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The 5 Best TVs Under $1,500 - Fall 2023 Reviews

Best TVs Under $1,500

These days, you can find very good TVs for under $1,500. New technologies are finding their way into the more mainstream models, making them available to a wider range of people, as you can now get a good TV for cheaper than you used to. You can easily find some high-end TVs with excellent picture quality and a ton of features for under $1,500 if you're willing to cut on size a bit, as you may be limited to a 55 or 65-inch screen, but there are a few entry-level models available in larger sizes.

We've bought and tested more than 400 TVs, and below are our recommendations for the best 4k TVs under $1,500 you can buy. For other options, check out our recommendations for the best TVs under $1,000, the best TVs under $2,000, and the best budget TVs. Brands are releasing their 2023 models, so vote on which ones you want us to buy and test. To learn more about the 2023 models, check out our 2023 TV lineup page.

  1. Best TV Under $1,500

    The best TV under $1,500 we've tested is the Samsung S90C OLED, although this TV's 55-inch model tends to sit right at $1,500 when it's not on sale. Nevertheless, it's a fantastic TV for pretty much any usage. It looks amazing in a dark room thanks to its nearly infinite contrast ratio, delivering deep, inky blacks with no distracting blooming around bright highlights or subtitles. It's also a great choice for a bright room, as it gets bright enough to overcome glare and has fantastic reflection handling. HDR content looks amazing thanks to its wide color gamut, and it delivers bright, vibrant colors that look very realistic.

    It's a versatile TV with a great selection of additional features. It has four high bandwidth HDMI 2.1 ports with 4k @ 144Hz support, so you can take full advantage of the latest consoles or PC GPUs. The TV is compatible with every variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, which helps reduce tearing in games when your framerate fluctuates. It has a great smart interface with a huge selection of streaming apps, so you can easily find your favorite content. The 2022 Samsung S95B OLED is marginally worse than the newer model, and with stock drying up, it's often sold for a similar, or even higher, price than the S90C. But if you can find the S95B on clearance, it's an amazing value.

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  2. Best Bright Room 4k TV Under $1,500

    If you're not in a completely dark room, the benefits of the Samsung S90C OLED are less noticeable, so an LED TV with a Mini LED backlight like the Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED might be a better choice. It's a fantastic option for a bright living room thanks to its high peak brightness and superb reflection handling, so glare isn't an issue when using this TV. Although it looks good in a dark room, it relies on a Mini LED backlight to produce deep blacks, so there's more noticeable blooming around bright objects than on OLEDs.

    It's a great TV for pretty much any use. It has an excellent selection of gaming features, including HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all four HDMI inputs, so you can enjoy 4k @ 120Hz or 4k @ 144Hz on its 43 and 50-inch sizes, gaming from recent consoles or PC GPUs. Like the S90C, you can only get up to a 55-inch size for under $1,500, but if you can wait for a good deal, you can sometimes find the 65-inch model for about that as well, making it the best 65-inch TV under $1,500.

    This TV's predecessor, the Samsung QN90B QLED, is getting harder to find in certain sizes, but it's very similar to the QN90C; if you find it on clearance, it's a great value pick.

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  3. Best Upper Mid-Range TV Under $1,500

    If you want an OLED but find our top pick too expensive, check out the LG C2 OLED. It's a premium TV with excellent overall picture quality. It delivers a similar experience to the Samsung S90C OLED but uses a different type of OLED panel, so its colors aren't as bright and vibrant overall. Unfortunately, much like the two Samsung TVs at the top of this list, this TV is limited to a 55-inch size for under $1,500, but you can sometimes find the 65-inch model for just a bit more. Note that this TV is getting harder to find in certain sizes, but you'll find them if you look.

    It's a versatile TV that delivers an outstanding experience no matter how you use it. It has a vast selection of extra features. It supports HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and 4k @ 120Hz gaming on all four HDMI ports, making it a great choice for gamers. It supports every variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, and thanks to its near-instantaneous response time, games look incredible, with no noticeable blur behind fast-moving objects.

    This TV's successor, the LG C3 OLED, is a bit better overall; it has better image processing, is a bit brighter, and supports DTS audio formats. Unfortunately, it's also a bit more expensive, putting it at around the same price as the generally better Samsung S90C OLED. So either save money with the C2 or jump up to the Samsung.

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  4. Best Mid-Range TV Under $1,500

    If you're looking for a larger TV, the Hisense 75U8H is the best 75-inch TV under $1,500. Overall, it's an incredible TV with fantastic contrast, resulting in deep blacks and bright highlights. It gets incredibly bright, so HDR content stands out as the creator intended. All three sizes of the U8H are available for under $1,500, so you can choose between a 55, 65, or 75-inch model depending on your requirements. Stepping down to a lower mid-range TV like the U8H is the best choice if you have a larger living room and are sitting farther from the TV.

