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The 4 Best Razer Keyboards of 2022 Reviews

Best Razer Keyboards

Though Razer's lineup consists mostly of gaming keyboards, they've begun to dabble recently with office-oriented models. They range from low-end models with rubber dome switches to premium models with proprietary optical switches that let you adjust the pre-travel distance. Regardless of what you spring for, you'll get a well-built unit with extremely low latency right out of the box. Since these keyboards all work with Razer's companion software, pairing a Razer keyboard with other Razer peripherals means you only need a single piece of software to customize your setup's lighting effects and other features.

Of the over 170 keyboards we've tested, 20 of them have been Razer models, and below are our picks for the best Razer keyboards.


Best Razer Keyboards

  1. Best Razer Keyboard

    If you want the best Razer keyboard, check out the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog. This high-end model is one of their most ambitious in terms of features, as it has proprietary Optical Analog switches, which allow you to adjust the pre-travel distance on a per-key basis so you can set your sensitivity where it feels right for you. Thanks to these specialized switches, you can also enable an "Analog Mode." In this mode, the more pressure you apply to your keypress, the more you move in-game, like a joystick on a gamepad controller. This feature is excellent for racing games, flight simulators, or for having finer movements in FPS games. And with its split millisecond latency, the in-game experience feels very fluid and responsive.

    Every key has a stabilizer underneath it, so there's no wobble whatsoever, which is great as this reduces the chance of accidentally nicking a nearby key and messing up your shot. Plus, the keycaps are double-shot PBT, meaning they won't get slick over time from the build-up of finger oil. Overall, it's an incredibly high-performing keyboard right out of the box, sure to satisfy gamers of any skill level.

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  2. Best Upper Mid-Range Razer Keyboard

    At its core, the Razer Pro Type Ultra is a gaming keyboard dressed up for an office job. The design has a nice, office-friendly aesthetic, similar to the silver and chrome style of Apple peripherals, with white-only instead of RGB backlighting. But, under the hood lies a gaming powerhouse offering exceptionally low latency that delivers a responsive in-game experience. This versatile unit also comes equipped with three different connection styles, so you can use it wired while it charges, with up to three devices using Bluetooth, or use the specialized USB receiver, which pairs with some other Razer office products. Razer advertises a battery life of over 200 hours when used wirelessly, so it's sure to last you the entire work week on a fresh charge.

    Overall, it feels incredibly comfortable and pleasant to type on since the linear Razer Yellow switches are super light to actuate and have little resistance. Plus, there's a cushioned wrist rest to support your wrists throughout your day. The keycaps feel great on your fingertips thanks to the soft-touch coating, and this coating adds a bit of extra grip, which is helpful if you're prone to sweaty hands.

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  3. Best Mid-Range Razer Keyboard

    While the Razer BlackWidow V3 may be one of Razer's older models, it's still one of the best Razer gaming keyboards in their lineup. This wired-only model offers exceptionally low latency that's perfect for competitive and reaction-based games where every second counts. And, thanks to its incredibly light switches, your keypresses feel very fluid. As a bonus, there's a volume knob and dedicated media keys along the top of the keyboard, so you can easily control your media directly from the keyboard. The RGB backlighting is great for enthusiasts as it's bright, and the colors are mixed very well. Plus, you can customize the backlighting on a per-key basis using Synapse 3 to display tons of cool lighting effects.

    Though its full size takes up a lot of space on a desk, it's still a solid choice for a permanent gaming setup. It also has a detachable wrist rest for extra support during those long gaming sessions. You also have the choice to get this keyboard with linear Yellow switches or clicky Green switches, which offer a loud, but satisfying click.

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  4. Best Budget Razer Keyboard

    If the premium options are a bit out of your price range, don't worry, there's always the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition. Since this is an older version of their flagship Huntsman lineup, it's available for much cheaper than it was at launch, making it the best Razer gaming keyboard you can find for its price point. It uses Razer's premium Optical switches instead of standard mechanical ones. These feel like a linear mechanical switch, but they use a beam of light to register inputs, meaning they feel much more responsive. They're also incredibly light to actuate, so you won't have to press too deeply on your keys to get your shots in.

    It comes in a gaming-friendly TenKeyLess size that gives you easy access to your WASD keys, dedicated arrow keys, and extra space on your desk for dynamic mouse movements. And, you get all the customization features that come standard with Synapse 3, like macro-programming and per-key RGB lighting effects.

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Compared to other brands

  • Tons of customization options. You can reprogram every key and set macros on most Razer keyboards. You can also set the RGB lighting on a per-key basis.
  • Well-built design. Razer builds most of their keyboards with hard plastic and a metal plate on top. Most models also come with comfortable wrist rests.
  • Available in a wide variety of switches. Razer produces different proprietary switches, meaning you can find a keyboard with your preferred option. They make standard mechanical switches, optical ones, or even hybrid switches, which are rubber dome switches meant to feel like mechanical switches.
  • Software not compatible on all systems. The Synapse 3 software isn't compatible with macOS. Some of their lower-end keyboards don't have onboard memory, so you can't customize it on Windows and use those same settings on a Mac.
  • Expensive for their quality. Razer keyboards are a bit pricey for their quality and aren't necessarily the best gaming keyboards. A brand like SteelSeries has more features on its models for about the same price.

Razer vs Corsair

Like Razer, Corsair also focuses its keyboards on gaming. Corsair's iCUE software is available on macOS, and some of their models have extra macro keys. Razer keyboards have better build quality and are available in smaller sizes with many switches.

Razer vs SteelSeries

Compared to Razer, SteelSeries has fewer options in their lineup, but they're fantastic gaming keyboards. SteelSeries keyboards have many customization options, including adjusting the pre-travel distance for individual keys on their highest-end model. However, Razer has more wireless and productivity options than SteelSeries.

Razer makes a good range of wired and wireless models designed mostly for gaming use. Their models are well-built and offer extremely low latency for a responsive in-game performance, but they often don't have as many extra hardware features to make it worth their premium price tag. As a plus, they make their own in-house switches, which are optimized for gaming, and most of their keyboards come with a variety of switch types, so you can find a configuration that suits your needs right out of the box.

Recent Updates

  1. Aug 19, 2022: Re-organized the picks to better align with user expectations; added the BlackWidow V3 as the 'Best Mid-Range' pick; updated the intro and Compared To text for accuracy.

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  5. Aug 11, 2021: Replaced the Razer BlackWidow Elite with the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro for 'Best Razer Keyboard For Gaming' and the Razer BlackWidow with the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 for 'Best Budget Razer Keyboard' due to reduced availability of the initial picks. Replaced the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 with the Razer Pro Type for the Best Razer Keyboard for Office.


Razer offers a wide range of excellent gaming keyboards, and they have some good options for office use. Their keyboards have excellent build quality and come in a wide range of switches, but they can get pricey. Depending on what you're looking for and the use you want it for, you can likely find the right Razer keyboard.

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