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The 6 Best Wireless Keyboards - Fall 2023 Reviews

Best Wireless Keyboards

These days, the keyboard market offers plenty of wireless options, from full-size gaming units with split millisecond latency to straightforward Bluetooth boards just for typing. Wireless keyboards offer you several advantages, from portability to cleaner work surfaces. With all these wireless options, picking the best one for you can be difficult.

It's important to start by knowing what type of connection you need. While many higher-end keyboards connect wirelessly either with a USB receiver or Bluetooth, some cheaper models only use Bluetooth. Likewise, battery life is another consideration. Wireless gaming keyboards typically come with a rechargeable battery, but you'll have to charge them more frequently, while simpler keyboards typically use disposable batteries with much longer lives.

We've tested over 200 keyboards, including over 70 wireless units. Below, we've created a list of our picks for the best wireless and best Bluetooth keyboards. If you're specifically looking for a wireless keyboard to use for gaming, you can check out our best gaming keyboards article. For more recommendations, see our picks for the best keyboards and the best mechanical keyboards.

  1. Best Wireless Keyboard

    Of the nearly 200 keyboards we've tested, we recommend the Razer Pro Type Ultra as the best wireless keyboard for most people. It may look like a straightforward office model with an Apple-inspired white and chrome aesthetic. However, it's a surprisingly versatile mechanical keyboard suitable for productivity, everyday browsing, and competitive gaming. It also offers impressive ergonomic features with two adjustable typing angles and an included wrist rest.

    It isn't lacking in connectivity options, either. It comes with a Razer Productivity Dongle that you can pair with select Razer mice, like the Razer Pro Click or its smaller counterpart, the Razer Pro Click Mini. You can also pair it with up to three devices simultaneously with Bluetooth. If there's a downside, it's that this keyboard doesn't come in a variety of switch options, and its full-size form factor means it may take up too much space on small desks.

    If you're looking for a similar alternative, check out the Logitech G715, another sleek-looking wireless model in a more compact size. It's typically about the same price and comes in linear, tactile, or clicky switch varieties. It also includes a unique cloud-shaped wrist rest and full RGB lighting, while the Razer has white-only backlighting. That said, it doesn't support Bluetooth connectivity, and the typing quality on the Razer feels better overall.

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  2. Best Mid-Range Wireless Keyboard

    The NuPhy Air75 is the best wireless mechanical keyboard at a mid-range price point. Everything, from the solid build quality, high portability, and impressive connectivity options, punches well above its weight. The keycaps feel great, and their slim, tile-like design keeps your fingertips comfortably hovering right over them. There are two switches along the top of the board: one to switch between operating system compatibility and one to toggle between connection types. It pairs with up to three devices using Bluetooth, plus a fourth device with its USB receiver, and you can use it wired with its included USB-A to USB-C cable.

    However, it's important to note a few things about this unit. Firstly, while it does have full RGB backlighting, the key legends aren't shine-through, so you can't easily read them in the dark. Secondly, the USB receiver sometimes drops the signal, but you can fix this issue by switching to a Bluetooth connection or unplugging and re-plugging the receiver. These are only minor issues that don't impact the overall usability of the keyboard, and it's still one of our favorite wireless units in the office.

    We recommend the Logitech MX Keys S if you'd prefer something that feels similar to a laptop keyboard. It's a straightforward wireless model that comes in either a full-size format with a Numpad or a more portable mini size. Rather than the mechanical switches found in the NuPhy, the Logitech uses scissor switches with a distinct tactile bump and a good overall typing feel. Also, the Logitech has shine-through keycaps and backlighting that adjusts to the lighting conditions around you, meaning you can easily read the key legends in the dark.

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  3. Best Lower Mid-Range Wireless Keyboard

    At a lower mid-range price point, we recommend the Keychron K10. This full-size mechanical unit boasts an excellent typing experience that feels and sounds pleasant to type on right out of the box. It lacks a USB receiver and only connects with Bluetooth, but it supports pairing with up to three devices simultaneously. You can also use it wired while it charges, but since its battery life stretches between 70 to 240 hours, depending on your backlighting settings, you won't need to do that very frequently.

    While we recommend the full-size model here, all models in the Keychron K Series are great choices. This series consists of wireless mechanical keyboards in all configurations, from the compact, low-profile Keychron K7 to the TenKeyLess Keychron K8. You'll find a size and style that best suits your setup. Every Keychron board has a compatibility toggle on the top to switch between Windows and macOS. They come with additional system-specific keycaps, so you won't have to remember where the modifier keys are if you tend to switch systems.

