Reviewed on Jul 08, 2013

Samsung F5300 TV REVIEW

Usage Ratings - Version 0.8
Mixed Usage
Value for price beaten by
: Not at the latest test bench
This TV has been discontinued.

The Samsung Plasma F5300 is a good budget plasma TV. The picture quality in a dark room is excellent. However, it isn't good for viewing in a bright living room. It doesn't get very bright and the screen reflects a lot of light.

Test Results
Picture Quality 6.9
Motion 8.0
Inputs 5.7
  • Good picture quality. It has good contrast and handles motion well.
  • Average-high input lag. It is still playable though.
  • This TV reflects a lot of light. You will not see the picture if you try watching this in a bright room with lots of windows.

Check Price



1.06" (2.7 cm)


2.12" (5.4 cm)


Picture Quality

4k : No
7.9 Dark scene
Black : 0.035 cd/m2
White : 86.72 cd/m2
Contrast : 2477 : 1

The Samsung F5300 is a good choice for a dimly lit room. Its good contrast produces deep blacks.

10 Uniformity

The screen uniformity is perfect.

5.0 Dark scene in a bright room
Reflection : 4.3 %

When you turn the lights on, the screen becomes gray. It reflects a lot of light and it is hard to distinguish dark details in the picture. You definitely do not want this TV in a bright room.

5.0 Bright scene in a bright room
Max white : 86.72 cd/m2

It performs slightly better when displaying a bright scene, but this is still a problem area for it.

9.7 Viewing angle
Viewing angle : 70 °

The colors stays true even from the sides.



8.0 Motion blur

The F5300 has very little phosphor trailing and it also supports 24p without judder, which is good.



5.7 Input lag
Input lag : 70.8 ms

The input lag is a bit high, but it is still playable.

Side inputs


Rear inputs

1 Component In
1 Composite In
1 RF In
1 Digital Audio Out (Optical)

Smart Features

7.0 Mixed Usage

The picture quality of the Samsung F5300 Plasma TV is excellent in a dark room. Do not turn on the lights, though, because the picture will get washed out by the amount of reflections.



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