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The 4 Best Logitech Keyboards of 2023 Reviews

Best Logitech Keyboards

We've tested over 200 keyboards, including more than 30 manufactured by Logitech. Logitech produces a wide range of keyboards for specific uses, from high-performance gaming options and efficient office models to portable boards designed for mobile use. Whether you opt for a top-of-the-line mechanical unit or a simple scissor switch model, Logitech produces high-quality options at different prices. Below is our list of the best general and best Logitech gaming keyboards we've tested.


Best Logitech Keyboards

  1. Best Logitech Keyboard

    The best Logitech keyboard we've tested is the Logitech G715. While this keyboard happens to be one of Logitech's higher-end gaming models, it's also a standout choice for work and everyday browsing. It also offers extra features, including dedicated media keys and a volume knob for easy audio control while gaming, watching content, or listening to music. It's a TenKeyLess model, so it doesn't take up as much space as a full-size unit, and it has a charming soft pastel color scheme that looks very different from the usual grey and black gaming options. Its standout design doesn't stop there. It comes with a very comfortable wrist rest shaped like a cloud, and you can purchase separate candy-colored keycaps and top plates if you want to add splashes of color to your setup.

    Under the hood, this keyboard uses mechanical switches in your choice of tactile, linear, or clicky varieties, providing a more premium-feeling typing experience than other options. It also has PBT keycaps that feel nice to type on and aren't prone to developing a shiny look like those on some cheaper models. It's also a wireless keyboard, so it won't clutter up your desk with cables, and you can connect it via Bluetooth or use its included USB receiver for split-second latency while gaming.

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  2. Best Mid-Range Logitech Keyboard

    At its price point, the Logitech MX Keys S is the best Logitech keyboard for most people if you aren't concerned about gaming. This is Logitech's flagship office unit, and they've paid close attention to the details. The chiclet-style keycaps have a nice indent to ensure your keystrokes strike directly in the center, helping you avoid typos, while its low profile lays pretty flat on your desk, so you don't have to bend your wrists upwards to reach the keys. This keyboard is a great choice if you're used to typing on a laptop, as it uses stable and responsive-feeling scissor switches that offer a similar feel. It also has white backlighting that you can set to increase or decrease in brightness according to the lighting conditions around you, so your keys are always clearly visible at any time of day.

    This keyboard offers great wireless connectivity options and has a long battery life of up to ten days with the backlighting on or five months with it off. You can pair the keyboard with up to three devices using Bluetooth or use it with the included LOGI BOLT USB receiver, which also works with select Logitech mice. That said, if you have a more compact desk or need a portable option, Logitech also makes a smaller version called the Logitech MX Keys Mini. This more compact version doesn't include a wireless USB receiver, so it's best if your device has Bluetooth.

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  3. Best Budget Logitech Keyboard

    The best budget Logitech keyboard we've tested is the Logitech Signature K650. It's a full-size unit with plenty to offer for work or everyday browsing. It has great built-in ergonomic features like a soft-touch wrist rest, two incline settings, and deep-set keys, so your fingertips rest directly on top of them with no wrist strain. The K650 uses rubber dome switches, which aren't as snappy as the scissor switches found in the Logitech MX Keys S mentioned above. Still, its design means there aren't any exposed moving parts, so this keyboard is relatively spill-resistant, which is great if you're frequently eating or drinking with your keyboard nearby.

    While it lacks a few extra features like multi-device pairing with Bluetooth and backlighting, it does have some good other features like a row of dedicated media keys along the top and helpful hotkeys like a 'Mic Muting' button for video calls and an operating system toggle to ensure full compatibility with Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS. This wireless keyboard has a USB receiver and can pair with one device via Bluetooth. Rather than a rechargeable battery, it uses two AA batteries for power, which will last around 36 months.

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  4. Best Cheap Logitech Keyboard

    The Logitech K380 is the best cheap Logitech keyboard. This compact keyboard is popular among students thanks to its low price point, and it's a favorite among on-the-go professionals due to its tiny footprint. The thin profile and compact design make it easy to toss into a bag; its ability to pair with multiple devices over Bluetooth eliminates the need for cables. You also don't have to worry about charging it like many other wireless models since it uses two AAA batteries for power with a battery life of around 24 months.

    While this unit is excellent for travel use or between different spots in your home, it's worth noting it might take a little bit of getting used to at first. The scissor switches provide a great, responsive typing experience, but the keycaps are smaller than standard, so they feel cramped to type on at first. Once you get used to it, you'll have a constant companion for your daily typing tasks. It also comes in many fun colorways, and Logitech continues to release new ones, so you won't have to settle for a simple gray unit if you'd prefer a little splash of color.

