Contrast Ratio of Monitors

What it is: Brightness difference between white and black. This is the main component of picture quality.
When it matters: Always, but especially when watching dark scenes.
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What settings are best to use with the Samsung UH750 32 inch on my Xbox One X for games? I'm particularly wondering what the HDMI black level on the monitor should be (either "normal" or "low"), and what the Color Depth should be (8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit), and lastly the Color Space (either Standard or PC RGB)? The monitor is 4K and it is a 10bit panel, but it does NOT have HDR. I'm really having trouble figuring out the best settings. Any help would be appreciated.
You should leave this setting to 'Auto', and the Color Depth to 10 bit. The Xbox One X generally does a good job of detecting what your display supports and setting things accordingly. Since you have a 10-bit display that does not support HDR, you may have to adjust these settings depending on the type of content you are watching. If you have to set this manually, Color Space should be set to PC.RGB with the HDMI Black Levels set to 'Low'.
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