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The 7 Best Keyboards - Winter 2024 Reviews

Best Keyboards

A keyboard is a crucial tool in your computer setup, so it needs to be comfortable, satisfying to use, and, above all else, functional. With so many options available, how do you pick? We're here to help. We've tested over 215 keyboards, and below are our picks for the best computer keyboards to buy.

In addition to more straightforward options, the mechanical picks on this list are the most versatile and perform well for both general use and gaming. If you want to game, check out our picks for the best gaming keyboards. Likewise, if you already know you're looking for a mechanical keyboard, our best mechanical keyboards article can help you narrow down your choices even further. Or, if you're on a tight budget, you can look at the picks for the best cheap keyboards.

  1. Best Keyboard

    With over 215 keyboards tested, we consider the Logitech MX Keys S the best everyday-use keyboard for most people. While this keyboard may not have the same performance or customization options as some gaming or enthusiast keyboards, it delivers a perfect mix of build quality, ease of use, and excellent typing quality. If you're used to typing on a laptop keyboard, you'll feel right at home since it uses the same kind of scissor switches. Each key has small dish-shaped indents that keep your fingers centered, helping to reduce typos. With its excellent wireless versatility, you can connect it using its USB receiver or pair it with up to three devices via Bluetooth. It also has white backlighting that can increase or decrease in brightness according to the lighting conditions around you.

    The full-size layout gives you more space than traditional laptop keyboards and includes a numpad, which is handy if you input numbers. That said, if you have a more compact desk or need a portable option, Logitech also makes a smaller version called the Logitech MX Keys Mini. This more compact version doesn't include a wireless USB receiver, so it's best if your device has Bluetooth.

    See our review

  2. Best Mid-Range Keyboard

    At a mid-range price point, we recommend the Epomaker TH80 Pro. This compact wireless keyboard has plenty going for it, including impressive build quality and a choice between two attractive keycap themes to match your setup. You can also choose between different mechanical switch options to suit your preferences. If you're new to mechanical keyboards, either the Epomaker Flamingo or Epomaker Budergiegar switches are great typing-friendly choices, depending on whether you prefer a perfectly smooth keypress or one with a bit of tactile resistance.

    This keyboard is great for everyday browsing and casual gaming. Still, it doesn't have a Numpad like our top pick, the Logitech MX Keys S. This model also has a much taller profile, so use it with a wrist rest for the most comfortable ergonomic experience.

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  3. Best Budget Keyboard

    Instead of mechanical or scissor switches, the budget-friendly Logitech Signature K650 uses rubber dome switches that offer a quiet typing experience, making it one of the best for office use, dorm rooms, or other shared working spaces. Its build quality isn't as high as the above pick, the Epomaker TH80 Pro, but that's normal given its budget price point and all-plastic build. However, thanks to its solid plastic frame and rubber dome switches, it has no exposed moving parts, making it resistant to liquid spills and less likely to get damaged by food crumbs if you drink and eat in front of your computer.

    It also has great built-in ergonomic features, like a palm rest with a nice soft-touch covering and two incline feet to keep your wrists comfortable. Each key has a rounded edge on the top for better differentiation between keys, but they still have a flat, wide top for better typing accuracy. It's a wireless keyboard that connects with one device on Bluetooth, or you can use it with the included Logitech BOLT USB receiver, which also works with select Logitech mice, so you'll only need one receiver for two devices.

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  4. Best Cheap Keyboard

    The best cheap keyboard we've tested is the Logitech K380. When shopping for this keyboard online, you may also see listings for the Logitech Pebble 2 K380s, which is a newer, updated version. We haven't tested this newer model yet, but Logitech advertises it has a slightly longer battery life, and it adds additional connectivity support for Logitech's BOLT USB receiver used by some of its newer mice and keyboards. Ultimately, we recommend either model as they're very similar, but if you're not interested in the minor updates the new model brings, the original model is still a great bet as you can sometimes find it on sale for a bit cheaper. Speaking of which, the price of these keyboards tends to jump around a bit, but they're at their best value between $30–$40 USD.

    Altogether, the K380 punches well above its price point, making it a favorite among students and on-the-go professionals. Its size makes it easy to stow in backpacks and is great for tight working spaces. You can connect it with up to three devices at once, and two AAA batteries provide an advertised battery life of up to 36 months. This keyboard is also compatible with all major operating systems, though a few specialized function keys might not work depending on your system.

    If you need a Numpad and want a full-size option that won't break the bank, we recommend checking out the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard. Though it's not as easy to transport and doesn't feel as well built, it still offers a good user experience for its lower price point. Alternatively, if you don't mind giving up on wireless connectivity, we recommend the Dell KB216, a full-size, wired-only model that's typically even less expensive.

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  5. Best Keyboard For Mobile Devices

    If you rely on mobile devices, like iPads, tablets, or phones—we recommend the Logitech K480. It's a compact unit very similar in design to our best cheap pick above, the Logitech K380. The main difference is that this keyboard has a built-in tray to prop your devices up at a comfortable viewing angle while in use. It also offers compatibility with all major mobile operating systems, as well as Windows and macOS. You can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth with up to three devices simultaneously and quickly switch between connected devices using the small dial in the corner.