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  4. Best Budget Wireless Keyboard

    Wireless keyboards tend to come at a higher price than wired models, but you can still find good units on a budget, like the Logitech Signature K650. Thanks to its built-in wrist rest and multiple incline settings, you'll be comfortable typing all day. It also has deep-set keys that are easy to reach without having to tilt your wrists upwards. Another benefit of this design is that the deep-set keys completely cover the switches, exposing no moving parts and offering added protection from crumbs or small spills.

    As it's a budget model, it lacks some additional features, including backlighting, support for multi-device pairing, and a rechargeable battery, but it makes up for it. Instead, it has a row of media control keys along the top and two AA batteries for power that last for up to 36 months before you need to swap them out. You can connect this keyboard to your computer with Bluetooth or use the included Logitech USB receiver to connect with select Logitech mice simultaneously.

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  5. Best Cheap Wireless Keyboard

    The Logitech K380 is the best cheap wireless keyboard you can find. It's a popular model among students and on-the-go professionals thanks to its small footprint and thin profile. You can easily fit it into laptop bags or backpacks and use it in tight workspaces while still having enough room for your mouse and a coffee. You can pair it with up to three devices at once using Bluetooth, making it a great choice if your mobile setup includes your phone, tablet, or laptop.

    While this keyboard feels similar to typing on a laptop, courtesy of the premium scissor switches under the hood, typing can feel cramped due to the smaller-than-average keycaps. That said, the keycaps have a circular shape, which means there's enough space between them, so you can easily differentiate between them once you get used to it.

    If you need a cheap wireless unit with a Numpad for data entry, we recommend the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard. While this keyboard can only connect with one device at a time, it feels well-built and sturdy for a cheap keyboard, and it's a good value if you need the full-size layout. Its price tends to fluctuate, so it's best to purchase it on sale for about half its average price.

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  6. Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard

    The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless is the best wireless gaming keyboard. This mechanical keyboard is a powerhouse with exceptionally low latency, solid build quality, and your choice of wireless connectivity options. You can connect with the USB receiver when you need the lowest latency or via Bluetooth to save power or connect to multiple devices. You can also use it wired while it's charging, and the battery will last between 30 to 40 hours, depending on how you use it.

    Its compact size leaves plenty of space on your desk for sweeping mouse movements. But its most exciting feature is the ability to adjust the individual pre-travel distance of each key to suit your preferences. You can increase the pre-travel on any keys you're constantly hitting accidentally or decrease the pre-travel on your WASD cluster for ultra-sensitive movement controls.

    You can also set multiple profiles for different games or a default setting for typing, allowing for a great range in how you use it. You can make all these changes using the companion software, which you can also use to adjust RGB lighting, reassign keys, and set custom macros—letting you completely customize your gaming experience.

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Notable Mentions

  • MoErgo Glove80: The MoErgo Glove80 is an ergonomic-focused mechanical keyboard with a tented, split design. It's highly customizable and great for office and gaming use. Unfortunately, build quality is lacking compared to more traditionally designed alternatives like the Razer Pro Type Ultra, and it's much more expensive. See our review
  • Obinslab Anne Pro 2: The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a budget mechanical option that supports multi-device pairing using Bluetooth with up to four devices simultaneously. However, it doesn't have as many features as the NuPhy Air75 and isn't as ergonomic or portable. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. Sep 20, 2023: We've verified the availability and pricing of all our picks but made no changes to our lineup of recommendations with this update.

  2. Aug 18, 2023: Added MoErgo Glove80 to list of Notable Mentions.

  3. Jul 20, 2023: We've checked all products' pricing and stock availability and confirmed that all current recommendations continue to represent the best options available. We've also added a special mention of the newly-reviewed Logitech MX Keys S to the text of the 'Best Mid-Range Wireless Keyboard' category.

  4. Jun 30, 2023: We've reviewed this article and confirmed the relevance, availability, and pricing of all our recommendations, but we haven't changed our lineup with this update. We've removed the Logitech Keys-To-Go from our list of Notable Mentions as it's no longer a compelling alternative for this list compared to the Logitech K380, given current pricing.

  5. Jun 02, 2023: We've made a structural change to this article, moving the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini from its position as our top pick into a new 'Best Wireless Keyboard For Gaming' category. Our new top pick is now the Razer Pro Type Ultra. We've also made minor changes to both entries to reflect their new places on our list.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best wireless and best Bluetooth keyboards for most people. We factor in the price (a cheaper product wins over a pricier one if the difference isn't worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no keyboard that is difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our wireless keyboard reviews. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no product is perfect for every use, most keyboards are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them. Be sure to know your key switch preferences before choosing.