Samsung H8000 Calibration Settings

As with every Samsung TV, we set the type of input to PC to reduce the input lag, and we also disabled all unwanted processing settings by default.

Samsung H8000 Calibration Settings 1

If you want to change the luminosity of the screen, change the backlight setting, not the brightness. You might also want to disable the Eco mode if you do not want the TV to change luminosity according to the light sensor.

Samsung H8000 Calibration Settings 2

Even outside of PC mode, we would have turned off all these options, because we prefer the original picture over a processed one.

Samsung H8000 Calibration Settings 4

The white balance was surprisingly good by default, so only a few changes were made.

Samsung H8000 Calibration Settings 5

The color of Warm2 was very close to our 6500k target color temperature. For those wondering what the other options do: Digital Clean View is an edge enhancer, MPEG Noise Filter removes compression noises (but if your source has a high bitrate like Blu-ray, this will soften the picture), HDMI Black Level remaps what the TV considers the black color, Film Mode is 24p playback support, Auto Motion Plus is the motion interpolation feature, and Cinema Black dimmed the backlight at the top and bottom of the frame to produce darker bars for movies (although we don't like that option because it also dims the edges of the picture).

Samsung H8000 Calibration Settings 6



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