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Compared To Other Brands

  • Versatile lineup for office, gaming, and mobile.
    Logitech produces a wide range of models for productivity, gaming, and mobile use. Whatever your needs are, it's likely Logitech has the right keyboard for you.
  • Various sizes.
    Logitech has full-size options for gaming to compact keyboards to take on the go. You'll likely find the right size that suits your needs.
  • Software offers plenty of customization and is compatible with macOS and Windows.
    Logitech has several different pieces of companion software, including Logitech G HUB and Logitech Options+. Logitech software offers plenty of customization options for your keyboard, and they're compatible with macOS and Windows operating systems, while the software options from its leading competitors are typically only compatible with Windows.
  • Macro programmability only available with dedicated keys.
    Even with their gaming models, you can typically only program macros on dedicated keys, typically the function keys.
  • Heavyweight software.
    Logitech's various software options offer plenty of customizable options, but they also receive criticism from the community for consuming excessive resources and requiring frequent updates. While some Logitech keyboards have onboard memory to save your custom preferences, certain settings, including RGB lighting, typically require the software to run in the background.

Logitech vs Corsair

While Logitech offers various keyboards for different uses, keyboards are exclusively focused on gaming use. If you were to compare Logitech's gaming models with Corsair's, you'd find that many Corsair models are typically somewhat better built and offer a wider range of software and hardware customization options. Additionally, Corsair has been quicker to utilize emerging technologies, including maximum polling rates of 8000Hz and optical switches, which Logitech is only beginning to experiment with. You can check out our recommendations for the best Corsair keyboards here.

Logitech vs Razer

Compared to Logitech, Razer has a comparatively smaller lineup and focuses primarily on gaming keyboards, although they've recently started offering a limited number of models aimed at office use. Razer has been a much earlier adopter of new gaming technologies, including 8000Hz maximum polling rates and alternative switch types, including optical and analog switches. Regarding software support, Razer's Synapse 3 doesn't work on macOS, but it typically offers more customization options than Logitech, like allowing you to set macros to any key. You can check out our recommendations for the best Razer keyboards here.

Logitech vs Keychron

Logitech's product range is significantly broader than Keychron's as Logitech makes everything from simple, scissor-switch office models to high-end mechanical gaming keyboards. Logitech's models also offer cross-device compatibility within their wider peripheral system, meaning you can use a single USB receiver for a mouse and a keyboard combination. However, the most significant difference between these brands is that Keychron's keyboards are available in a much wider variety of sizes and layouts. You can see our recommendations for the best Keychron keyboards here.

Overall, Logitech makes high-quality keyboards for many uses. Their office keyboards are available in ergonomic designs or are portable enough for mobile use on the go. Logitech also makes mechanical keyboards that almost any gamer will be comfortable with. Still, they aren't as customizable as the competition and don't typically employ the newest technology compared to major gaming keyboard competitors. With so many Logitech keyboards available, it can be confusing to find one that's right for you, but we've prepared a list of some of Logitech's best keyboards below that will provide a good place to start for just about anyone.


MX Series: The MX Series comprises premium wireless keyboards designed for office and productivity use. They're customizable with the Logitech Options+ software, which allows you to enable certain features like "Logitech Flow," which allows you to use your keyboard with one or two other keyboards simultaneously, a feature only available on MX keyboards. Although there's a narrow range of products within the lineup, each product comes with the option of a "mini" size that's better for portability or smaller desks and a Mac-specific version with an Apple-inspired color scheme.

K Series: The K Series consists of keyboards designed for everyday and general use. They're typically wireless and use membrane or scissor switches. They range in price but are more budget-friendly than the MX or G series boards. Most of them include a way to use the keyboard with a USB receiver or Bluetooth connection, though some, like the Logitech K380, are Bluetooth-only. They use the Logitech Options or the Options+ software, but customization is much more limited.

G Series: The G Series is Logitech's gaming lineup. Many of these keyboards are premium mechanical boards that deliver high-end gaming performance. They use Logitech's proprietary switches and come in three switch options at the checkout. Also, these keyboards use Logitech's G HUB customization software and offer a much more comprehensive range of customization than the MX or K series keyboards.

Other: Logitech has some offerings that aren't part of any series, like the Logitech Pop Keys. These keyboards are meant for general use and often offer the same limited range of customization as the K series boards.

Recent Updates

  1. Sep 01, 2023: We've replaced the Logitech MX Keys as our pick for the Best Mid-Range Keyboard and replaced it with its successor, the Logitech MX Keys S, which is a bit cheaper than the original and adds several minor featuresโ€”including new shortcuts, software support for macros, and auto brightness backlighting.

  2. Jun 07, 2023: We've confirmed the availability and relevance of all our picks and added a new comparison for Keychron keyboards to this article's Compared to Other Brands section.

  3. Mar 13, 2023: We've refreshed some of our text and added some additional details to our Compared to Other Brands section of this article, but we haven't made any changes to our list of recommendations with this update.

  4. Dec 13, 2022: Replaced the Logitech G915 with the Logitech G715, and replaced the Logitech K780 with the Logitech Signature K650 for better consistency across the articles.

  5. Sep 14, 2022: Overhauled article to better reflect current market trends and user expectations. Updated intro text and "Compared To" sections for accuracy and clarity.


Logitech offers various keyboards for productivity, gaming, and mobile use. Given how many different models Logitech makes, you'll likely find a keyboard that fits your needs and budget within their catalog.

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