The 3 Best Logitech Keyboards of 2021 Reviews

Best Logitech Keyboards

Logitech keyboards are available for a wide variety of uses. They make keyboards with rubber dome and scissor switches designed for office and mobile use, but also have mechanical keyboards geared towards gaming. The type of Logitech keyboard you need all depends on what you're going to use it for.

We've tested over 20 Logitech Keyboards, and below are our recommendations for the best Logitech keyboards. See our recommendations for the best mechanical keyboards, the best keyboards for writers, and the best keyboards for programmers.


Best Logitech Keyboards

  1. Best Logitech Keyboard For The Office

    Connectivity Wireless
    Full-size (100%)

    The best Logitech keyboard for office use that we've tested is the Logitech MX Keys. It's a well-built wireless model that can pair with up to three devices at once via Bluetooth or its proprietary receiver, and switching between them is easy with the press of a button. It's compatible with many operating systems, although certain keys don't work on Linux or mobile devices. It has scissor switches that are fairly light to press and have a low travel distance, so typing shouldn't feel tiring. It has white backlighting with individually-lit keys, which is ideal if you work in a dark environment. There's an indentation on each keycap, making it easier to hit the key in its center and reducing the risk of typos.

    Unfortunately, while it has some customization options through the Logitech Options software, and you can only reprogram some function keys to a preset list of options. Also, it has limited ergonomics since there are no incline settings or wrist rest. If you prefer a split model, check out the Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Split Keyboard. Overall, this is a reliable option for any type of office use, making this the best Logitech keyboard for office use that we've tested.

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  2. Best Logitech Keyboard For Gaming

    Connectivity Wireless
    Full-size (100%)

    The best Logitech keyboard for gaming is the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED. This exceptional model is available in both full-size and TenKeyLess, and in tactile, linear, or clicky switches. Our full-size unit uses GL Tactile switches, which have a low actuation force and a low pre-travel distance, resulting in a light and responsive gaming experience. You can pair it with two devices at once via Bluetooth and its USB receiver, and you can easily switch between the two devices with the press of a button. Thanks to its exceptional wireless capabilities, it's compatible with iOS, iPadOS, and Android; however, some keys don't work on these operating systems. If you prefer a wired-only model, the Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB performs nearly identically.

    Unfortunately, the low pre-travel may cause unintended keystrokes to register, which may increase the number of typos. Also, it doesn't come with a wrist rest; however, since this is a low-profile model, it shouldn't need one. The keycaps are made of ABS plastic, which picks up oil easily and may develop shine over time. If you want a budget-friendly gaming option, the Logitech G413 is an excellent wired-only model, but its backlighting is red only and its ergonomics aren't as good. All in all, the G915 is an outstanding gaming keyboard, and it's the best Logitech gaming keyboard we've tested.

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  3. Best Logitech Keyboard For Mobile

    Connectivity Wireless
    Compact (65%)

    If you're looking for the best Logitech keyboard for mobile devices, check out the Logitech K380. This compact, low-profile model is fairly well-built and easily fits into any bag. It has media control hotkeys and dedicated arrow keys, and all of its keys feel stable despite a slight rattle in the battery compartment. It has a very low pre-travel distance, which makes the keys feel very responsive. The typing experience feels very similar to the Logitech K780, although that model may be a bit too large to carry around. The scissor switches provide a tactile bump that requires a bit of force to get over, but overall it feels light to type on. While it only supports a Bluetooth connection and doesn't come with a USB receiver, it can be paired to three devices at once, and it's compatible with most common operating systems, including Android and iOS.

    Unfortunately, there's no backlighting, which may not be ideal if you're using it at night or in a dark room. The compact design and close key spacing may cause more typos for some people. Also, none of its keys are macro-programmable, and the only keys you can program (F4–F7) require you to choose from a list of preset commands. If you want something with a built-in cradle to hold your mobile device, the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multidevice Keyboard is a good option, but it has worse typing quality. Overall, this is the best Logitech keyboard for mobile devices that we've tested, and it's among the best keyboards we've tested.

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Compared to other brands

  • Versatile lineup for office and gaming. Logitech produces a wide range of models for both productivity and gaming. Whatever your needs are, it's likely Logitech has the right keyboard.
  • Keyboards for mobile use. Logitech has released quite a few mobile-friendly options. Most of their office keyboards have wireless connectivity to mobile devices.
  • Programmable with macOS and Windows. The Logitech G HUB (gaming) and Logitech Options software offer tons of customization options for your keyboard. They're both compatible with macOS and Windows programs.
  • Lack of double-shot keycaps. The vast majority of Logitech keyboards aren't made with double-shot PBT keycaps, but rather ABS plastic. PBT keycaps tend to be more durable and last longer.

Logitech vs Corsair

Logitech has a wider range of options than Corsair, including office keyboards, as Corsair mainly focuses on gaming keyboards. Mechanical Logitech keyboards use proprietary switches, while Corsair uses Cherry MX switches, but choosing one switch over the other comes down to personal preference. Logitech's G HUB software offers a bit more customization options than Corsair's iCUE software, such as a cloud sync option, but overall, Corsair makes better-built keyboards.

Logitech vs Razer

On the whole, Logitech and Razer are very different in terms of what types of keyboards they make. Logitech has a wide range of keyboards, from gaming keyboards to iPad keyboards, and everything in between. Razer has a small lineup and focuses on gaming keyboards, but they've started to produce mechanical keyboards aimed at office use. Logitech's G HUB software is available on both macOS and Windows, while Razer's Synapse 3 doesn't work on macOS. However, Razer's keyboards feel better-built and are usually available in a wide variety of switches.

Overall, Logitech makes good keyboards for any type of use. Their office keyboards are available in ergonomic designs or are portable enough for mobile use on the go. In terms of gaming, Logitech makes mechanical keyboards that almost any type of gamer would be comfortable with. Although it may be overwhelming to look at the list of Logitech keyboards and try to find the one that suits you, they'll likely have the right keyboard for your needs.


Logitech offers a wide variety of keyboards for both office and gaming use. More than likely you're going to find the keyboard you need with Logitech, but it all depends on what you'll be using it for.

Check out our recommendations for the best gaming keyboards, the best RGB keyboards, and the best wireless keyboards.

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