Samsung H5203 LED TV Calibration Settings

Unlike most Samsung TVs, you do not need to set the TV to game or PC mode to have low input lag. Therefore, we used Movie mode on our H5203. We calibrate our TVs in a dark room. If you have a bright one, increase the 'Backlight' setting.

Samsung H5203 Calibration Settings 1

As usual, Warm2 is the closest color temperature to D6500k. We disabled the processing, but if you watch highly-compressed videos (like TV shows), turn on Digital Clean View and the noise filter.

Samsung H5203 Calibration Settings 2

Dynamic contrast doesn't actually change the native contrast ratio of the panel. Instead, it crushes the dark grays, so turn off that feature.

Samsung H5203 Calibration Settings 3

This is the result of our two point gray scale calibration.

Samsung H5203 Calibration Settings 4
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Questions & Answers

How do you come up with your calibration settings? Do you use a calibration tool or a calibration disc?
We use a colorimeter and a luminance meter, as well as calibration slides. For this TV, we only did a two pt grayscale calibration.
Why put the sharpness to 0? Very curious about this. I just received this TV not too long ago and for some reason some channels are just not coming in well at all, especially when watching football games.
To remove any processing added by the TV. Our goal is to display the picture accurately. This only works if the source is high fidelity, though. If you watch low quality content, you will want to increase it, as well as turn on a few settings, like 'Digital Clean View'.
Just got Samsung 40" 6203. Do you think having $250.00 calibration done is worth it, or should I just go with out of the box settings?
Given the initial price you paid for your TV, it's probably not worth spending the money on a calibration. Using our calibration settings will get you 95% of the way, and most people won't be able to notice that last five percent.
Can you plug a Roku into the back of the TV?
Yes. You can use one of the HDMI ports on the back of the TV to connect your Roku device.
I have a Samsung LED TV series 56 52032. It has two HDMI inputs on the back. 'HDMI IN 2' has (DVI) immediately after. Will this unit accept a DVI input directly from DVI out from the back of my HP Pavilion HPE?
Yes, as long as you use a DVI to HDMI converter and that the computer send a compatible resolution and frequency (for example, 1920x1080 @ 60Hz).
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.