    This keyboard uses rubber dome switches, which provide good tactile feedback to help you avoid typos and missed keystrokes. They're also extremely quiet to use, so you won't bother anyone around you when working in libraries, classrooms, coffee shops, or co-working spaces. Like other options at this price point, there are a few downsides, including a lack of backlighting, which can be an issue if you often work in darker spaces. Additionally, it feels more flimsy than the higher-priced options on this list. Because of its compact, portable-focused design, the typing experience feels more cramped compared to most full-size options. That said, it's still a decent-feeling pick if you need a versatile portable keyboard for around the house, in the office, or when you're on the go.

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  6. Best Keyboard For Work And Play

    In addition to being a great keyboard for everyday or office use, the Logitech G715 has outstanding gaming performance that our top pick, the Logitech MX Keys S, lacks. The G715 has excellent features that provide a comfortable and satisfying overall experience, including a cozy, cloud-shaped wrist rest for added comfort. Along the top of the keyboard, there's a suite of lavender-colored media keys and a volume wheel to make skipping through playlists a breeze. You can also easily change your connection style, switching between a paired Bluetooth device or the USB receiver.

    As it's a wireless unit, you only need to worry about cables when charging the battery, which lasts anywhere from 25–30 hours with the backlighting brightness set to max. It'll last longer if you don't use the backlighting or dim it. On the note of the backlighting, this keyboard has a very cool "underglow" effect thanks to the LED strip around the frame. As an added plus, the TenKeyLess layout is great for freeing up extra room for your mouse, a coffee, or anything else you want within your arm's reach while you work or game.

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  7. Best Enthusiast Keyboard

    If you're an enthusiast hunting for a new keyboard, we recommend the Keychron Q6. While we've singled out the full-size Q6 here, Keychron's Q-series keyboards come in several sizes, from the typing and programming-friendly Keychron Q2 to the tiny Keychron Q4 or even the TenKeyLess Keychron Q3. Whichever size you get, each Q-series keyboard offers an unparalleled typing experience. The Q6 keyboard's frame is solid aluminum, which makes this whole keyboard very sturdy. Within this frame, the interior components of the keyboard rest between rubber gaskets. When you type, these gaskets add a bit of bounce and reduce the overall impact of bottoming out the keys. It also gives room for two layers of sound-dampening foam to reduce the ping and rattle of your keys while you type.

    While it has everything most people need right out of the box, it's also extremely easy to customize to suit your preferences better. Changing the keycaps or switches is as easy as popping them out and dropping in new ones. Each keyboard even comes with a small toolkit to fully deconstruct your keyboard for cleaning or modding. As a final note, if you like any of the Q-series boards but can't stand the clutter and restriction of a wired-only keyboard, check out the Keychron Q Pro Series, which has a range of size variants available that are extremely similar to the Q-series keyboards but with added Bluetooth connectivity.

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Notable Mentions

  • Logitech MX Mechanical: The Logitech MX Mechanical is essentially a mechanical version of the Logitech MX Keys S. While it's a good choice if you're already in a Logitech peripheral system, you can find much more satisfying mechanical keyboards cheaper, like the Epomaker TH80 Pro. See our review
  • SteelSeries Apex Pro: The SteelSeries Apex Pro is one of the most versatile keyboards currently on the market, thanks to its adjustable actuation feature. You can customize the actuation point on a per-key basis for a sensitive keypress while gaming or a longer keypress while typing. However, unlike the Logitech G715, it isn't wireless and may have too many bells and whistles for everyday use. See our review
  • Razer Huntsman Mini: The Razer Huntsman Mini is an outstanding budget alternative to the Logitech G715. It offers the same high-end gaming performance and is significantly cheaper, but unlike the Logitech, it isn't as versatile for everyday browsing or productivity. It's a wired-only model, its compact design doesn't feature arrow keys or a Navigation cluster, and it doesn't come with a wrist rest. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. Feb 22, 2024: We reviewed our recommendations and haven't changed our lineup of picks with this update, but we've added new text to our 'Best Cheap' category about the pricing of the Logitech K380 and the price range where we feel it's at its best value.

  2. Feb 01, 2024: We haven't changed our lineup of picks with this update, but we've added new information to our 'Best Cheap Keyboard' category with information on the Logitech Pebble 2 K380s, which is an updated model of our current pick, the Logitech K380.

  3. Jan 04, 2024: All our recommendations are currently in stock, and pricing is stable. We haven't changed any of our picks with this update.

  4. Dec 04, 2023: We’ve verified our current lineup for pricing, relevance, and availability and opted not to make any alterations with this update.

  5. Oct 18, 2023: We've audited this article and confirmed the availability and pricing of all picks, but we haven't made any alterations to our lineup with this update.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best computer keyboards for most people. We factor in the price, feedback from our visitors, and availability.

If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our keyboard reviews. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no keyboard is perfect for every use, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.