LG LB6300 LED TV Calibration Settings

The game mode doesn't allow white balance calibration, so we used the Expert1 mode instead. If you want to achieve the lowest input lag, you need to set the logo of your HDMI input to PC, and the picture mode to Game.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 1

Most of the options were good by default in Expert1 mode.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 2

Everything is turned off to have the picture as close to the original source as possible.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 3

We only modified the higher point of the two point white balance.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 4

If you want more of a processed look, enable the following options.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 5
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Questions & Answers

Does the LG LB6300 support the HTML format?
If you mean if it has a full web browser, yes.
What do you mean the logo of the HDMI to PC?
This will switch the input type to PC, which disables many processing options and lowers input lag. To make this switch, press the input button on the remote and then select the icon of your HDMI input, then change the icon to the PC icon.
Can I manually adjust the refresh rate, or did I just ask you stupid question?
The refresh rate of the TV can change depending on the source's frame rate and the options you have enabled. For example, enabling 'Real Cinema' mode will allow the TV to play 24p material at 24 frames per second. This TV also has the option to interpolate frames, allowing you to smooth out the picture by artificially enhancing the frame rate of the content you are viewing. You can enable and disable this feature in the TV's settings.
Does this TV support Full RGB range? On PS4, you can switch to full or limited for better graphics.
Unfortunately, we no longer have this TV to test for Full RGB, and the manual and user guide make no mention of it supporting that feature.
Would Expert1 Mode still look good for my PS4? I don't want to change every port individually (or do you have to anyways?)
For gaming, set the logo of your HDMI input to PC and set the picture mode to Game. Otherwise, the input lag will be high.
What is the refresh rate of 60LB6300? It says it's a MCI 600. Does this mean 100 Hz or maybe 120 Hz? Please help me
This is a 120Hz display in the US.
What do you mean by 'Processed' look?
A picture that has been modified via the software of the TV (noise reduction, over contrasted, over saturated, etc).
If I put a hdmi input to game picture mode, do I still need to change all the settings to what's in the pictures (other than the white balance)?
I have my TV display setting on VIVID, but now I go on YouTube and it looks very dark. Is there a way I can change the brightness or other settings on YouTube?
No, there won't be a way to change the appearance of YouTube videos at the source. You'll need to increase your backlight to get YouTube looking brighter.
I have a PC connected to the HMDI2 port, but my image only shows the PC images in the center taking up a total of 50% of the screen. Can someone help me resolve this issue? FYI I am running a Powerpoint presentation.
To solve this problem, go into your PC's display settings (Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display -> Screen Resolution). Match your TV's resolution to that of your PC and you'll be all set.
Is it possible to connect an LG 50LB6300 Smart TV to an analogue stereo amplifier for audio? I can only find and digital optical audio output on the back of the unit.
You'll need to get a digital to analogue adapter like this one, as well as a digital audio cable and the left/right analogue cables. .
Why does the picture skip, and audio doesn't match mouth movement?
Motion interpolation sometimes introduces issues like this. Try disabling TruMotion and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you should also change the input logo to 'PC' and set the picture mode to 'Game.'
Does this TV support Full RDG Range on PS4? I asked this before but the question must have been deleted.
Unfortunately, we no longer have that TV to test for Full range RGB.
We recently bought the discontinued LG LB6300. It's the 65". My question is, what is the best resource for calibrating the picture for this TV? I have researched a dozen sites trying to figure out what is the best picture quality and I am thoroughly confused! Please help!
You can follow our general indications here but if you want something more you could try to use a simple calibration disk like this one. It is not comparable to a professional calibration but it has easy to follow patterns and instructions.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.