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3 Best Keychron Keyboards - 15 Tested - Best of 2022

Best Keychron Keyboards

Keychron makes mechanical keyboards designed for productivity use. Their lineup consists of many different sizes, from compact 60% boards to full-size. There are wireless and wired options, and many of their keyboards are hot-swappable, so you can change out the stock switches without having to solder. Many of their keyboards have similar extra features such as a Windows and macOS compatibility switch.


Best Keychron Keyboards

  1. Best Wireless Keychron Keyboard

    The best Keychron keyboard we've tested that connects wirelessly is the Keychron K8. It's a great office keyboard available in a TenKeyLess (TKL) size, so it has all the same buttons as a full-size keyboard, but it lacks a Numpad. There's also a 96% model available, the Keychron K4, though it doesn't feel as well-built. As for the K8, you can get it in several configurations. The unit we purchased has RGB backlighting, an aluminum frame, and Gateron Brown switches. You can also get it with white backlighting, a plastic frame, and Gateron Red or Blue switches. There's also a hot-swappable version available with any Gateron or Keychron Optical stock switches.

    Unfortunately, it has high latency, so it's not ideal for gaming. Also, it has full RGB backlighting, but when set to pure white lighting, it looks blueish. The keycaps are also ABS plastic, meaning they're prone to showing the oil shine buildup from fingers, but they still provide a great typing experience. That said, the build quality on our unit is excellent because the aluminum frame feels solid, and the keys are stable. It connects to devices either with its USB-C cable or with up to three devices over Bluetooth, which is great. Altogether, this is the best overall Keychron keyboard with a wireless connection that we've tested.

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  2. Best Wired Keychron Keyboard

    The best Keychron keyboard with a wired connection that we've tested is the Keychron Q1. This compact keyboard has a 75% form factor that keeps the dedicated arrow keys, parts of the navigational cluster, and the function row. Additionally, the smaller size gives you more room on your desk for mouse movements or notebooks during the workday. Though this keyboard is wired-only, it comes with a unique, coiled, aviator cable that's USB-C to USB-C, so you can still connect it to mobile devices that have a USB-C port; however, it may drain your device's battery faster. Unlike many other Keychron models, this keyboard is compatible with VIA companion software, so you can remap keys and program macros.

    Impressively, this keyboard is hot-swappable, meaning you can swap out the stock switches for any of your choosing without having to solder. We purchased the version with Gateron Phantom Brown switches, which have a very light actuation force and a long pre-travel distance, which helps in reducing typos. This keyboard feels very well-built and sturdy, and the gasket-mounted design helps to keep the noise down. While it does have full RGB backlighting, the keycaps aren't shine-through, so you aren't able to see the legends in the dark. Also, its latency is much improved over other Keychron models, but it's still a bit too high for competitive gaming. Unfortunately, this keyboard has a high-profile, and it doesn't come with incline settings, so you might be more prone to wrist fatigue during use. 

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  3. Best Mobile Keychron Keyboard

    The best Keychron keyboard for mobile use we've tested is the Keychron K3. It's one of their low-profile keyboards, alongside the Keychron K1 and the slightly smaller compact 65% Keychron K7. Low-profile keyboards feel different than standard ones since they have a shorter pre-travel distance, meaning that actuation is quicker. If you don't like that, the Keychron K2 (Version 2) is similar, and there are even more compact options with regular switches like the Keychron K12 and Keychron K6. It's available with Low Profile Gateron Brown, Blue, or Red switches, and there's a hot-swappable version with Keychron Low Profile Optical switches instead. Like other Keychron keyboards, you can get it in either white or full RGB backlighting versions.

    Typing on our unit with Low Profile Gateron Brown switches feels good, but the keys slightly wobble. Also, the key spacing is a bit cramped, and the ABS keycaps are slippery. That said, wrist fatigue shouldn't be as much of a concern because of the low profile. It's excellent for on-the-go use because it's well-built, small, and has a multi-device pairing feature to connect with up to three devices. We tested the original version, but Keychron has released an updated version with adjustable feet. Besides select tests, like ergonomics, our review should be valid for the newer version. If you're looking for a mobile keyboard, this is the best mobile Keychron keyboard for your needs.

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Compared to other brands

  • Highly customizable keyboards. All of Keychron's models are similar, with the main difference being size. There are both wireless and wired options available. You can get them in many switch types, with white or RGB backlighting, and there are even low-profile keyboards.
  • Windows and macOS compatibility. Keychron has physical switches on their keyboards to change between the Windows and Mac/iOS modes, and they have keycaps for each operating system. Unlike other keyboards, all buttons should work on both macOS and Windows if you're using the proper mode.
  • No customization software. Unfortunately, Keychron doesn't have dedicated software, so you can't reprogram or set macros to any key without third-party software.
  • Higher latency than others. Keychron's keyboards are focused on productivity, so they don't emphasize gaming. Because of this, the latency is higher than most gaming keyboards. You shouldn't notice a delay while typing, but it's not recommended for competitive gaming.

Keychron vs Logitech

Logitech has a versatile lineup from entry-level mobile keyboards to high-end gaming options. While Keychron has a smaller lineup with office-oriented mechanical keyboards, Logitech mainly produces their office keyboards with non-mechanical switches, and those keyboards usually cost less. Logitech offers more customization through the Logitech Options or the G HUB programs, allowing you to set macros to some keys, which you can't do with Keychron boards.

Keychron vs Ducky

Like Keychron, Ducky also has a limited lineup, and most of their models share the same features, but the main differences are their sizes. Also, Ducky keyboards tend to have lower latency, and you can set macros to any key because they focus more on gaming than Keychron does. Ducky keyboards also typically feel better built and have better typing quality. The advantage Keychron has over Ducky is that they make wireless keyboards, which Ducky doesn't.

Keychron focuses their keyboards on office use for computers running Windows and macOS, and they play to their strengths. Although their keyboards aren't as versatile in gaming and programming as some other companies, they stick to making good mechanical keyboards for productivity and everyday use. Keychron keyboards are generally more customizable than many other brands in terms of their switches, backlighting, connection type, and the range of sizes they're available in.

Recent Updates

  1. Apr 22, 2022: Changed the pick for "Best Wired" from the Keychron C2 to the Keychron Q1, as the Q1 is a more versatile option.

  2. Dec 23, 2021: We verified that all our picks represent the best recommendations at this time and that all products are currently in stock.


Keychron makes a few different mechanical keyboards geared toward office use. Their models are available in different sizes, and they're highly customizable in terms of switch options, backlighting, connectivity, and even frames. Keychron even includes a switch to change between Windows and macOS support, and they usually include extra keycaps for macOS, so the keyboard fits nicely in your setup. Sadly, there's no dedicated software to reprogram the keys, and latency is likely too high for competitive gamers. However, those looking for mechanical keyboards for typing who don't want to game should be happy with a Keychron keyboard.

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