Vizio M Series 2015 Calibration Settings

For additional settings information, please consult the Common Problems and How to Calibrate pages.

General Settings

For our review of the M Series 2015, we used the 'Calibrated' picture mode. If you want slightly more aggressive local dimming, use 'Calibrated Dark' instead. Use HDMI 1-4, not 5, unless you want lower input lag or 60hz @ 4k. Otherwise, the upscaling isn't as good (see the Q&A section of our review for pictures).

Increase 'Backlight' if you have a bright room or you find your picture too dim. Do not touch 'Brightness', or you will either clip the shadows or increase the blacks. If you are watching 480p or 720p, increase 'Sharpness' to 25.

Here is an overview of the settings:

Turn on the noise reduction features if you are watching SD or cable content. If you set 'Reduce Block Noise' to 'High', it results in a loss of sharpness, so we recommend 'Medium' instead.

We have removed our color and white balance settings pictures from this page since it appears they became obsolete after one of the past firmware update.