UN40H6350 would be nice for sports and would edge out the UN40H5500 in that regard. However, it looks like the input lag in game mode is much better on the UN40H5500 than the UN40H6350. Is the difference significant enough to notice while playing Xbox? Also, it looks like the UN40H6350 sports about an $80 higher price tag, which, while not a complete difference maker, will have an impact on which I choose. All that being said, do you have any recommendations based on my gaming and sport-viewing? Thanks for the help!
The Soap Opera Effect feature can be turned off if you don't want it. The input lag difference is not really noticeable (assuming the UN40H6350 is set to game mode). The UN40H6350 has a lot less motion blur, so it is indeed better for sports and games. Therefore, get the UN40H6350 instead, especially that the price difference is not really big.
What are the differences between letters in the model numbers? E.g. 32H5500; 32EH5500; 32H5500AFZA; 32F5500, etc.
The letters at the beginning indicate the year in which the TV was originally released. 'E' = 2012, 'H' = 2014, and F' = 2013. 'AFZA' is just the American region code from the full model number. It's usually omitted, and its inclusion doesn't indicate any extra features.
I just bought the Costco version of the UN55J6200 which is the UN55J620D I believe. Is there a difference between the two? This 55 inch TV has either the TS01 or the US02 panels in them. Have you tested both the same TV with a side by side comparison of the UN55J620D---one TS01 and the other US02? I would be curious to know which is better and the difference between the two. I know that they are both Samsung panels but as you know the talk and chatter on forums, web sites etc... is the TS01 the better picture overall? Also, I think that the TS01 is a S-PVA panel but I am not sure about the US02? I just bought two UN55J620D and both have the US02 version so that is why I am concerned and would like to know before I open the boxes on either of these TVs. I am just tempted to go back to Costco and change them for TS01 version numbers but Costco is 2 hours from my house. Please let me know what you think. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for keeping the consumer in mind. Believe me, it really helps with so many choices and models out there. Thank you!
The Costco model is about the same as the J6200 but it might have some minor differences like the panel inside. Last year we had a U* version in the H6203 and a T* version in the H6350 and both panels were very similar. Both are made by Samsung so we wouldn't mind too much. If you really want a TS01, call Costco and they may be able to look at the boxes for you before you drive.
The corners of the screen on my Samsung UN32H5500 look a bit darker than the rest of the screen. Also when the screen is black, it does not look prefectly flat. Could this be a production fault and should I try to swap it for another unit, or is this normal and should I not worry?
No LED TV has a perfect uniformity. Check out our black uniformity and gray uniformity test results, you will see that none of them is perfect. Whether yours has a defect depends on the gravity of the issue.
I just got a un32h5500 from Best Buy with a US02 panel. That isn't listed in your list but it said anything with a t u or w is Samsung. So this would be a Samsung panel?
Yes it is Samsung. Thanks for letting us know. The table has been updated.
I just bought a Samsung UN32H5500A. Is there a wireless keyboard you recommend for this TV? The onscreen keyboard is a pain in the butt. Thanks!!!
You'll want any wireless USB keyboard, like this one.
For TV, Movies and the occasional exercise video, and perhaps uploading videos from a camcorder, which do you recommend? The UN32H5500 for $349.99, or the UN32EH5000 for $249.99 with a Fire Stick or Roku for $49 at Best Buy. There are only two HDMI inputs on the 5000 model. Why would I need more? This is my first flat screen TV. Thank you.
We did not review the EH5000, so we can't say for sure how good it is. Purely in terms of smart functions, though, a Fire Stick or Roku will outperform the built-in capabilities of the H5500.
More HDMI ports are useful if you have several devices to attach. Some people might have a combination of game consoles, computers, streaming devices, and a Blu-ray player, or other devices, all hooked up at once. You're probably fine with two, as many people are, and if you get to a point where you need more, you can purchase an HDMI switcher, which would let you connect multiple devices to a single port and switch between them as necessary.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.