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LG LB6300 LED TV Calibration Settings

The game mode doesn't allow white balance calibration, so we used the Expert1 mode instead. If you want to achieve the lowest input lag, you need to set the logo of your HDMI input to PC, and the picture mode to Game.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 1

Most of the options were good by default in Expert1 mode.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 2

Everything is turned off to have the picture as close to the original source as possible.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 3

We only modified the higher point of the two point white balance.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 4

If you want more of a processed look, enable the following options.

LG LB6300 Calibration Settings 5




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