LG LF6300 LED TV Calibration Settings

If you are using the LG LF6300 either for gaming or as a computer monitor, change the icon of the input to PC. This will lower the input lag to 50.1 ms, as well as enable chroma 4:4:4. For our review, we left it on HDMI.

LG LF6300 Calibration Settings 2

Select 'Expert1' as the picture mode to have full control over the TV. Also, set the aspect ratio to 'Just Scan' to remove any zooming/cropping.

LG LF6300 Calibration Settings 3

We calibrate for a dark room, so if you have a bright one, or find your picture too dim, increase 'Backlight' as much as you want.

LG LF6300 Calibration Settings 4

When watching either compressed or low quality content, activate 'Noise Reduction'.

LG LF6300 Calibration Settings 5

Turn off all processing options to get a more accurate picture.

LG LF6300 Calibration Settings 6 LG LF6300 Calibration Settings 7

This is the result of our 2pt calibration. We don't recommend copying these white balance values because they vary by unit.


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