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The 6 Best Quiet Keyboards - Fall 2022 Reviews

Best Quiet Keyboards

If you work in an office environment, the sound of dozens of people typing on keyboards can get loud and distracting. From back when the IBM Model M first clicked and clacked its way in offices until now, keyboards have gotten much quieter. Noise is created when the key actuates, and the noise level depends on quite a few factors, but one of the most important is the type of switch the keyboard uses; mechanical switches tend to be louder than non-mechanical ones. Other factors include the materials used and the overall design.

We've tested over 175 keyboards, and below are our recommendations for the best quiet keyboards available. For other options, see our picks for the best gaming keyboards, the best keyboards for typing, and the best wireless keyboards.

  1. Best Quiet Keyboard

    If you're looking for the best quiet keyboard to use in an open office or a shared workspace, the Logitech MX Keys is an excellent choice. This full-size unit is fairly straightforward, lacking many bells and whistles - which is great if the main goal is for it to be quiet. The flat profile and solid plastic case are great for reducing the typing noise as the case doesn't have a lot of hollow space to add resonance. The flat profile also helps with ergonomics, as you don't have to strain your wrists upwards to reach the tops of the keys.

    On the topic of keys, the Logitech has a nice detail that also helps with typing accuracy: a rounded indent in the middle of the keycap to guide your fingers to the direct center. With fewer typos made, you'll have fewer reasons to smash that backspace button. Overall, it's a solid and popular option for workspaces thanks to its quiet and satisfying typing experience.

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  2. Best Mid-Range Quiet Keyboard

    The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is another extremely quiet option. This straightforward unit uses scissor switches that are nearly silent during operation, making it an outstanding choice for use in noise-sensitive environments. Like the Logitech MX Keys, this keyboard also has a low, flat profile that keeps the noise levels well contained. However, the aluminum top plate adds a bit of sturdiness to the overall build quality without adding any additional noise or resonance.

    Unlike the Logitech keyboard, it only connects to one device at a time using Bluetooth, so it's best suited for a simple work setup with one PC. There's also an ergonomic version of this keyboard that's even quieter, the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. Its scissor switches are even quieter than the straight version, but it requires learning a split-key layout, which can take some time to get used to. Plus, the ergonomic version takes up quite a bit of space on a desk.

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  3. Best Budget Quiet Keyboard

    The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is one of the quietest keyboards we've tested and comes in at a budget-friendly price that makes it a worthy addition to any open office desk space or noise-sensitive environment. This keyboard uses rubber dome switches that are extremely quiet. However, since this keyboard has tile-like keycaps, there's not a lot of hollow area under the keycap for any additional resonance, so you end up with a smooth and nearly silent typing experience.

    The entire keyboard has a soft-touch coating that adds additional grip and feels nice on the fingertips. Since it has a flat, low-profile, your wrists are nicely supported by whatever surface you're working on. The base cost of this keyboard hovers around the $50 USD mark, but it frequently goes on sale for much cheaper than that, so it's worth keeping an eye out for the best deal.

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  4. Best Quiet Keyboard For Gaming

    Looking for the best quiet gaming keyboard? Look no further than the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT. This full-size unit uses rubber dome switches that are nearly silent, so you won't disrupt your parents or roommates even if you're gaming in the dead of night. Plus, with the heavy tactile bump in the middle of the keypress, you're less likely to bottom them out consistently, which also helps to reduce the noise.

    As this is a gaming keyboard, it comes with great gaming-oriented features that are versatile enough for general tasks, like a macro recording button on the top so you can program macros on the fly. Its latency is very low, meaning any task at hand will feel responsive and fluid. Surprisingly for a rubber dome keyboard, it has full RGB backlighting with individually customizable keys. Additionally, since it works with Corsair's iCUE software, you can easily sync its lighting with the rest of your setup if you already have Corsair internal components in your PC.

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  5. Best Quiet Keyboard For Travel

    The Logitech K380 is both quiet and portable, making it a stellar choice for a unit to carry around and use in libraries, cafes, or noise-sensitive public environments. Despite its cheap price point and all-plastic body, it feels incredibly sturdy and well-built, so you don't have to worry about damaging it while bringing it around. The only downside of this keyboard is the keycaps. They're pretty close together, and their circular, flat tops don't offer a lot of definition between them, so you might feel a bit cramped while trying to avoid hitting the neighboring key. However, once you're used to them, they feel as satisfying as popping bubble wrap, especially with the tactile feedback provided by the scissor switches.

    But, if you want something even quieter and smaller, the Logitech Keys-To-Go is another option. This unique little unit is nearly silent, much thinner, and much more compact as it's designed for portability. That said, the typing quality isn't all that great as it feels very squishy thanks to the soft rubber coating that covers the whole keyboard, and the switches aren't all that stable feeling.

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  6. Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

    The Keychron Q2 is the quietest mechanical keyboard we've tested, though it's important to note that mechanical keyboards are louder than rubber dome and scissor-switch keyboards. This keyboard features several details that all help to create a quiet but satisfying typing experience. For starters, inside the board, there are not one but two layers of sound-dampening foam to help absorb any of the ping and rattle from the mechanical switches and stabilizers. This keyboard also has what's known as a "gasket-mounted design," meaning that the circuit board is suspended within the keyboard case. Thanks to this design, you don't hear the harsh thud when you bottom out your keys, as the suspension adds a bit of flex and bounce, so bottoming out sounds much softer and quieter.

    While we've listed the Q2 here, every keyboard in the Keychron Q-series lineup has these features. They're all designed to be "modded" or, rather, customized to your liking. As each Q-series board comes with a toolkit, you can easily open up the keyboard to add more layers of sound-absorbing foam or fix the stabilizers if you find them to rattle too much. These keyboards also have a hot-swappable circuit board, so you can put in specifically silent switches if you want to reduce the noise even further.

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Notable Mentions

  • Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad: The Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad is a popular choice for a quiet keyboard. However, due to its metal chassis, it's a bit more resonant than other, mostly plastic options, like the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard or the Logitech MX Keys. See our review

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