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Professional TV Calibration Services


Over time we have received a large number of requests to refer professional calibrator services. In order to assist you in finding a professional calibrator, we have compiled this list with business/persons that provide calibration services. If you are a professional calibrator and wish to be included on this page please fill out this form.

Calibrators List

Name/Contact Phone Website Country Primary Service Location Willing to Travel
David Susilo (416) 399-9102 🔗 Canada Greater Toronto Area Yes
Glubes Audio Video (902) 434-5511 🔗 Canada Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax Yes
Michael Chen (403) 818-2122 🔗 Canada Alberta (primary: Calgary through
Edmonton),regular travels
through B.C., Saskatchewan,
Manitoba, Northern Ontario

Mike Osadciw

1-844-4CALIBR8 (toll free)
905-730-5996 (local)
🔗 Canada Ontario (GTA & Windsor-Sudbury-Ottawa triangle)
Quebec (regular travels to Montreal & surrounding areas)
Richard Stokes (604) 619-3323 🔗 Canada Greater Vancouver area, Vancouver Island Yes
Hotneca N/A   China China,HeFei,ShenZhen Yes
Ladislav Šimek +420602735031 🔗 Czechia Czechia, Slovakia Yes
Louis Cédric - HC CALIBRAGE 0681663771 🔗 France France Yes
Bill Peppas +306947263178 🔗 Greece Greece Yes
Ankit (993) 518-1394 🔗 India Worldwide Yes
Dara Pavri +919820067927 🔗 India India Yes
Bernard Danino +972-54-8160470   Israel +100km radius from Haifa to BeerSheva Yes
Mehmet Ali +90 544-790-7219 🔗 Turkey Ankara - Istanbul Yes
Dr Julian Scott 07988 862134 🔗 UK UK Yes
isfCalibration N/A 🔗 UK UK Yes
Jonathan Adair 07787536172 🔗 UK Northern Ireland & R.O.Ireland Yes
Alvin Fite (615) 243-1980   USA Clarksville, TN No
Avical (877) 428-4225 🔗 USA Southern California No
A/V Insights (914) 882-6590   USA NYC & Suburbs Yes
Brandon (316) 519-0595   USA Kansas No
Cecil Meade 4408221211 🔗 USA OH, PA, IN, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH Yes
Chad Billheimer (937) 267-6073 🔗 USA Midwest, South, and
East coast of USA
Charles Cooper (770) 330-9389 🔗 USA Greater Metro Atlanta Yes
ClearpointISF (864)-270-5326 🔗 USA SC, NC, GA and TN Yes
Custom Calibrations (980) 351-0310  🔗  USA   

North Carolina/South Carolina, Charlotte, NC

and surrounding areas

Darius Derakhshan (615) 474-8016    USA TN  Yes
DeWayne (D-Nice) Davis 877-956-6100 🔗 USA contiguous United States (lower 48) Yes
Doug Weil (314) 226-1705 🔗 USA Local market is St. Louis area,
but I do regular tours to
IA, MN, WI, Chicago,
Northern IL, IN, MI, KY,
Dwayne Phillips 209-451-6552   USA California/Central Valley/Bay Area Yes
Glen Carter (562) 754-0996   USA Southern California,
LA & Orange counties
and vicinity
Gregg Loewen (207) 624-2685 🔗 USA New England,
Maine - i95 to NYC to DC,
Florida, Southern California,
Las Vegas, Denver.
Mike Renna  (518) 221-9126   USA Westchester County, NY Yes
Helson Rodriguez (787) 597-7381 🔗 USA Puerto Rico No
Heron Fidelity (510) 269-4815 🔗 USA California, Alameda County, Bay Area Yes
Image Perfection/Robert Jones (510) 278-4247 🔗 USA San Francisco, CA and entire US Yes
Jason Dustal (813) 833-0942 🔗 USA Florida Yes
Jesse Blunt (757) 615-4587   USA Virginia No
Jim (773) 680-5323 🔗 USA Illinois & Wisconsin,
preferably the greater
Chicagoland and
suburbs area
John Reformato (914) 419-9398   USA Central Florida, The Villages, Ocala and Orlando Metro Areas No
Ken Whitcomb (317) 696-5174 🔗 USA Midwest Yes
Kevin Miller (718) 274-0236 🔗 USA New York Tri-state area, Southern CT.,
New Jersey, Philadelphia,
Washington D.C.
Kris Deering (360) 471-1520 🔗 USA Pacific NorthWest Yes
Matt Smith 619-456-3469   USA Southern California Yes
Patrick Serrian (801) 971-0720  🔗 USA  Utah, Las Vegas Yes
Robert Busch (707) 573-9170 🔗 USA All of CA. Yes
Sam Casillas  (720) 626-4838 🔗  USA Colorado and surrounding states Yes
Sammie Prescott (858) 295-9494   USA Colorado No
Steve Mechelke (612) 840-4593   USA Minnesota No
Tom Huffman (417) 319-5994 🔗 USA Midwest with annual trips to Washinton DC area Yes
Video Calibration
& Consulting
(952) 997-7552 🔗 USA MSP market area Yes

Please note that:

  1. We are not affiliated with any of the participants on the list and we do not receive any compensation for including them on the list.
  2. We do not endorse or have an opinion about the skills, quality of work and/or the services provided by the participants on the list.
  3. If you find a mistake on this page, please contact us at and we will update it.