    This TV has a great selection of additional features, including FreeSync support for gaming and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on two of its four HDMI inputs. It runs the great Google TV smart interface, which is fast, easy to use, and has a great selection of streaming apps and games. Finally, with its hands-free voice control, you can search for content or voice commands on your other smart devices without searching for the remote. We are currently testing this TV's successor, the Hisense U8K, so stay tuned to know more about how they compare.

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  5. Best Budget TV Under $1,500

    If you have a large media room and want the largest TV for under $1,500, then a budget TV like the Sony X85K is the way to go. The X85K is available in many sizes, from 43-inch to a massive 75-inch size within this price range, and its 85-inch model is just a bit more expensive but can dip at around $1,500 when on a big sale. Although it's not as advanced as the more expensive TVs on this list, it still delivers very good overall picture quality. It has a high native contrast ratio for deep blacks in dark rooms, but unlike the higher-end but smaller TVs on this list, it doesn't have a local dimming feature to further improve the picture quality in a dark room.

    The TV gets bright enough for an okay HDR experience and has very good reflection handling if you want to use it in a room with a few lights. If you're also a gamer, it has HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, making it a good choice for gaming with the PS5, Xbox Series X, or a recent gaming PC. It's a solid TV overall and the only one on this list you can get in an 85-inch size for around $1,500.

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Notable Mentions

  • TCL 6 Series/R655 2022 QLED: The TCL 6 Series/R655 2022 QLED is truly an excellent TV for the price, and you can get up to a 75-inch size for under $1,500. It's about the same price as the Sony X85K except for the 85-inch model, which is now almost impossible to get on the TCL. The TCL is slightly better than the Sony, so it's the better buy if you don't want to get a 43, 50, or 85-inch TV, which the Sony offers. See our review
  • TCL 4 Series/S455 2022: The TCL 4 Series/S455 2022 is a very cheap TV available in a ton of sizes, from a small 43-inch model to an 85-inch model, and all sizes are significantly cheaper than $1,500. While it's not as good as the other TVs on this list, it's surprisingly good for the price, so if the Sony X85K is too expensive for you, check it out, especially if you want an 85-inch TV. See our review
  • TCL QM8/QM850G QLED: The TCL QM8/QM850G QLED is a very bright QLED TV. Its 65-inch size is under $1,500, and its 75-inch is just a bit above that; it can dip below that when on sale. While very bright, it's a buggy TV that sits in a weird position. It's cheaper but less predictable than the Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED and just marginally better but much more expensive than the Hisense U8H. Neither of these TVs are nearly as buggy as the TCL, so they're safer purchases. See our review
  • TCL Q7/Q750G QLED: The TCL Q7/Q750G QLED is a very good TV overall. Unfortunately, it shares the TCL QM8/QM850G QLED's quirkiness and has terrible color accuracy pre-calibration. Ultimately, the Hisense U8H is the clear choice, as it's a better TV and is sold for a similar price. See our review
  • Sony XR-55A80L: The Sony A80L/A80CL OLED is a great OLED TV from Sony. This TV is typical of Sony and has amazing image processing, so it's a great pick for a home entertainment setup. Unfortunately, it's sold for a higher price than the superior Samsung S90C OLED and is more expensive than the slightly better LG C2 OLED. See our review
  • Sony X90L/X90CL: The Sony X90L/X90CL is a great overall TV. You can get it in a 55-inch and 65-inch format for under $1,500, and it won't disappoint. However, the Hisense U8H is better overall while being significantly cheaper, and the price of the X90L puts it at a similar price point as the LG C2 OLED. It's particularly interesting for a home entertainment setup due to its stellar image processing, but otherwise, the other options are better. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. Aug 28, 2023: Replaced the Samsung S95B OLED with the Samsung S90C OLED as the 'Best TV Under $1,500', the Samsung QN90B QLED with the Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED as the 'Best Bright Room 4k TV', and added a few Notable Mentions.

  2. Jun 23, 2023: Replaced the Sony X85J with the Sony X85K as the 'Best Budget TV Under $1,500', added the Samsung S90C OLED, TCL 6 Series/R655 QLED, and TCL 4 Series/S455 2022 to Notable Mentions, and refreshed the text for accuracy and consistency.

  3. Mar 13, 2023: Verified our picks for availability and consistency, and refreshed the text.

  4. Jan 12, 2023: Restructured the article to put more emphasis on the sizes available for less than $1,500, instead of simply selecting a size for each recommendation. Added the Samsung QN90B QLED, but removed the TCL 6 Series/R646 2021 QLED as it's currently hard to find.

  5. Nov 16, 2022: Added the Samsung S95B OLED, as it's now available for less than $1,500, and moved the LG C2 OLED to the 'Best Mid-Range 55-Inch TV'.

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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best TVs under $1,500 to buy for most people. We factor in the price (a cheaper TV wins over a pricier one if the difference isn't worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our reviews of TVs. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no TV is perfect, most TVs are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.