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LG LH5000 Calibration Settings

For additional settings information, please consult the Common Problems and How to Calibrate pages.

Here are the calibration settings that were used to review the LG LH5000. These settings are good for every use, from movie watching to gaming since the input lag does not really change from one mode to another.

Start off by selecting 'Cinema' as the 'Picture Mode' since it was the mode that has the best color settings. This picture mode will be good for watching movies, TV shows and sports.

The 'Backlight' was adjusted to 21 to have our desired 100 cd/m² calibration goal but you can adjust this to your room without affecting the picture quality. 'Contrast' and 'brightness' was left untouched. 'Sharpness' was set to minimum so that the content would look as close to what it was intended by the creator, without over sharpness. We left 'Color' and 'Tint' to their default values as it didn't benefit from any changes.

LG LH5000 Calibration Settings 1

The aspect ratio is left to 'Just Scan' so that the input image would not be distorted by the TV.

LG LH5000 Calibration Settings 2

In 'Advanced Control', we turned off 'Dynamic Contrast' and 'Dynamic Color' and left 'Skin Color', Grass Color and 'Sky Color' untouched so that once again, the content could look as close to what it was originally intended. Gamma was set to 'Medium', since it was the closest to our desired 2.2 gamma.

LG LH5000 Calibration Settings 3

We turned off 'Noise Reduction' and 'MPEG Noise Reduction', but you can leave it on if you are watching some old and very low quality content, as it might help make it look smoother and with fewer artifacts.

LG LH5000 Calibration Settings 4

There is no white balance and color space calibration control on this TV.



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